• Needed: a post-Frieden CDC

    Bloomberg’s nanny-in-chief was never the right choice to lead the Centers for Disease Control, much less with an actual epidemic in sight, argues the New York Sun: …it was the former mayor of New York City who gave the nation Thomas Frieden, who is one dangerous doctor and is the middle of the catastrophe.

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  • Illinois Supreme Court battles

    Really, the headline is as good an introduction to this tangled web as any: “Clifford firm contributes $150K to unseat Justice on the same day he’s in court saying campaign money corrupted Supreme Court.” [Madison County Record, related post ten years ...

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  • “Should the SEC be prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner?”

    Prof. Bainbridge flags this disturbing Wall Street Journal piece: The Securities and Exchange Commission is increasingly steering cases to hearings in front of the agency’s appointed administrative judges, who found in its favor in every verdict for the 12 months through September, rather than taking them to federal court.

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  • Idaho Hitching Post case

    I was preparing a post on the case from Idaho in which husband and wife Donald and Evelyn Knapp have pre-emptively sued (complaint, motion for TRO) to prevent the application of the city of Coeur d’Alene’s public accommodation law from being used to require their wedding chapel business, the Hitching Post, to handle same-sex weddings.

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  • Dr. White Coat on the pink-panties case

    The Emergency Physicians Monthly columnist, often linked in this space, on a case noted in our open thread last week: From comments at Overlawyered.com … Employee of a surgicenter goes to facility for a colonoscopy. When he wakes up, he was wearing pink underwear. As a result, he suffered extreme emotional distress, humiliation, loss of wages and loss of earning capaci ...

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  • Liability roundup

    How legal doctrine changes in a state-based system: “The Diffusion of Innovations in Tort Law” [Kyle Graham] Are courts growing (appropriately) disillusioned with cy pres? [James Beck and Rachel Weil, WLF; Beck, D&DL, on Redman v. RadioShack] “Asbestos lawyers want $2.5 million for losing fight to keep Garlock records sealed” [@DanielDFisher on Legal NewsLine report ...

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  • It’s an emotional-support alpaca, so let us in

    Author Patricia Marx decided to brazen her way through New York restaurants, museums, high-end fashion shops, and other institutions with five “un-cuddly, non-nurturing animals” such as a turtle, snake, and turkey, and some therapist paperwork that was easy enough to procure. [New Yorker] Aside from writing hilariously, she’s well informed about the Americans with Disabilities ...

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  • Deed transfer theft in New York City

    Horror story in Queens points up flaws of the city’s deed-transfer system, and also of its pro-tenant housing court regime: “After Darrell Beatty failed to appear in August, a judge approved an eviction, but it was ...

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  • Politics roundup

    Texas trial lawyer lobby has attacked Greg Abbott on theme of his accident for years without success, Wendy Davis would have been smarter to tell ‘em no [Politico] Wondering about ObamaCare rate hikes? You’ll get to find out right after the election [Washington Times] “Four more years of ‘pay-to-play’ if DeWine returns as Ohio AG, says Dem challenger” [LNL] Blades concealed? Environme.

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  • Cop fired after falling asleep on job wins nearly $1M

    Kansas: “A federal jury Tuesday awarded a former McPherson police officer who was found sleeping on duty almost $1 million in wages and damages. Matthew B. Michaels alleged the city violated his civil rights, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and the Kansas Wage Payment Act. ...

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  • Pa. jury: inadequate curve signage partly at fault

    Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: “A jury in a Luzerne County civil case ruled that PennDOT was partially responsible for a deadly crash in 2011 that killed a 15-year-old girl, even though the driver of the SUV was driving at roughly twice the speed limit and did not have a driver’s license.” While the driver admitted he was going nearly 90 miles an hour w ...

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