• Unsecured Debt in Chapter 13: How Much Must You Pay?

      The amount you are required to pay back to your general unsecured creditors in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case depends on various factors. It can range from only a few pennies on the dollar to a 100% of the debt. The amount required to be paid must be the higher of the "Means Test" (projected disposable income) and the amount of the chapter 7 liquidation test.

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  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy Attorney Jordan E. Bublick is a Miami, Florida has over 25 years of experience in filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy (reorganization of mortgages and other debt) and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases (discharge of debt). He has filed over 8,000 bankruptcy cases. Jordan E. Bublick has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1983 and is a graduate of the Ohio State University Colleg ...

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  • Stop Mortgage Foreclosure with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    You can stop your mortgage foreclosure by filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy under most circumstances. Chapter 13 will give you an opportunity to apply for a mortgage modification while under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court. A chapter 13 bankruptcy must be filed before the foreclosure sale takes place if desire to save your real property.

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  • "Party Aggrieved" Requirement for Appeal of Bankruptcy Court

    On September 4, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals addressed the "party aggrieved" doctrine in the case of Benjamin Atkinson v. Ernie Haire Ford, Inc. (In Re: Ernie Ford, Inc.), 2014 WL 4358417. Party Aggrieved Requirement The Court explained that, as bankruptcy cases often involve numerous creditors who are dissatisfied with any com ...

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  • Miami Bankruptcy Law Blog

    (305) 891-4055 - Free Initial Consultation - Office: Miami - Aventura - Bankruptcy Attorney Jordan E. Bublick - 25 Years Experience - www.bublicklaw.com Chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy are the types of bankruptcy used by individuals to obtain debt relief. Chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy each provides for different requirements and relief.

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  • "Short Sale" of Real Estate

    Jordan E. Bublick is a Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer - North Miami - Aventura Office - (305) 891-4055 A short sale involves the mortgage lender agreeing to allow a homeowner to sell his real property for a price less than enough to payoff the mortgage in full. That is, the lender agrees to release its mortgage lien on the property for an amount less than a full pay-off so as to allow ...

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  • RE:Your Application

    well. W f m b b f C cm . *$5775 c b c b acc f qualify. L , 71 mmb t c c . t fm mt b bc. m, l . CLc l ubcb 4478 , 95677 f1c682f8b542ed68fd8e6d2a81821b92 ylee's Law. The petition has garnered nearly 1.3 million signatures to date.The quick response by so many state legislatures to write versions of the law has drawn criticism.

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  • Never Pay MSRP . Clearance on Cars and Trucks

    Get the Best Deal on a New Car Search Local Clearance Car Prices . No Obligation Click Here to Search Now! Stop receiving emails from us 12667 Alcosta Blvd., Ste. 200 | San Ramon, CA 94583 f1c682f8b542ed68fd8e6d2a81821b92 state where caucuses propelled Obama toward the White House in 2008, the president's campaign organization pointed toward Election Day next Nov. 6.

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  • Target is Hiring - Positions Up to 18/Hour

    f1c682f8b542ed68fd8e6d2a81821b92 AP/CHINATOPIXJuly 24, 2011: A wrecked passenger carriage is lifted off the bridge in Wenzhou in east China's Zhejiang province, after a train crash.BEIJING A long-awaited government report said design flaws and sloppy management caused a bullet train crash in July that killed 40 people and triggered a public outcry over the high cost and da ...

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  • [PIC] Cops Use These Now

    The Military has recently released technology that is now available to the public... Here's Why: Wide spread attacks inside the United States HAVE become a reality that's CURRENTLY being brushed off by mass media sources... to not cause panic. In good faith - the Military have released archived LED technology which has been placed inside Tactical Flashlights called the G700s...

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  • 󾬍 Beautiful Russian Ladies Looking for Love

    f1c682f8b542ed68fd8e6d2a81821b92 There will be a space for you to leave an "optional gratuity" on the ticket. Why tip twice?2) All money given to any staff member is supposed to be pooled. So if you really want to tip a specific person, you should hand them cash, and do it very discretely. There are cameras all over the ship, except in your stateroom.

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  • You've Been Accepted by Who's_Who

    You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent your professional community in the 2015 Edition of Who's Who. The premier networking organization for distinguished professionals. Once finalized, your listing will share registry space with tens-of-thousands of fellow accomplished individuals across the globe, each representing accomplishment within their own geographical area.

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  • Property Acquired after Bankruptcy Filing

    Normally your bankruptcy estate consists only of the property you own on the date of the filing of your bankruptcy case. Certain property though that you acquire after filing for bankruptcy are part of your bankruptcy estate. Supplemental schedules need to be prepared and filed with the Bankruptcy Court.

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