• Appearance and Presentation for Lawyers – What Our Data Showed

    Here at Uptime JurisPage, we really like data. Given the right parameters, data from an experiment can either confirm or deny our hunches. And as you may know by this point, I really hate relying on hunches for making decisions. We recently ran an experiment recently related to appearance and perceived value to see what would perform better.

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  • Practicing Law in 2017

    Now with the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going next year. Last week, Uptime CEO Dennis Dimka did a pretty good writeup about the 2016 Legal Technology Year in Review. Solid stuff about where we’ve been this year. This past year, I’ve worked with a lot of law firms and heard about their goals and concerns.

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  • Email Marketing for Lawyers: A Legal Marketing Guide

    If your firm is starting to explore online marketing, you may be reading up on the different marketing channels available to you. You might read articles talking about the volume from SEO, the predictability of PPC, the ROI of email, and the cost-effectiveness of social media. But there’s a lot of fluff.

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  • JurisPage Gives Law Firms A Boost With New Legal Marketing Service

    Many solos and small firms are looking to get more business from the Internet. But often they just don’t have the budget to do it. Other firms may be able to spend $3,000-5,000 per month on SEO and advertising, but for a firm that’s just starting out or testing the waters, they need an extremely cost-effective way to drive traffic both short and long-term.

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  • How Well Do Lawyers Practice? Data from the Legal Trends Report

    At the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference, Clio unveiled their latest Legal Trends Report. The 2017 Legal Trends Report is a data masterpiece. It’s an aggregate of knowledge about the mechanics of practicing law from over 60,000 Clio-using law firms, 2,915 deeper law firm surveys, and 2,002 law firm customer surveys.

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  • It’s a Trap! Legal Marketing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Getting Trapped

    This post comes in honor of May the Fourth. In Return of the Jedi, the Rebels’ assault on the Second Death Star runs into a snag. After relying on bad intel to prepare the assault, the Rebels find the Empire’s fleet awaiting them for battle. Admiral Ackbar, in a famous moment for pop culture, famously exclaims, “It’s a Trap!” What does any of this have to do w ...

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  • 3 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs A Good Website

    An introductory paragraph in Heading 4 Text. You can change the type of text within the Text Sprout text editor by selecting the text that you’d like to change and using the text type dropdown in the toolbar. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer eu justo nec tortor bibendum adipiscing. Proin quis libero at lorem pharetra hendrerit.

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  • How to Win at Legal Marketing – The Stuff You Should Be Doing

    If your law firm has ever tinkered with online marketing, whether it’s search optimization or advertising or social media or email marketing, you may have decided “This can’t work for my practice.” Sometimes that’s the right call. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Other times, that conclusion is based on bad data.

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