• Yet another letter?

    Tags : court The judge explains in a labour law conciliation hearing the prospects for the parties and recommends a comparison. The defendant hesitates. The lawyer of defendant says, he could give another written statement to court to take to one point ...

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  • “I Serve” – And Then There Was Applause

    During a visit in United States you can learn a lot. Country and people are different then Germany and Germans. This must not be wrong, but we can learn from each other. A comedian on stage asks the audience after from where and where. So the comedian gets his keywords for the show. One man answers, ...

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  • Labour Law: Contract Penalties

    Generally it is difficult to enforce compensation against employees. Usually an employee is only liable in cases of gross negligence or intent. Sometimes the proof of a damage is also difficult. If he doesn’t take the job despite agreement or he terminate without notice, the employer has a problem with a proof. Therefore penalties are agreed ...

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  • The Tax Authority And The Prohibition Of Unfairness

    A client, manager of a limited company, should be liable for taxes of the company, VAT and income tax. There is a decision of the authority. An appeal is lodged. The stay of execution is sought. The tax authority sends two letters. For VAT the stay of execution is granted. For income tax it is denied. The same facts ...

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  • Does he have a mandate anyway?

    Does he have a mandate anyway? A Limited Company is liquidated. It is published: “The Corporation is liquidated. The creditors will be requested to register their claims.” The manager ist recalled, a liquidator is called. For the client a claim is ...

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  • Labour Law: Termination On Holiday

    The holidays have started. May the employer terminate the labour treaty, if the employee is on holiday? What will happen? The termination reaches the employee, if it is in mailbox. And what happens, if holidays are longer then deadline of termination? The employee must appl ...

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  • The tricky bookkeeper

    A lawyer in Saxony hired a young man as bookkeeper in 2010. He trusted him. Just there was a criminal proceedings. The young and trustworthy man was accused to have embezzled € 168,000. The lawyer was seriously disappointed. The bookkeeper got three years ...

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  • Labour Law: Deadlines For A Termination

    The deadline for a termination is 4 weeks to the 15th of a month or to the end of a month. For employers the deadline extends with the period of employment. So after 2 years the deadline is a month to the end of a month. The longest deadline with 7 months is reached after 20 years. Many empl ...

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  • Traffic law: Drinking and driving

    It is generally known, if you have at least 0.5 per mille blood alcohol at the wheel, points and fines threaten. It becomes dangerous, however, from just 0.3 per thousand: If, for example you run over a red light and the cour ...

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  • Why she went through a strange property?

    The client appears with a letter from a walker. She writes something like: “I went in the dark about your property. And I fell head first on the pavement. The cause was, that in the dark there was a unlit iron chain, which is stretched on your property. It hangs in the middle of about 20 to 30 cm above the ground and thereby it acts as a tripping hazard. It is not visible in the dark.

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  • Unnecessary costs for the employer

    An employee resigns for health reasons his job. He will continue to operate on the date already away from work. The next day he gets in advance by e-mail the summary dismissal by the employer because of unexcused absence. However, according to his employment contract the employee has three days to submit a medical certificate. The employer is therefore written.

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  • Labour Law: The job reference

    An employee has a claim to a job reference. This rule is set out in § 109 GewO: “In case of termination of employment the employee has a claim to a written testimony, which must inform at least on the type and duration of the activity (basic certificate). The employee ma ...

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