What is factoring? Have you heard this term used in the business context? Factoring is not uncommon in the business world. It comes up when a business is in need of cash (immediate cash flow) and sells/assigns money owed under accounts receivable to a third party known as a factor. The factor purchases the accounts receivable at a discount in consideration of an assignment of ...

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  • Swimming Pool Accidents

    Unfortunately, swimming pool accidents do happen in Chicago. A fun afternoon at a friend’s pool, community pool, or an apartment complex, hotel, or country club can end in a tragic injury or death. If you’ve suffered from an injury or lost a loved one in a swimming pool accident that was the result of someone else’s negligence, consult the Chicago premises liability lawyers at ...

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  • Security Clearance Applications (SF 86) – Full and Complete Disclosure is Required!

    For anyone who was ever held a security clearance, he or she knows the importance of full and complete disclosure on the SF 86 form, which is the application form to be able to get a clearance. That is why this story is shocking. Beyond that, before anyone who holds a secret clearance, there is a new formal investigation and a new completed SF 86 form that is required every 10 ...

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  • Hit and Run Pedestrian Accidents

    Getting hit by a car is a scary situation. Hit and run pedestrian accidents are even worse because the driver – most often the liable party – leaves the scene, making it difficult for the victim to recover compensation for medical bills and other damages. A hit and run is defined as any situation in which your car hits another car or a pedestrian and you leave the scene immedi ...

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  • Are you Getting Unwanted Calls and Texts to Your Cell Phone?

    Is it just me or does it seem like calls to your cell phone are exploding in volume? I am probably getting five or more unsolicited and unwelcome calls each day trying to sell me items and services that I do not need nor do I want! I feel like I am under assault! Given the fact I know the law in this area, I thought I would share some ways we can help when you are getting this same type of telep.

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  • Dangers of Crib Bumper Pads

    When shopping for cribs for their upcoming bundle of joy, parents often see cribs adorned with crib bumper pads. These pads tie around the slats of a crib in order to keep babies from hitting up against the sides of the crib and getting their limbs caught in the crib slats. Plus, they make a crib look adorable – but at what price? It’s tragic, but many babies have died because ...

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  • What Are Illinois Workers’ Compensation Survivors’ Benefits?

    Most of us are familiar with the workers’ compensation system and the benefits it provides. Specifically, the program provides compensation to those injured while on the job. What many people may not know is that it also offers survivors’ benefits to family members whose loved one died while suffering a workplace accident. Surviving spouses and children are eligible for these death benefits.

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  • Philadelphia Semi-truck Accident Attorneys Offer Accident Tips

    Accidents involving large trucks injure thousands of people every year. In many cases, these wrecks are the result of negligence1 on the part of the truck driver or another party responsible for the truck or its cargo, meaning that victims are often entitled to compensation. A check does not get put in the mail automatically after an accident, however, and there are certain ...

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  • Attorney Peter Lowe Presents on Workplace Issues

    On April 13th, Peter Lowe presented to the Lewiston-Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce on “Workplace Safety following the Legalization of Marijuana.” On the same day, Peter was a panelist at the Associated Builders and ...

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  • Will Workers’ Compensation Pay For Physical Rehabilitation?

    Workers’ compensation is a state program that pays for injuries associated with workplace accidents. Each state differs in what it does and does not cover. While you might be aware that workers’ compensation covers lost wages and medical bills, what about physical rehabilitation? Contact a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney at to learn more about Illinois law and what bene ...

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