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  • Chiropractor Malpractice

    Have you been further injured by the negligence or malpractice of a chiropractor? Call us at 1-800-ATTORNEY. Chiropractors & Medical Malpractice Over the years, chiropractors have helped millions of people with chronic injuries, back pain, and other issues involving spinal health concerns. Although the majority of these alternative health professionals strive to help their ...

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 25 readers -
  • Dallas Chemical Burn Lawyer

    Have you suffered a chemical burn at work or due to someone else’s negligence? Chemical burns can be quite traumatic, and often leave victims with lifelong scars or permanent disabilities. While these types of injuries frequently occur on the job, the truth is that they can happen anywhere. If you’ve suffered injuries as a result of a chemical burn, please allow our personal inj ...

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 40 readers -
  • Argyle High School Building Collapse – 1 Killed, 3 Injured

    Building under construction at Argyle High School collapses, killing one worker and injuring three. ARGYLE, TX (04/02/2015) — One construction worker has been killed and three others have been injured after the steel frame of an under-construction activity building collapses outside of Argyle High School. According to officials, the collapse occurred Thursday morning at around 7:30 a.m.

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 43 readers -
  • Car Accidents Caused by Road Debris

    If your automobile accident was caused by road debris or fallen cargo, you may be facing an uphill battle. Cargo Fallen From 18-Wheeler There are many causes of car accidents in Dallas-Fort Worth, including inattentive driving, road construction, weather conditions, and even debris or truck cargo left in the roadway.

    Sadie Horner/ Rasansky Law Firm- 38 readers -
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor

    It’s important for workers in Texas to understand the difference between an employee and an independent contractor, as this classification determines your legal options in the event of a workplace injury. Just because you work on-site, this does not mean that you are considered an “employee.” Employees are afforded much more protection than contractors when it comes to on-the-jo ...

    Amanda Payton/ Rasansky Law Firm- 35 readers -
  • OSHA Regulations & Violations

    If an employer violates OSHA regulations and a worker is injured or killed as a result, our attorneys may be able to help. OSHA, also known as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration was formed in 1971 as a result of the passing of the OSH Act of 1970. This agency was created to protect workers from unsafe and dangerous work situations, especially those that work in ...

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 23 readers -
  • National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day 2015

    March 25th, 2015 is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day! The first time the country celebrated National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day was just two years ago on March 25th of 2013. What you may not know is that the entire month of March is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month! National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day was created due to the combined efforts of Reaching for the ...

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 224 readers -
  • Daycare Sued After Sticking Children With Thumb Tacks

    Parents of multiple children file daycare abuse lawsuit against Tutor Time after children pricked with pushpins. Daycare centers all over the country take care of hundreds of thousands of children on a daily basis. This puts them at a unique position where parents entrust them with their children, confident in the fact that they will be provided with the care they need while in ...

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 70 readers -
  • Ian Spence & Megan Cook Killed in Texas Car Accident

    FREESTONE COUNTY, TX (03/11/2015) — Two people were killed, and two others were injured following a two-vehicle accident near Fairfield, Texas Wednesday night. The accident occurred on FM 27 in rural Freestone County at about 6:50 p.m. Wednesday night (about four miles west of Fairfield). 21-year-old Ian Spence (of Mexia, Texas) and 20-year-old Megan Cook (of Fairfield, Texas) ...

    Rasansky Law Firm- 188 readers -
  • Scaffolding Falls & Accidents

    If you’ve been hurt in a scaffolding fall accident in Dallas-Fort Worth, call 1-800-ATTORNEY for a free consultation! Your legal options after a work injury in Texas are very specific. Depending on the existence of workers’ comp, you may or may not be able to file a lawsuit… Scaffolding provides a means of reaching heights that can’t be reached by ladders.

    Sadie Horner/ Rasansky Law Firm- 32 readers -
  • Mother, 2 Sons Killed in Alvarado TX Wrong-Way Crash

    ALVARADO, TX (03/08/2015) — According to police, alcohol may be a factor in a wrong-way accident which left three people dead early Sunday morning. Maranda Abshire & Her Two Sons UPDATE: The other driver, 53-year-old Ricardo Martinez, has been arrested on three counts of murder and one count of intoxication assault. Police say Martinez’ BAC was .

    Rasansky Law Firm- 57 readers -
  • Industrial Accidents

    Has a loved one been injured or killed in an industrial accident? Call 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation. Job-related injuries run the gamut; from occupational diseases to chemical burns and falls, these types of accidents are often referred to as industrial injuries. Industrial injuries happen with increasing frequency these days; this can be attributed to the growth of c ...

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 37 readers -
  • Daycare Standards in Texas Must be Raised

    Childcare advocates in Texas are pushing for lower adult-child ratios and increased day care training. Daycare centers are supposed to be havens of safety for both parents counting on them to take care of their loved ones, and for the children who attend them. They serve a vital function in society, providing children with a place to interact with other kids their age as well as ...

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 24 readers -
  • Velma Dismukes Killed in Texas 18-Wheeler Accident

    WOOD COUNTY, TX (02/25/2015) — Winnsboro resident Velma Dismukes was killed Wednesday when an 18-wheeler truck drifted into oncoming lanes and caused a fatal head-on crash. Accident Scene According to DPS, the two-vehicle accident occurred around 9:20 a.m. Wednesday morning on Highway 11 (about 7.4 miles east of Winnsboro, TX).

    Rasansky Law Firm- 35 readers -
  • Oklahoma Bill Seeks to Hold Nursing Homes Responsible for Suspicious Deaths

    H.B. 1110 aims to hold Oklahoma nursing homes responsible for suspicious deaths by creating a Vulnerable Adult Injury and Death Review Board. Nursing home care is a big deal for many families across the country, particularly in Oklahoma. A new bill has been introduced which looks to hold culpable individuals and home care centers responsible for their role in suspicious wrongful ...

    Sadie Horner/ Rasansky Law Firm- 18 readers -
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