• Brian Aitken at Cato

    In several 2010 posts we covered the story of Brian Aitken, who was imprisoned by the state of New Jersey simply for carrying unloaded guns and ammo in his trunk (really, that was the extent of the crime). Last week Cato hosted Aitken to talk on his new book The Blue Tent Sky: How the Left’s War on Guns Cost Me My Son and My Freedom. Tim Lynch of Cato moderated, and I gave comments.

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  • Jim Hood, a go-to guy for Hollywood?

    Who’d have guessed that movie studios would entrust populist Mississippi Attorney General and longtime Overlawyered favorite Jim Hood with key water-carrying tasks in pushing their rights as copyright owners against online services and search engines? Not I [Eli Lehrer, Weekly Standard] More from Mike Masnick at TechDirt: “it appears th ...

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  • Best of Overlawyered — January 2014

    A few highlights from January: Who killed traditional Edison light bulbs? “Government did it, at the request of big business.” Never saw that one coming: “Psychic Love Spell Center stole my money, lawyer alleges in lawsuit” Border agents vs. musical instruments; Britain considers criminalizing “emotional blackmail“; One of the U.S.

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  • Tweet-suing Chicago landlord sunk by class action

    When Horizon, a large Chicago apartment building manager locked in a legal dispute with one of its tenants, chose to sue her over a disparaging tweet a few years back (more), one of the owning family’s members was quoted in the press as saying that “the suit was warranted and that Horizon is ‘a s ...

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  • NLRB and labor law roundup

    The National Labor Relations Board has been so hyperactive lately reshaping the law for the benefit of labor unions that it gets a roundup all to itself: NLRB announces new right to use employer’s email system for union organizing [Daniel Schwartz] Per 2-1 vote, NLRB agrees with ALJ that restaurant can’t fire workers over false posters claiming its food is unsafe [Patrick DePoy and Christo.

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  • A failed insider trading prosecution, and its costs

    I’ve got a new post up at Cato at Liberty about the Second Circuit’s sharply worded dismissal of two insider trading convictions, which alas came too late to avoid massive damage to the enterprises and people concerned. Quoting NYT “DealBook”: The dismissal of the case also raises questions about the November 2010 raids of Level Global and Diamondback Capital Management by t ...

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