• How To Keep Internet Trolls And Harassers From Winning

    Watching a month-old video of the lead-up to a shark attack in Los Angeles is like seeing Internet trolls in real life. An unidentified fisherman hooked a seven-foot great white shark off Manhattan Beach in July. It is illegal to fish for Jaws, but the guy lets the shark struggle on the line for more than a half hour, laughing and amused by its thrashing.

    1 readers - Kashmir Hill/ The Not-So Private Parts
  • Hacker Couture At Defcon

    Every August, thousands of hackers invade Las Vegas for two security conferences, Black Hat and Defcon. The conferences are ostensibly an opportunity to share knowledge about new vulnerabilities and themes in the industry.

    9 readers - Kashmir Hill/ The Not-So Private Parts
  • The Company Keeping Your Favorite (And Least Favorite) Websites Online

    "The only thing I have in common with Justin Timberlake is that we've both been 'SWAT-ed,' " says CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince. In 2012 an armed rescue team stormed his company's downtown San Francisco office ready to defuse a hostage situation called in by a prankster. It was the first of many visits from the SWAT team and Maggie the bomb-sniffing dog. Prince is used to unwanted attention.

    3 readers - Kashmir Hill/ The Not-So Private Parts

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