• Holiday lights get much safer; CPSC pushes ahead with regs anyway

    According to an account in The Hill last month, “the number of deaths caused by Christmas lights has declined to about one person each year from a high of 13 people each year in the early 1990s.” That might seem like an encouraging record, leaving what might seem a low residual risk considering the millions of households that decorate with seasonal lights, but the Consumer Prod ...

    Walter Olson/ Overlawyered- 1 readers -
  • NAGPRA, counting by tribe, and the grave of Jim Thorpe

    Bad enough for Congress to meddle in adoptions in hopes of helping out Indian tribes. But…burials? My new guest column at Jurist examines the first-of-its-kind lawsuit by which some descendants of Native American sports great Jim Thorpe are trying to use the law to require the borough of Jim Thorpe, Pa. to yield up his remains for re-interment in Oklahoma.

    Walter Olson/ Overlawyeredin Pennsylvania- 1 readers -
  • “America’s Most Fee-Ridden Cities”

    I’m quoted in this Reason TV segment by Zach Weissmueller on the problem of municipalities that stake their finances on overzealous fee collection: “When you have towns like those in St. Louis County that get in some cases, 40 percent of their municipal revenue in fines and fees, they have chosen a very expensive way of taxing their population, one that creates maximum hassle ...

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  • Washington, D.C. listeners: Diane Rehm show 10 a.m.

    Washington, D.C. listeners, tune in at 10 a.m. Tuesday morning when I’ll be a guest again on Diane Rehm’s award-winning radio show, discussing developments in Ferguson, Mo., including a grand jury’s decision that officer Darren Wilson won’t face charges in the shooting of Michael Brown. Other guests include Julie Bosman, reporter, The Ne ...

    Walter Olson/ Overlawyered- 3 readers -
  • Cato online forum, “Reviving Economic Growth”

    The panel is packed with big names and many of them offer suggestions with a law or regulation angle, including Philip K. Howard (“Radically Simplify Law”), Derek Khanna (rethink patent and copyright law; related, Ramesh Ponnuru), Morris Kleiner (reform occupational licensure; related, Steven Teles), Arnold Kling (“Sidestep the FCC and the FDA”), Robert Litan (admit more high-s ...

    Walter Olson/ Overlawyered- 4 readers -
  • Regulating consumers by way of regulating producers

    An observation from John Goodman via David Henderson: Almost all government restrictions on our freedom are indirect. They are imposed on us by way of some business. In fact, laws that directly restrict the freedom of the individual are rare and almost always controversial…. But the vast majority of government encroachments on your freedom of action come about through laws ...

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