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  • What to Do if You’ve Been in a Texas Motorcycle Accident

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous and are often catastrophic. In 2015, 40 percent of those riders in fatal accidents were not wearing a helmet, and most motorcycle accidents are a result of the other driver not seeing the motorcycle. If you ride, ride safely.

    Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 9 readers -
  • When is the Filed Rate Doctrine a Defense to an Antitrust Lawsuit?

    The doctrine of federal antitrust law includes several immunities and exemptions—entire areas that are off limits to certain antitrust actions. This can be confusing, especially because these “exceptions” arise, grow, and shrink over time, at the seeming whim of federal courts. As a matter of interpretation, the Supreme Court demands that courts view such exemptions and immun ...

    Jarod Bona/ The Antitrust Attorney Blog- 13 readers -
  • Easily Find Top Attorney PTAB Attorneys With Docket Alarm's New Analytics Tool

    Just in time for the annual AALL conference, Docket Alarm is excited to announce the addition of attorney analytics to its analytics platform. Now, along with being able to view analytics on parties, judges, and law firms, users can see how individual attorneys are performing in the PTAB. The attorney analytics tool allows users to identify top attorneys based on the number ...

    DocketAlarm- 11 readers -
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About The Estate Planning Process

    If you ever find yourself caught up thinking about what happens to you and your things after you die, you should start your estate plan. Though these thoughts can cause fear, there are many ways to find comfort from these concerns. Estate planning is a good start. Most of us have a limit to our knowledge about the steps and the many options that we have for the estate planning ...

    The Law Office of Jeremy Howe- 12 readers -
  • Water Park Safety in Illinois

    With school out and the weather heating up, many families like to spend the day at the local water park. Illinois water parks like Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park, Pelican Harbor Aquatic Park, and Rainbow Falls Waterpark offer great fun for those who want to do more than just swim. However, water park safety should also be on your mind, since accidents are bound to happen when ...

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 7 readers -
  • Skepticism from the Heartland

    Last week we reported on the initial efforts to apply the Supreme Court’s opinion in TC Heartland, with particular interest in what impact that case may end up having on the business of patent litigation in the Eastern District of Texas. As we noted, on first read, TC Heartland seemed to herald the end of the kind of forum–shopping that enabled the Eastern District of Texas to ...

    Stacy Stitham/ Brann & Isaacson- 10 readers -
  • New York Foreclosure Procedure: When Will a Court Compel the Discovery of Documents?

    Barring aggressive legal intervention, the foreclosure process in New York typically takes fifteen months from a missed payment to the final sale of the homestead. This is one of the longest foreclosure processes in the United States, and because New York is a judicial foreclosure state, foreclosures can only be accomplished by filing a suit for foreclosure in the New York Stat ...

    Ronald D. Weiss, PC- 10 readers -
  • IBM collective action waivers and private arbitration

    Is IBM ingenious or has it shot itself in the head? Time and the Supreme Court will soon tell. As those following IBM’s force reductions over the last few years already know, IBM stopped asking its terminated older workers for releases of their federal age discrimination claims in 2014. By not asking for federal age waivers, IBM placed itself outside a law that would ordinari ...

    Lamberton Law Firm, LLC- 8 readers -
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