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  • Establishing Liability in 3 Common Car Accident Scenarios – St. Louis Lawyers

    Sometimes it may be difficult to decide who is responsible for a car accident. Car accidents can take place under various circumstances. Sometimes it may be difficult to decide who is responsible for the accident. Consequently, getting a personal injury settlement may prove to be challenging. It is usually in your best interest to seek help from a St. Louis car accident lawyer to prove your case.

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  • Liability in a Single Vehicle Car Accident – St. Louis Injury Attorneys

    Car accidents can involve single or multiple vehicles. A personal injury case is possible even in case of a single vehicle accident. In this post, our St. Louis auto accident attorney will talk about certain single vehicle crash situations in which a personal injury case is possible. Factors that can contribute to cause a single vehicle personal injury case Motor vehicle me ...

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  • Passing in a “No Passing” Zone – St. Louis Auto Accident Attorney

    Every driver is responsible for following the law, including signs on the road. Safe driving can mean the difference between life and death. It is therefore important that when we are driving to work, home, or to any other destination, we exercise great caution. Unfortunately, each day there are drivers who choose to drive negligently and as a result, put lives at risk.

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  • Head Injuries from an Auto Accident – St. Louis Attorney

    The symptoms of a head injury vary according to the severity, and may develop immediately or gradually. Head injuries are categorized as open or closed. A closed head injury occurs when the head receives a hard impact by an object, however, the skull is not broken. On the other hand, an open hand injury occurs when the impact to the head is strong enough to break the skull and ...

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  • Crossover Accidents – St. Louis Auto Wreck Lawyers

    There is a high risk of head-on collisions and serious injuries in the absence of proper barriers. Nowadays most of the highways have some sort of barriers to reduce the chances of crossover accidents. These barriers are very important because vehicles traveling at high speeds on the highways can easily cross over a median and hit the opposing traffic.

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  • Backover Auto Accidents – St. Louis Car Wreck Lawyer

    A study shows that every year, nearly 292 people die and 18,000 get injured in backover accidents. It is has been noticed that 30% of the backover accident victims are children below the age of 5 and adults above the age of 70. The reason for this may likely be that elderly individuals cannot move away quickly when they see a reversing vehicle and the toddlers are not aware of ...

    Christopher Hoffmann/ St. Louis Car Accident Attorney- 24 readers -
  • Things Your Car Insurance May Not Cover – St. Louis Auto Wreck Lawyer

    Carefully weight the facts before letting your insurance company talk you into switching to another plan. Has your insurance company ever asked you to switch to another plan because it could save you a certain amount of money? If it does, make sure you careful weight the facts. When the insurance company says that you could save up to a certain amount, it often means that is th ...

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  • Electric Vehicle Crashes – St. Louis Car Crash Lawyers

    While electric vehicles offer many advantages, there are also some potential safety hazards. Electric vehicles are becoming very popular. There are nearly thirty different models in the market and thousands of vehicles have been sold. They are in great demand because they help to promote green energy and save on fuel costs. In this post, our St.

    St. Louis Car Accident Attorney- 21 readers -
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