• Your Rights as a Passenger Injured in a Georgia Auto Wreck

    Passengers are often victims of car or truck accidents in Georgia. Usually, passengers have no control over a wreck that left them injured so may have rights to file a claim against a number of parties. The fact a passenger is unlikely to be to blame for an accident he or she is hurt in means a lawsuit can be brought against more potential parties.

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  • Head-On Crashes are the Most Deadly Kind of Wreck

    Head-on crashes are the most dangerous type of collision due to the increased force sustained by drivers and passengers in each car. In these wrecks, two cars are traveling toward each other before the collision takes place. Statistics estimate that only 2 percent of all crashes are head-on collisions. However, they account for well over 10 percent of driving deaths.

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  • The Rights of Pedestrians in Georgia

    The rights of pedestrians have been bolstered in Georgia in recent years but arguably they still have a considerable way to go. Many drivers are still unsure of the law when they encounter a pedestrian, states the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. More than 15 years ago in 1995 the Georgia legislature amended the crosswalk law so as drivers must “stop and stay stopp ...

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  • Georgia’s Passing Law and Other Rules to Protect Cyclists

    Cyclists do not benefit from any national traffic laws. Instead, each state sets up its own bicycle-specific regulations. In Georgia, cyclists are protected by a number of laws including a passing law. In Georgia, as in most other U.S. states, a bicycle is defined as a vehicle. The rider enjoys the same rights as other road users and also is obliged to follow the rules.

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  • A Safety Checklist for Your Summer Road Trip

    Drivers in the United States often take long summer road trips. It’s not unusual for families from the north east to travel all the way to Florida. By the time they pass through Georgia, drivers are often tired and kids are fractious. It can be a recipe for car wrecks. You can’t ever eliminate the danger of becoming a statistic but you can take some precautions to safeguard yo ...

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  • Drugged Driving May Have Been a Factor in Fatal Newnan Crash

    We hear a lot about drunk driving, but drugged driving is also a major factor in crashes in Georgia. It may have been the cause of a fatal Newnan crash. In a recent crash in Newnan, state patrol officers said drugs were suspected as a factor. The Newnan Times-Herald reported a fatal wreck in April. Investigators said a 28-year-old man lost control of his car on Boone Road.

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  • Safety Tips for New Motorcyclists in Georgia

    If you ride a motorcycle your chances of serious injury are considerably higher than if you drive a car. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), states there are more than 100,000 motorcycle accidents every year in the United States. Riders are almost 40 times more likely than drivers to lose their lives in a wreck because they lack the ext ...

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