• The More You Blog, The More Clients You Get

      It's been established that blogging generates real clients for law firms. What's more, research proves that the more often you blog, the more clients you get. Hubspot proved that the frequency of blog posts directly correlates to customer acquisition in its State of Inbound Marketing report. If your blog is underutilized, you are leaving clients on the table.

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    • Law Firms Now Spending 3.4% of Revenue on Marketing

      Law firms on average firms spent 3.4 percent of their annual collected fees on marketing and business development activities in 2013 — up from a previous level of only 2.3 percent in 2012. Legal marketing spending has rebounded to pre-recession levels according to a new national survey of local and regional business law firms by Alyn-Weiss & Associates, Inc.

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    • 6 Forecasts for 2015 for Law Firm Marketing

      From the LexisNexis Business of Law Blog LexisNexis recently asked a several dozen experts for legal industry predictions for 2015, which we will publish here later this week. Larry Bodine, the editor Law Practice Advisor, provided six for law firm marketing and we’ve decided to run his viewpoints as a standalone post. Here are the first three of Mr.

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  • How to Get New Business With Click-Worthy Web Assets

    Jump ahead to see: Engaging with helpful resources Creating a click-worthy system Composing Infographics Success in getting more clicks, conversions and clients on a law firm website turns on website usability -- which today means engaging visitors and prompting them to stay longer and dig deeper into your site, according to SEO expert Paul Julius.

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  • Free Webinar - Click-Worthy Assets: The New Search Marketing

    Pay Per Click and Conversion Specialist, Paul Julius from Consultwebs.com, will be joining Ken Hardison for a Free webinar: Click-Worthy Assets: The New Search Marketing Date/Time: Thursday, January 29th @ 1 PM Eastern Time During this Free webinar you will discover… What makes a website asset click-worthy The process in developing a highly converting practice area page ...

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  • 4 Guest Blogging Tips for Lawyers

    See Joy's new article: 4 Direct Mail Mistakes You Can’t Afford Here is a guest post by Joy Gendusa about the topic of – writing guest posts on other peoples’ blogs. Guest posting on established blogs is a great opportunity to get exposure in front of quality prospects, but you need to get it right to make the most of it. Here are 4 tips to consider before submitting your guest post...

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  • 6 Practical Steps to Build Client Loyalty

    Ken Hardison is publishing a new book, “Under Promise, Over Deliver — How to Build the Preeminent Law Firm in Your Market.” Here is an excerpt from Chapter Six. A loyal client and a satisfied client are not to be confused. While client satisfaction is an element of loyalty, a client could be satisfied and still feel no connection to you or your firm.

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  • How Often You Should Redesign Your Website

    By Burkey Belser on Law Practice Advisor: We had a gut instinct as to the answer — websites should be redesigned every three years. Web technology is changing so fast you’re quite likely to have fallen seriously behind even in that short period. Think about it: social media as we know it today is only seven years old. Trends in web design are accelerating, too.

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  • Marketing Mass Tort Cases to Hispanics

    One of the reasons that it’s so hard to interest Hispanics in joining a class action lawsuit is their cultural sense of destiny — that suffering is a natural parts of life, and that if a person was harmed by a drug side effect or dangerous equipment, it was their fate. This point was one of many Hispanic marketing insights offered by Leslie Inzunza, a bilingual and bicultural ...

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  • Six Magic Words That Overcome a Competitor's Low Price

    Check out this forthright new blog post by Trey Ryder on Law Practice Advisor: You tell your prospect that you bill at $350 per hour. Your prospect responds by saying, "But another lawyer I interviewed charges only $175 per hour." Now, what should you say? One powerful way to respond to your prospect's comment is to get out a piece of paper and divide the sheet into two vertical columns.

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