• A Safety Checklist for Your Summer Road Trip

    Drivers in the United States often take long summer road trips. It’s not unusual for families from the north east to travel all the way to Florida. By the time they pass through Georgia, drivers are often tired and kids are fractious. It can be a recipe for car wrecks. You can’t ever eliminate the danger of becoming a statistic but you can take some precautions to safeguard yo ...

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  • Georgia’s Comparative Negligence Laws in Personal Injury

    As Georgia personal injury lawyers we often come across the situation where an accident victim wants to file a lawsuit but believes he or she may be partly to blame for a wreck. Not all car wrecks are clear cut. If another driver cuts in front of you on the highway, you may not be able to brake quickly enough to avoid hitting the car in front.

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  • Pedestrian Was Hit and Killed Near I-285 in DeKalb County

    Pedestrian accidents are common in and around Atlanta. On fast-moving highways, walkers often take their lives in their hands. Recently, a pedestrian was hit and killed in the early hours of the morning in DeKalb County. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the fatal accident occurred on Bouldercrest Road south of I-285, in September.

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  • Teen Accidents Spike Over the Summer Months in Georgia

    In June, a state trooper tried to stop a car with five teenagers inside in Cobb County in Georgia. Instead of complying, the teen driver tried to flee. The results were devastating even by the standards of the summer months in Georgia when teen accidents spike. The high-speed chase that ensued led to no less than nine separate crashes.

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  • Fatal School Bus Accidents in Georgia Are Rare

    School bus accidents are often in the news in Georgia and elsewhere. Fortunately, fatal school bus accidents in Georgia and the rest of the country are very rare. When children tragically lose their lives, the crashes make headlines. Two years ago, a school bus crash in Houston in Texas caused widespread horror when the bus careened off an elevated roadway and crashed to the ground below.

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  • Motorcycle Accidents Carry Higher Amputation Risk

    When you suffer a severe injury to a limb like an arm or a leg, you may face amputation. These kinds of accidents are incredibly difficult and debilitating. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer amputations in crashes. Amputations are serious and life-changing. There are far too many of these kinds of injuries in and around Atlanta.

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