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  • “I Can Get You to Page 1 of Google” is a Lie

    It really grinds my gears when I see other marketers, especially the ones spamming your inbox, promising they can get you to the first page of Google. The message “I can get you to Page 1” is alluring on its face. Page 1 equals more website traffic and more clients. If some SEO company can guarantee that they can get me more clients, it’s a no-brainer, right? U ...

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  • Lost In Transition: How To Not Screw Up At Your New Law Firm

    It’s Monday, and you’re walking through the doors of a new law firm. After investing months into a job search, surviving a grueling interview process, and doing intense soul searching as you contemplate the best move for your career, you’re finally here. Welcome to the lateral transition, friend.

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  • New Changes in Google Ads May Affect Your Clicks and Spend

    If you have taken a look at a Google search result this morning, you may have noticed a new green box next to the paid ads. Didn’t that box used to be yellow? Google just changed up the “ad” box that distinguished paid ads from the organic results. Google has recently begun rolling out its new green ad box globally, after testing it out since April.

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  • Why Firms Who Do Email Marketing Well Are Winning

    Email Marketing, long thought to be the ugly step-sister to more glamourous marketing solutions like social media and SEO, continues to prove its worth time and time again; check out these figures below. By: MailGen Today on the Weekly Edge we’re giving this under-appreciated discipline some deserved attention.

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  • 4 Reasons Your Mid-Sized Law Firm Needs A Better Web Presence

    For many medium-sized firms with a variety of practice areas and serving consumer and commercial clients, SEO is not the primary goal of a website. Smoothly-running mid-to-large-sized firms know where their clients are coming from, and for them the best clients are mostly coming in from referrals. So, getting potential clients from search traffic is not a high priority.

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  • Android for Lawyers

    The most widely-used mobile phone operating system gets its own dedicated Weekly Edge this week. Though Android has more market share than the iPhone’s iOS operating system, only 22% (and counting) of you lawyers have an Android device. Today we take a dive into Android and see what all the fuss is about.

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  • How To Make Your Law Firm Website Productive

    Law firm websites generally do one of two things – they 1) serve as your online business card for people referred to your firm who end up looking you up online; and 2) they generate new business with the aid of search engine marketing. Both of these categories are marketing-related, because most lawyers think of a website as merely a marketing tool.

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  • Effective Contact Forms and Contact pages

    Today’s Weekly Edge is inspired by incredibly long “Contact Us” forms on lawyer websites. Some law firms use their contact forms to conduct lengthy intake interviews with clients, when they really should just be a way for potential clients to get in touch with you. Once a client is signed, using a web form to answer intake questions can be very effective for your practice.

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  • Using Data to Drive Decision-Making in Your Law Firm

    I love data. It’s raw, and when collected in the right environment, it gives you a real answer to a question. Often, in running our firms and businesses day-to-day we make tons assumptions, guesses, and hunches based on what we perceive around us in informing our decisions. Sometimes we get lucky or close enough. Other times, we’re way off.

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  • 3 Reasons Other Than “Traffic” to Have a Great Law Firm Website

    On our blog we’ve covered a lot about lawyer internet marketing. Mostly, the focus has been on how to get more traffic and convert that traffic into hiring your law firm. But not every law firm with a website is looking to use that website to get new business. Most law firms with a website are not seeking to get web traffic.

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  • Lawyer Technology Competence

    Being a lawyer today requires a skillset beyond knowing the law, being able to negotiate, and write persuasively. Today’s lawyers need to have an understanding of the rapidly evolving technology around us, so they can better know and serve their clients, and run a more effective practice.

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  • How to Sell Your Law Firm

    If you are considering selling your law practice, there’s a lot that comes with it. Today we have a rundown of everything you should know before selling your firm, from how to get a higher valuation, to where you should retire. Let’s take a look. How Do You Figure Out How Much Your Law Practice is Worth? via Atticus The first step in looking to sell your law ...

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  • 5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Ransomware

    Of all the cyber threats facing businesses this year, ransomware has become the most prevalent. The FBI estimates that the spread of ransomware has reached an all-time high in 2016, costing businesses over $209 million in the first three months alone. No industry is immune to the threat of ransomware, including the legal industry.

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  • Couple Sues Lawyer for Using AOL Email, Getting Hacked

    Lawyers getting hacked continue to make the news. Last week we had the Panama Papers and the hacking of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Now we have the hacking of a New York attorney with an AOL account. That second one should not have been so surprising… If anything, I am surprised that the New York Law Journal does not have a column each day devoted to h ...

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