• This Is The Suicide Info Whisper Gave To The Department Of Defense

    This is what Whisper sent to the Department of Defense Last month, the Guardian did a hard-hitting piece on Whisper, reporting that the start-up that offered users the cover of anonymity to voice their deepest secrets was actually tracking interesting users, storing user data and making it searchable for editorial and research use by outside organizations (like the Guardian), and “sharing info.

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  • The Best Part Of The Snowden Documentary 'Citizenfour'

    Edward Snowden in Laura Poitras's 'Citizenfour' Many rave reviews of Laura Poitras’s new documentary ‘Citizenfour’ have already been written. The film tackles the large and difficult subject of government information collection, which can no longer be easily referred to as the “sprawling surveillance state” because it involves so many different states, often acting in concert.

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  • Facebook vs. Ello

    The six-week-old social network Ello has a manifesto: no ads, no data-mining, no algorithms, no turning users into products. If you hit the “I agree” button after the manifesto, the site puts you on the waiting list for an invitation. If you click “disagree,” it sends you to Facebook’s privacy page.

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