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  • Stockbroker Fraud: Financial Adviser Faces “ Selling Away ” Claims

    Selling away is one of the oldest tricks used by dirty stockbrokers and financial advisers. In the typical selling away scenario, the broker solicits a customer to purchase securities not held or offered by his or her employer. These activities almost always violate securities regulations and FINRA exchange rules.

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  • Killer Hospitals in the Lone Star State (Texas Whistleblower Post)

    Leapfrog just published their Fall 2017 Hospital Safety Grades Report. The nonprofit group is committed to improving quality, safety, and transparency in the U.S. health system. Their grades are often cited in major media outlets including the New York Times. Of 2,632 hospitals rated, just 174 received failing or near filing grades. We call these the “killer hospitals.

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  • Bitcoin Mania – “You Are Better Off Gambling in Vegas”

    [Ed. Note: This piece on Bitcoin Mania is a follow up piece to our cornerstone content on cryptocurrency fraud. If you lost money in a Bitcoin scam or ICO, visit that page for complete information on how to recovery your investment.] If you go to a casino and lose your money, chances are good that you can’t sue the casino.

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  • Subprime Auto Loans and Bank Whistleblowers

    [Ed. Note: This post on subprime auto lending was updated and refreshed on December 2nd and now includes new information on whistleblower award opportunites.] Hasty loan approvals, shaky underwriting, fraud and rising defaults? Are we talking about the mortgage industry in 2008? No! We are talking about the auto industry in 2017. And that means many opportunities for bank whistleblowers.

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  • Trading Halted on “The Crypto Company ” (Crypto Mania Post)

    The Securities Exchange Commission continues its aggressive push against deceptive initial coin offerings (ICOs). The Commission issued a short statement on Monday afternoon about its actions against The Crypto Company. The statement said, “The Commission temporarily suspended trading in the securities of The Crypto Company because of concerns regarding the accuracy and adequa ...

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  • Corizon Health – A Death Sentence for Prisoners? (Whistleblower Post)

    This post examines Corizon Health and how they are endangering the health and well-being of the patients they were hired to heal. By writing this post, we are hoping to inspire insiders to come forward and report any wrongdoing. Whistleblowers can end suffering, earn large cash awards and sometimes, save lives.

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