- Posts from December 2017

  • Secret Recordings, Part 2: Still a Bad Idea

    By Fiona Anderson. Earlier this year, I blogged about whether it was legal to record conversations without letting the person being recorded know the recording was happening. Yes, it’s legal, since only one person in the conversation needs to consent, and that would be the person doing the recording. (If the person doing the recording is not in the room, then it would not be legal.

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  • Words from Simon: Year in Review 2017

    Can you believe it’s that time again? The past 12 months have flown by, and while we don’t want to interrupt that (positive) momentum, we do think it’s important to pause for a moment and reflect on the goodness that was 2017. Looking back, here are some of the themes from KEL’s past year that stand out: 1. Expansion. Since the start of the year, our team has grown almost exponentially.

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