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  • Using a Tree Stand on State Game Lands?

    Earlier this year the PA Game Commission passed a new regulation relating to tree stands on State Game Lands requiring that owners of the stands now conspicuously mark their stand with their CID number, owner’s first and last name and their home address or a number issued by the Game Commission for this purpose.

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  • Shorter Waiting Time for Divorce Based on Separation…Legislation Pending

    Our colleagues at the Pennsylvania Bar News have recently covered some important news from the realm of family law – pending legislation that, if passed, will significantly reduce the time it takes estranged spouses to legally divorce. House Bill 380 is the legislation at issue and aims to cut in half the statutory waiting period from 2 years to 1.

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    In a former life, my girlfriend and I had two dogs which were like family members. The Alpha of the pair was a small little terrier mix who bore a resemblance to Benji but believed he was more the size of Clifford. The little terrier was a brave and territorial dog willing to take on anyone and anybody that came near his yard and family.

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  • FCC Enforcement Advisory – Form 477 Report Every Six Months or Face Penalties

    October 7, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) Enforcement Bureau reminded providers of voice and broadband Internet services of their continued duty to file timely, complete, and accurate FCC Form 477 reports.[1] This Advisory is intended to highlight the Form 477 submission requirements and the importance of telephone and broadband subscription a ...

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  • PA Appellate Court Curbs Impairment Rating Evaluations

    In a late-breaking development, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court has severely limited the use of Impairment Rating Evaluations by insurance companies. This ruling may affect ongoing Workers’ Compensation claims, as well as those that have been affected in past years. Workers’ Compensation insurance companies have, since 1996, have the ability to subject an injured worker ...

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  • Birthright Citizenship in a Lone Star State of Mind

    I have previously blogged about a contentious remark of significance from the last Republican Presidential Debate. The catalyst of that conversation about Birthright Citizenship was what I deemed to be a certain candidate’s peculiar (and misleading) over-simplification of what he views to be current U.S. Law’s abhorrently liberal stance on Birthright Citizenship.

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  • DAPA and the fog of (political) war

    As some of the readers of this Blog may have noticed, I have been interested in chronicling (or at least, following) the much-embattled executive Action known as DACA (“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”). See my previous post—> Happy Birthday, DACA! I did make mention in that post of the current legal quagmire that DACA’s companion executive Action, DAPA (“Deferred A ...

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  • New Jersey Supreme Court: Warrant Requirement a Burden on Citizens

    There has been a lot of commentary on the recent New Jersey Supreme Court case, State v. William L. Witt, (A-9-14)(074468), which essentially did away with a warrant requirement for the search of a vehicle in many circumstances. What the Court ultimately ruled was that, like Pennsylvania a little over a year ago, New Jersey was going to follow the federal warrant requirements, ...

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  • PennEast Submits Application To FERC For PA to NJ Pipeline

    Today, September 24, 2015, PennEast Pipeline Co, LLC, located in Wyomissing, PA, said it is submitting its application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a permit to proceed with construction of the proposed about $1 billion PennEast Pipeline that will offer natural gas to consumers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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