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  • Your Law Firm and Video Content: The Time Is Now

    There has been a recent shift in the online world to involve a very important component that many businesses are failing to include in their marketing strategies. Over the past few years, we’ve seen drastic changes in technology and user behaviors across online platforms, and they all point to one thing: video content.

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  • How To Tackle The First Quarter Of 2017

    The first quarter is important because it sets the pace and tone for the year. This quarter is the foundation from which the rest of 2017 will be built. Do not rest on your laurels thinking you have plenty of time left to get it right this year. If you do, you will find yourself scrambling in the fall and dismayed by the end of the year.

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  • A New Year in Website Design: Trends for 2017

    Last year was a big year in terms of development updates and changes for websites, especially with the launch of Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages platform and Facebook’s Instant Articles. Mobile traffic continued to climb, as did mobile advertising – with predictions that by 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending.

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  • Competitor Analysis: Is Your Law Firm Marketing Keeping You Ahead of the Curve?

    When it comes to marketing a business, it’s important to know what you’re up against. While it would be nice to solely rely on your firm’s strong lawyers to bring in the business, that’s simply not enough. How do you know your firm is taking the right steps toward an effective marketing strategy? Understanding what other law firms are doing and how yours is stacking up against ...

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  • Expert Level Unlocked: Becoming The Go-To Lawyer

    Achieving Expert Status as an Attorney As a practicing lawyer in a very competitive location in a highly competitive practice area, it was crucial to find a way to differentiate myself from the pack. How can a younger lawyer develop a unique competitive advantage in an already saturated market? What makes one lawyer capable of charging and receiving a significantly higher hourly ...

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  • Nightmare On Web Street: Is Ghost Spam Haunting Your Website Data?

    Managing a law firm website isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work to get a great website up and running and that’s only the beginning. Once you manage to get your website up and running, you will need to analyze your website’s performance data in Google Analytics to understand what is and what isn’t working. But can you really trust your website’s data? Maybe not.

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  • Negative Nellies: How To Handle the Bad Reviews

    Last week we discussed just how important online reviews are for for digital marketing and brand management. Like it or not, potential clients depend on ratings and feedback to form opinions about your law firm before even landing on your website or stepping foot in your office. So now that your law firm understands how imperative reviews are, what happens when you receive a ba ...

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  • Seeing Stars: The Importance of Reviews and Ratings

    In today’s digital era, everyone’s a critic. Yelp, Facebook, Google, Foursquare… the Internet is rife with locations for both happy and dissatisfied clients to leave their opinions about your business. Good reviews and ratings can help establish local search engine optimization credibility for smaller law firms, allowing them compete with larger firms.

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  • Make Business Cards Great Again

    We live in a digital world. We communicate by text, email, chat, social media, Skype, and more. In a society where we connect instantaneously with one click, why do we need business cards? Exchanging business cards face-to-face forms a much more personal connection than emailing someone. This is why business cards likely remain the most often used and effective form of direct marketing.

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  • What Do The Numbers Mean: Understanding Your Website Analytics

    If you’ve ever logged into Google Analytics for your law firm’s website, you’ve likely been flooded with numbers and statistics, but do you know what they all mean? Metrics like “users” and “sessions” are easy enough to understand, but if you don’t dig any deeper into your website’s analytics, you are missing out on an opportunity to understand your audience and the effectiveness of your website.

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  • Is Your Law Firm Website Mobile-Friendly?

    A mobile-friendly website is no longer an extravagance or supplemental option for law firms these days. A website that is compatible with smart phones is an absolute necessity if you want to keep generating business and attention from new clients. Today, more than 200 million adults in the United States own a smart phone and are accessing the Internet via phone more often than desktop computers.

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  • 10 Ways Lawyers Can Promote Their Blogs

    Content marketing has become an integral part of law firm digital success. Adding content to your law firm website lets search engines know you are keeping things fresh and draws in new readers with compelling, timely content. Before you promote your blog posts, you should make sure your posts utilize at least the basics of law firm blogging best practices.

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  • Extra! Extra! How To Use Google News For Your Law Firm

    Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint, and while many law firms implement long-term SEO strategies, one potentially quicker SEO approach that might work for you that nearly all law firms completely overlook is Google News. You have likely seen Google News headlines appearing in organic search results, but have you ever considered how these Google News headlines ...

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  • Why Am I Not Ranking On Google?

    Somewhere in the three to ten days after we launch a new website for a client, I am invariably asked, “So when we will start ranking on page one of search results?” There seems to be a common misconception that a brand new website will immediately get noticed by Google and start appearing on the very first page of search results. That’s just not going to happen. Ever.

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