• What Will a Document Management System Do for My Law Firm?

    In January of this year, I wrote a blog post describing what law firm document management software is, how it differs from case management software, and examples of document management software in the legal market today. Building upon that previous post, it is important to also discuss the advantages of having a document management system and what it can do for your law firm.

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  • Don't Just Develop Your Law Firm Brand, Your Personal Brand Matters Too

    Law firms are becoming increasingly aware each year of the importance of both digital marketing and business development. Many are allocating an increasingly diverse budget to a variety of expenditures, largely all of which are designed to raise the profile of the firm itself. Law firms do not generally promote their lawyers individually or allocate marketing resources for pers ...

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  • Your Monthly Law Firm Efficiency Metrics: Post 3

    The third installment in my blog series on law firm efficiency will include a discussion of Staff Audit Reports. My blog series discusses reports law firms should run every month to keep their law firms running effectively and efficiently. The first two posts discussed Marketing Metrics and Reports to Keep Your Database Healthy.

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  • How to Avoid Law Firm SEO Scams

    On every lawyer listserv I belong to, in every marketing group I attend, on almost every phone call I have with a potential law firm client, I am asked the same thing – can you do my SEO or have you heard of so-and-so random SEO provider? I wonder if people even really know what SEO means beyond the tantalizing “appearing ‘page one’ on Google.

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  • Setting up Google Plus Profiles for Lawyers

    What Falls Under a Google Account? A Google Account is a user account that provides access to Google-owned services. You can use any email address to set up a Google Account; a Gmail address is not required. The Google Account is like an umbrella that holds underneath it the user’s YouTube, Gmail, AdWords, Google Plus, and so many more of Google’s digital properties.

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  • Hiring The Right Law Firm Employees

    Many may think that hiring quality law firm employees during the holiday season is impossible. Job seekers often give up looking toward the end of the year, assuming that no new postings or quality positions will become available. I used to believe the same; but, now I am finding that since the end of the year is a time business owners reflect upon the year’s progresses and fai ...

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  • Best Free Social Media Tools for Lawyers

    Are you struggling to find the time to update your firm’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages? Here are the top apps and tools I use that help streamline and speed up my day-to-day social media tasks. BONUS: These are all free tools (but to gain access to the fancy features, some do require an upgrade/payment).

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  • Your Monthly Law Firm Efficiency Metrics Guide: Post 2

    This is the second post in a series discussing reports and metrics that law firms should look at every month in order to increase and/or maintain the efficiency of their offices. In last week’s post, I discussed Marketing Metrics that firms should review every month. This week I’ll be discussing Database Activity. Database Activity Databases are only as useful as the information in them.

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  • For Lawyers Who Think They’re Too Busy for Business Development

    In the professional services world, firms often hire in-house staff to handle their marketing and/or business development. While I highly recommend having at least one person serve as the point of contact and responsible party for these items, the lawyers themselves must often perform the actual business development in order for it to be effective.

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  • Your Monthly Law Firm Efficiency Metrics Guide: Post 1

    Law firms are busy places with many moving parts, and it can be hard to get a comprehensive view of everything taking place in the office. This blog post will be first in a series of three discussing three different monthly reports firms should use to get a good overview of company activity. The three posts will cover three sets of reports – Marketing Metrics, Database Activity ...

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  • Using Holiday Downtime for Law Firm Marketing Reflection

    From the week of Thanksgiving through the end of the year, many lawyers begin thinking more about holidays and family time than work or litigation. The same holds true for potential clients. So – do we wait until mid-January to resume our business development? Or, do we take advantage of the holiday season downtime to evaluate, plan, and budget so that we can crush it in 2015? ...

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  • How to Measure the Success of Your Law Firm Blog

    Most lawyers know by now that adding quality content on a regular basis to their law firm website is a crucial part of a successful digital marketing strategy. But, even if law firms are adding content to their websites, most do not monitor any metrics of blogging effectiveness. Legal Content Can Be Kind of Dull Creating interesting or compelling law firm website content must b ...

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