• Update: FOIA requests at the EPA

    The inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency has issued a report defending the agency’s EPA evenhandedness in handling FOIA requests from friends and foes of its policies [The Hill]. We co...

    2 readers - Walter Olson/ Overlawyered
  • Annals of costly historic preservation

    It’s nice to know that in Manhattan’s super-expensive West Village there’s a transplanted farmhouse with a doggy chute opening in the door and a connection to the late Margaret Wise Brown, author of children’s classic Goodnight Moon. It’s less nice to know that New York City ...

    5 readers - Walter Olson/ Overlawyered
  • Operation Choke Point

    Cato event held earlier this month with Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Cato senior fellow Mark Calabria. Here’s the description: Launched in early 2013, “Operation Choke Point” is a joint effort by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the bank regulators to limit acce...

    3 readers - Walter Olson/ Overlawyered
  • DoJ sues Pennsylvania over trooper fitness tests

    The tests “disproportionately screened out female applicants, resulting in a disparate impact against those applicants.” Officers who are highly fit have more options in a situation where force is required — subduing a suspect without resort to a gun, for example. Still, cou...

    1 readers - Walter Olson/ Overlawyered
  • Banking and finance roundup

    Federally run consumer complaint database at CPSC has been unfair and unreliable mess, so naturally CFPB wants one of its own [Kevin Funnell] Los Angeles, Miami, Providence, and Cook County among municipalities piling on lenders with mortgage and disparate-impact suits [...

    7 readers - Walter Olson/ Overlawyered
  • As an urban mobility revolution draws near…

    Government is busy chasing century-old transit formats [Randal O'Toole, Cato; more] And Marc Scribner cautions libertarians against buying too heavily into a “regulated ridesharing” legal framework that could impede the emergence of something much better in te...

    7 readers - Walter Olson/ Overlawyered


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