• Houston mayor withdraws pastor subpoenas

    One instance of abusively broad litigation discovery down, 437,816 to go. [WSJ Law Blog, Houston Chronicle, City of Houston, earl ...

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  • Experimental drugs, terminal patients, and “right to try” statutes

    Many libertarians have expressed interest in statutes, enacted in five states, which seek to give incurably ill patients access to “investigational” drugs which have passed the first stage in the FDA’s approval process but not reached final approval. Nice goal, but according to James Beck at Drug & Device Law: …we don’t think these statutes are going to accomplish much, l ...

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  • Illinois judge rebuffs prolific folk-law filer

    Mr. Wemple’s various lawsuits have named as defendants all Illinois judicial circuits as well as, more recently, “the Illinois State Bar Association and all of its members,” for conscripting him into a legal process that is “defective and unsafe for its intended purpose in that it generates degeneration financially, psychologically and/or physically.

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  • Next Monday at Cato: Damon Root on Overruled

    If you’re in D.C., RSVP and register for Cato’s luncheon event on the publication of Damon Root’s Overruled: The Long War for Control of the U.S. Supreme Court. Description: Featuring the author Damon Root, Senior Editor, Reason magazine and Reason.com; with comments by Jeffrey Rosen, Professor of Law, George Washington University, and President & CEO, National Constitut ...

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  • Marc Andreessen on getting radicalized

    Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, quoted in New York magazine “Intelligencer”: If you have been in an Uber car and gotten pulled over and had the car seized out from under the driver when you were like in the middle of a trip that you were otherwise having a good time on, you might be a little bit radicalized.

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  • Labor and employment roundup

    Operator of Jimmy John’s sandwich shops asked low-level employees to sign a noncompete. What would be the point? [Bainbridge, Hyman] GOP Congress might take aim at a range of current union and NLRB practices including political dues spending without member opt-out [Sean Higgins, Washington Examiner] Reminder: turning union activity into a protected category under the Ci ...

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  • “Alabama man gets $1K in police settlement, his lawyers get $459K”

    “An Alabama man who sued over being hit and kicked by police after leading them on a high-speed chase will get $1,000 in a settlement with the city of Birmingham, while his attorneys will take in $459,000, officials said Wednesday.” [Reuters/Yahoo] Readers may argue about whether this kind of outcome is fair, but note that it seems to happen more often, rather than less, in thi ...

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  • Jury finds unlawful bias against one-armed security guard

    “MIAMI – In a verdict in favor of U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), a jury has found that a licensed security guard with only one arm was unlawfully discriminated against based on his limb loss when his employer removed him from his post following a customer complaint about his disability, the federal agency ...

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