• On the virtues of Turbo Taxi, versus the cost of a DWI.

    Turbo Taxi is, as you might imagine, a taxi service that operates in Livingston County. In my experience, for $20.00, they will come pick you up just about anywhere in the county, and then bring you just about anywhere else in the county. I don’t work for them, I don’t know their exact pricing structure, but they have never charged me more than $15.00.

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  • Losing Your Drivers License for Non-Payment of Support

    Child Support defense in New York State is, in my view, a lot like criminal defense. Our clients can go to jail over this. Child Support matters are extremely serious, and for a percentage of people ordered to pay child support, there are real injustices that they face. The most common example is of the person who legitimately loses their job, can no longer pay support at the ...

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  • Who is eligible for a hardship license?

    From the Rochester, NY DWI Attorney P. Adam Militello, Esq.: Call us at (585) 485-0025. A hardship privilege to drive a motor vehicle is available to a DWI defendant who has had their New York driving privileges suspended because they gave a chemical test with a result of .08% BAC or higher, and who can demonstrate an extreme hardship as a result of the suspension.

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  • Stalking. It isn’t ok.

    I came across this relatively mindless article today… ‘I Was Tailed by a Private Investigator’ And although the writing was bad, and the investigative journalism worse, it raised an interesting issue that comes up from time to time in our law practice. Clients often ask, “Can some person in a car just follow me around and sit outside my house? Is that legal?” If you have been ...

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  • Do what your lawyer says. It’s probably a good idea.

    Almost all of our clients do an excellent job at following up on issues that need to be addressed. For example, if they need a drug and alcohol assessment, they almost always get it done. If they need to do some community service, they almost always get it done. I have noticed that when we are doing some of our best work, and when we are getting our clients out of some reall ...

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  • The Better Business Bureau’s ‘Stop Shoplifting Program’

    For a long time, people accused of shoplifting in Rochester, NY were given the option of performing community service in exchange for some sort of plea deal. Now, the Better Business Bureau offers the ‘Stop Shoplifting Program,’ a three-hour course designed to reduce the likelihood that a person will re-offend. It’s a pilot program offered in six counties across Upstate NY.

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  • What is a conditional discharge (CD)?

    Very often, a person being sentenced will be given a “conditional discharge.” That means that the person needs to fulfill certain obligations, or the sentence will be revoked, leaving the person open to re-sentencing. Misdemeanors often come with a one year conditional discharge (CD), and felonies come with a three-year CD.

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  • What is an ACD (Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal)?

    An Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal is a way for prosecutors and courts to dispose of a case without convicting somebody. Let’s say you are charged with Petit Larceny (shoplifting), and it is your first offense. Neither the prosecutor or judge are looking for ways to convict you and give you a criminal record for the rest of your life, especially if you are doing some ...

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  • DWI Law Update – VTL 1193(c)(ii-a)

    If Governor Cuomo signs “Vince’s Law” A8021A-2013 / S7108-2013 into law, it will classify a third DWI conviction within 15 years as a D Felony. What does that mean? Well, the Vehicle and Traffic Law currently states that a third DWI conviction within 10 years is a D Felony, punishable by up to 7 years in state prison and a $10,000 fine. All this new law does is ...

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  • Ring of Fire DWI

    Every year on July 3rd, there is a “Ring of Fire” held at Conesus Lake. People at cottages all around the lake light flares, and it’s a great way to kick off the Fourth of July weekend. The unfortunate reality is that the Ring of Fire draws thousands of spectators, many of whom may not realize how much they had been drinking over the course of the day.

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