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  • Criminal, Credit and Medical Background Checks: Are They Legal?

    Do employers have the right to perform background checks relating to a job applicant’s criminal record, credit rating and medical health? If so, are there any limits on these rights? David Brown answers these questions and others in this week’s post on his BC Employment Law Blog. He also explains why employers should consider their reasons for requesting this information and ...

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  • The Canada Labour Code vs. The Courts: The Devil is in the Details

    By Richard Johnson. In Canada, most non-unionized employees have one primary means of recourse (absent a human rights claim) for challenging a dismissal: litigation through our civil court system. For non-unionized employees working in a federally governed industry such as air transportation or banking or for a First Nation, however, there are two primary options: They can ...

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  • Why Cash Isn’t King: Lessons for Small Businesses

    By Samantha Stepney. It can be difficult for employers in certain industries to attract talent at a reasonable wage. Because of this, as an enticement, employers often agree to pay all, or part, of employee wages in cash “under the table” so that employees do not have to pay Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, Employment Insurance (EI) premiums, or income tax on those wages.

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 3): Special Rules for Special Industries

    By Geoff Mason. Last month, we continued my 5-part blog series on summer employment with a focus on things to consider when hiring young employees. In today’s post (Part 3), I highlight some of the special rules that apply to certain industries that are especially active during the summer. The summer brings a surge in work and a corresponding demand in labour for many industr ...

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  • Secret Recordings: Legal, but ill advised?

    By Fiona Anderson. “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” United States president Donald Trump famously tweeted on May 12, 2017, days after firing Comey from his job as Director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. If that was meant to silence Comey, it had the exact opposite effect with Comey ta ...

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  • Kelowna Employer Forum Recap: Recruitment and Hiring (June 2017)

    In 2016, Kent Employment Law introduced its Employer Forum series in Vancouver. An in-house resource for forward-thinking business owners and HR professionals, our Forums offer an opportunity to connect and learn from each other in a casual, relaxed setting. Earlier this month, we were delighted to introduce our Employer Forums to the Okanagan business community.

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  • Training Costs: Business Risks and Benefits

    By Samantha Stepney. Some jobs require specialized training. Where an employer requires this training as a condition of employment but offers to pay the associated costs (sometimes thousands of dollars), both parties benefit: the employer is assured of hiring a qualified candidate and the employee gains new employment as well as a free skills upgrade. It’s a win-win.

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  • Kelowna Team Retreat 2017: Recap

    We are pleased to say that we can personally attest to the truth of Mayor Basran’s recent YouTube message: Kelowna is still open for business and a great place to visit! Now that our Okanagan office is (already!) six months old, we thought it high time for the Vancouver gang to take a field trip to check out the new digs.

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  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 2): Young Employees

    By Geoff Mason. Last month, we launched my 5-part blog series on summer employment with a focus on the pros and cons of using fixed term contracts for seasonal workers. In today’s post (Part 2), I turn to the topic of young employees (defined as age 14 and under) and offer some employment law reminders to employers hiring from this demographic for the season.

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  • Employer Forum Recap: Dismissal Done Right (May 2017)

    Introduced in 2016, Kent Employment Law’s quarterly Employer Forums are an in-house resource for forward-thinking business owners and HR professionals. Our most recent Forum, hosted as always by lawyer Trevor Thomas, took place on May 30. The topic this time was a particularly challenging one: how to end the employment relationship.

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  • David Brown to Speak at CPA Okanagan (June 2017)

    Uncovering Hidden Risk in HR June 14th, 2017 at 8:00am For many small businesses, HR risk is like an iceberg – only 10% of it is visible to the untrained eye. Unfortunately, however, ignorance of the law is not a defence, which is why it is so important that small businesses and their advisors are trained to see the liabilities associated with employment law floating just under the surface.

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