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  • How I Write and Publish a Blog Post Each Week

    How can you too crank out law blog posts every week on topics related to your area of expertise? Easy! I’m happy to share my law blog writing secrets and writing rituals to give you some inspiration. Let me start off by saying that not every productive writer has the same schedule and rituals.

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  • Blogging and SEO for Lawyers (Video)

    Today, we’re diving into blogging and law firm SEO from the perspective of “I want to get more clients for my law practice via the Internet.” When it comes to building traffic and getting clients via search engines, blogging is a sustainable way to get you there. When I say “sustainable” I mean, it’s not a cheap, “black-hat” SEO trick that gets you traffic one mo ...

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  • Automated Law Firm Email Marketing Campaigns You Should Send (Video)

    Email marketing is awesome. It has the highest return on investment of any marketing channel. Better than social media. Better than PPC. So what would an email marketing campaign look like for your law firm? Earlier this week, I wrote a post over at Lawyerist on automated email campaigns to send, and today I wanted to explore that topic a bit further.

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  • 3 Critical Elements to Save Your Lawyer PPC Campaign

    Last Friday I posted a video that, among other things, bragged about our attorney PPC conversion rate and highlighted some of the ways that we were able to help our clients get more new business. The three things I highlighted were: Adwords account setup Landing pages Tracking Today, we dive into each of these elements to help you get the most out o ...

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  • Building a Lawyer PPC Campaign that Gets You Clients (Video)

    Today’s Friday, and in honor of Friday, and “Aloha Fridays” here at Uptime Legal, we were feeling the aloha spirit. So, what does that have to do with pay-per-click for lawyers? Fair question. Today we’re trying something new. Hopefully you like it. I’ve filmed a short video breaking down how your law firm can build a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign.

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  • A Partner By Any Other Name Is… Confusing

    When someone says he or she is a partner in a law firm, it is more than simply a title. It communicates experience, knowledge, prestige, status among colleagues, and accomplishment. Most non-lawyers understand this. Watch your favorite legal drama on TV, and in a law firm there are high-level attorneys called partners.

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  • Is PPC the Most Predictable Medium for Lawyer Marketing?

    Every type of marketing for lawyers has its pros and cons. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can long-term get you consistent traffic and new business. Networking and generating referrals are a low-cost investment that most every lawyer engages. Social media marketing can help you stay top-of-mind with your potential referrals. Email marketing has high ROI.

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  • How Much Does it Cost to Design a Lawyer Website?

    I hate when I expect that something costs very little only to find out it ends up much more expensive than I had anticipated. When reality and my expectations are misaligned, my satisfaction plummets, even if I might have been unreasonable in my expectations to begin with. For example, a week ago I was stuck in an airport due to bad weather and had to stay over ...

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  • ILTACON 2016 Reflections – Legal Conference Meets Truman Show

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk around the town from The Truman Show? No? That’s fair. Well, I got a first-hand experience this week. This week Uptime Legal exhibited at ILTACON 2016 – a legal technology conference catering to mid-size to large law firms. The ILTACON conference this year was in National Harbor, Maryland, just outside DC.

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  • JurisPage Publishes New Video

    Today we are excited to announce that we have published a new video about JurisPage and what it’s like working with us. The video shows the journey of a new JurisPage client. It goes through the website design process from start to going live, touches on ongoing support and assistance, as well as getting better search visibility with marke ...

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  • The Law Firm SEO Stuff Your Competitors Aren’t Doing

    If you are reading this article, I imagine that you’ve done some basic SEO research. If we were to have a conversation and you were asked, “What do you know about SEO?” you would respond, “I know enough to be dangerous.” Coming into this article, you should have some knowledge of the SEO fundamentals, e.g.

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  • 5 Tips to Ace Local Lawyer Marketing

    In a day where everyone is tight on time, quality is sometimes sacrificed for convenience. For example, about how far would you drive to a dentist? You likely wouldn’t want to go too far beyond your neighborhood, right? You’d be looking for : The one that’s closest to your house or on the way home from work The one that provides the highest quality of serv ...

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  • Should I Trust a Lawyer That Does Not Have a Website?

    I came across a forum recently where a potential client expressed uncertainty about hiring a particular lawyer: A lawyer was recommended to me by another firm . . . He does not have a website, no LinkedIn or Facebook profile, uses a Yahoo email address, only 2 reviews on Avvo.

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