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  • ABA TECHSHOW 2017 Review and Recap

    ABA just finished up with the TECHSHOW conference (legally, we are required to call it TECHSHOW in all-caps or we’ll get sued). If you’re thinking over what conferences you should attend in “the future” or at least next year, I’d put TECHSHOW on the list. “Why TECHSHOW? You don’t even know me.” A few reasons. And I bet you’ll find one of these reasons compelling.

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  • Why Firms Who Do Email Marketing Well Are Winning

    Email Marketing, long thought to be the ugly step-sister to more glamourous marketing solutions like social media and SEO, continues to prove its worth time and time again; check out these figures below. By: MailGen Today on the Weekly Edge we’re giving this under-appreciated discipline some deserved attention.

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  • Lost In Transition: How To Not Screw Up At Your New Law Firm

    It’s Monday, and you’re walking through the doors of a new law firm. After investing months into a job search, surviving a grueling interview process, and doing intense soul searching as you contemplate the best move for your career, you’re finally here. Welcome to the lateral transition, friend.

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  • What Makes One Website the Best Lawyer Website?

    Most every lawyer wants to have the best possible website for their firm. Having a truly great website for one’s law firm is a visible differentiator. If potential clients are evaluating multiple firms, the quality of a firm’s website leaves an impression and is especially important.

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  • Mastering the Client Intake Process

    The client intake process is often overlooked at law firms. A potential client calls. You speak with them. You return their call. You set up a consultation. They retain your firm and sign a retainer. Simple stuff, right? In practice, the intake process is fraught with pitfalls that plague many law firms from running law firms that are bringing in as many ne ...

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  • CosmoLex Gets An Interface Upgrade and Some New Features

    Today, CosmoLex announced a new update to their cloud-based practice management software platform. This update had a few big features in store, including: User Interface Redesign Adding Custom Fields Advanced Search Document Automation Here’s a bit more detail into the updates.

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  • Announcing Law Launcher 2017

    Last December, we created something magical. Thanks to modern technology and some incredible people we worked with, we were able to pull it off. We were able to get 20 speakers including Carolyn Elefant, Dan Lear, and John Skiba to share their insights in everything from the tools needed to start a law practice to building Google ad campaigns and more, with hund ...

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