• The Best Part Of The Snowden Documentary 'Citizenfour'

    Edward Snowden in Laura Poitras's 'Citizenfour' Many rave reviews of Laura Poitras’s new documentary ‘Citizenfour’ have already been written. The film tackles the large and difficult subject of government information collection, which can no longer be easily referred to as the “sprawling surveillance state” because it involves so many different states, often acting in concert.

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  • Snapchat Hack Not A Hoax, Says 'Snappening' Chronicler

    People sending nude photos have come up with ways to try to lessen the risk of those photos going public, including not including their face; sending a password-protected, encrypted nude selfie; and setting the photo to self-destruct after delivery. But it doesn’t matter what security techniques you use if the person to whom you’re sending them stores them insecurely.

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  • Facebook vs. Ello

    The six-week-old social network Ello has a manifesto: no ads, no data-mining, no algorithms, no turning users into products. If you hit the “I agree” button after the manifesto, the site puts you on the waiting list for an invitation. If you click “disagree,” it sends you to Facebook’s privacy page.

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  • Whoops. 2015 Corvettes Come With Illegal Spying Feature.

    Corvette owners may want to put this sign on their dashboards to avoid criminal charges The pin-up page for the 2015 Corvette brags about the car’s many features, including its “industry-exclusive Performance Data Recorder,” which is like a Fitbit for the owners’ driving, collecting stats about a particular drive as well as audio and video.

    5 readers - Kashmir Hill/ The Not-So Private Parts
  • People With Bad Credit Get Surveilled Cars With Remote-Kill Switches

    Having a bad credit record means your car might come with a little something extra: a GPS-enabled “starter interrupt device” that allows a dealer to set off angry noises in your car, keep tabs on where you’re going, and shut your car down if you miss a payment. The New York Times chronicles the woes of people who have had their cars disabled at inconvenient moments, including a ...

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