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  • Effective Contact Forms and Contact pages

    Today’s Weekly Edge is inspired by incredibly long “Contact Us” forms on lawyer websites. Some law firms use their contact forms to conduct lengthy intake interviews with clients, when they really should just be a way for potential clients to get in touch with you. Once a client is signed, using a web form to answer intake questions can be very effective for your practice.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 16 readers -
  • 3 Reasons Other Than “Traffic” to Have a Great Law Firm Website

    On our blog we’ve covered a lot about lawyer internet marketing. Mostly, the focus has been on how to get more traffic and convert that traffic into hiring your law firm. But not every law firm with a website is looking to use that website to get new business. Most law firms with a website are not seeking to get web traffic.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 28 readers -
  • Lawyer Technology Competence

    Being a lawyer today requires a skillset beyond knowing the law, being able to negotiate, and write persuasively. Today’s lawyers need to have an understanding of the rapidly evolving technology around us, so they can better know and serve their clients, and run a more effective practice.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 19 readers -
  • How to Sell Your Law Firm

    If you are considering selling your law practice, there’s a lot that comes with it. Today we have a rundown of everything you should know before selling your firm, from how to get a higher valuation, to where you should retire. Let’s take a look. How Do You Figure Out How Much Your Law Practice is Worth? via Atticus The first step in looking to sell your law ...

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 16 readers -
  • Couple Sues Lawyer for Using AOL Email, Getting Hacked

    Lawyers getting hacked continue to make the news. Last week we had the Panama Papers and the hacking of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Now we have the hacking of a New York attorney with an AOL account. That second one should not have been so surprising… If anything, I am surprised that the New York Law Journal does not have a column each day devoted to h ...

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 24 readers -
  • Networking Ideas and Tips for Lawyers

    A big part of any law practice is networking and building relationships. There are few more cost-effective ways to bring in business for solos and small firms. But, while everyone knows that networking is a great way to market, most people have no idea where to begin. Forget the old, boring ideas you picked up at a career seminar in law school.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 29 readers -
  • Legal Conferences to Attend in 2016 and 2017

    Legal conferences offer a chance to get away from the office, catch up with old friends and learn new skills. Networking opportunities are almost unlimited, and seminars give attendees an enjoyable way to complete CLE credits. Here’s a rundown of some of the more interesting legal industry conferences for solos and small firms.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 83 readers -
  • Why I Am Not A “Recovering” Lawyer

    I have been to a lot of lawyer and legal tech networking events. Let’s just summarize this experience by saying, I have made a lot of small talk about the weather and what I do for a living. At every event I have been to, there are always vendors with a product or service to sell to law firms. Some vendors sell title-related products for real estate lawyers.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 56 readers -
  • Legal Research With Zero Budget

    A lot of solos and small firms looking to do legal research would like to forego the expensive subscriptions of Westlaw or LexisNexis. Today, there are a number of online resources that let you perform legal research even with a zero-dollar budget. Let’s take a look at the options, and whether they are worth your time.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 17 readers -
  • Wearable Technology and the Practice of Law

    Technology wearables, including the Fitbit, Pebble Watch, Apple Watch, and Google Glass can help you find free time and keep your practice running well. Whether you practice criminal or civil law, wearables will impact your practice in some form over the coming years. You may find the data recorded by the gadgets becomes a component of your next discovery.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 27 readers -
  • JurisPage Announces Launch of

    April 1, 2016 (New York) – Today, JurisPage announces the launch of its newest service, For lawyers looking to have the worst website possible, JurisPage has the perfect custom template solution! Designed in partnership with the people behind, Bad Lawyer Websites is designed for lawyers seeking to outdo their competitors.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 37 readers -
  • Does Your Website Strike Fear in Opposing Counsel?

    Say you have a conference with opposing counsel in a divorce case. As a matter of course, you look them up online to get their contact information and see who you are dealing with. And they do the same for you. What will they find out when they look you up online? Maybe they will see your Avvo profile and that you are in fact a lawyer.

    Andrew Cabasso/ Jurispage- 21 readers -
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