• Meet The Ex-NSA And Ex-Unit 8200 Spies Cashing In On Security Fears

    By Kashmir Hill and Thomas Fox-Brewster Before Edward Snowden smashed its digital doors wide open, the National Security Agency was seen as the mysterious keeper of an arsenal of dark-voodoo hacking weapons. Now we know the truth: NSA employees are almost too good at what they do–as are their counterparts at Israel’s elite military signal intelligence group, Unit 8200.

    4 readers - Kashmir Hill/ The Not-So Private Parts
  • What Apple's Changing After Massive Celeb Hack

    Apple Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with the Wall Street Journal about some changes the company is making in response to the massive celeb hacking of 2014. Apple has stressed that the hack was not a “breach” of iCloud, which Cook reiterated, but that’s a matter of semantics. No, there wasn’t some kind of magical backdoor into iCloud.

    3 readers - Kashmir Hill/ The Not-So Private Parts
  • Apple And Google Need Facebook's Privacy Dinosaur

    The privacy dinosaur is a new permanent fixture on Facebook Facebook’s big blue privacy dinosaur is back and now he’s here to stay. For the next two weeks, Privasaurus Rex* will be asking people who sign onto Facebook on desktop to do a “privacy check-up” to see how exposed their information is and change their settings if they’re oversharing. The check-up is not too intrusive.

    13 readers - Kashmir Hill/ The Not-So Private Parts

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