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  • Compliance Officers, Lawyers and Accountants as Whistleblowers

    Fraud is everywhere. It’s in every industry, every state, and in every city. In some countries (and U.S. cities), fraud is simply a cost of doing business. The FBI says that up to ten cents of every U.S. healthcare dollar is lost to fraud. In some cities such as Miami or Detroit, that number may be twenty cents on the dollar.

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  • Visiting Nurse Service of New York Accused of Poor Patient Care, Fraud

    A federal judge in New York refused to toss a whistleblower lawsuit accusing the Visiting Nurse Service of New York of defrauding Medicare and Medicaid by providing substandard service. The company reports that it provides home healthcare to over 140,000 New Yorkers each year. If the allegations of the complaint are true, the company could be forced to pay hundreds of millions ...

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  • EMS – Medicare Fraud and Medicaid Fraud

    We are presently involved in several Medicare and Medicaid fraud claims involving the EMS providers. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) believes that the EMS industry has one of the highest rates of fraud within the healthcare industry. The situation has become so dire that in many metropolitan areas, CMS has taken the unprecedented step of freezing new ap ...

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  • Whistleblower Retaliation in Numbers

    In 2009, the National Business Ethics Survey found that 15% of whistleblowers had experienced some form of retaliation, and 38% of them had either been demoted (18%) or experienced other forms of severe retaliation (20%), including termination. 4% of whistleblowers reported experiencing physical harm to their person or property.

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  • They Did WHAT? States Cave to Ocwen!

    In May, we were happy to write that 21 states took action against Ocwen. We hoped that action was the beginning of the end but we also warned that Ocwen seems to have more lives than a cat. Now it seems that Ocwen is back and at least 12 states haven’t even levied a fine. The states may have fallen for Ocwen’s nonsense but homeowners haven’t. Thankfully it will be a jury that has the final say.

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  • Two Bros in Jail over Buy America / Defense Contractor Fraud Scheme

    Two Pennsylvania men are headed to prison after pleading guilty to federal fraud charges. Prosecutors say that brothers Thomas and John Buckner defrauded the military. The men own a company called Ibis Tek LLC, a maker of armor for combat vehicles. Prosecutors say that the brothers were behind a scheme to install cheap Chinese made windows frames in Humvees and pocket the profits.

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  • Whistleblower News Review

    Final: Judge Triples Damages against Allied Home Mortgage to $268M by ML McLaren, | Link to original source (148K) Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation has lost a decade-long battle in a verdict that tripled damages from $93 million to $268 million on September 14. United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Joon H.

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  • Looking for CENLAR Insider (Mortgage Servicer Whistleblower Post)

    [Post updated October 2017] Cenlar FSB bills itself as the “nation’s leading loan serving provider.” Their website claims the company “earned a reputation for excellence and dedication to client service.” Unfortunately, their clients are big banks and mortgage trusts, not the tens of thousands of homeowners who rely on them for loan serving.

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  • Corrupt Court Officials in New Orleans?

    We have posted many fraud stories about New Orleans. The “city that care forgot” might be better labeled the “city that forgot to care.” Corruption is rampant in the city. New Orleans Medicare fraud rates are some of the highest in the nation. Now it appears that even city officials are involved. Make that court officials.

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  • Armet Armored Defrauded Army, Delivered Unsafe Armored Vehicles

    Defense Contractor Fraud and Armet Armored As I write this post, 450,000 American men and women are deployed around the world. 850,000 warriors are here at home ready to serve. And these figures don’t include the many guardsmen and reservists also ready to serve on a moment’s notice. We owe our freedom to these folks.

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  • In the News – NY Home Healthcare Fraud, Louisiana Medicaid Fraud

    Heart to Heart Home Care (Home Healthcare Fraud) The whistleblower lawyers at MahanyLaw are presently investigating a home healthcare business called Heart to Heart Home Care. Located in New York City, the company claims to offer in home care to patients in the New York City and northern New Jersey area.

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  • Ambulance Fraud Whistleblower Cases – New Legal Updates

    Lots of news on the EMS Medicare fraud front. Two major cases to report. One appeals court decision makes it easier for ambulance whistleblowers to report fraud and collect awards. The other is a major ambulance fraud prosecution in Houston involving HCA and many Houston area ambulance companies. As detailed below, we are actively seeking whistleblowers with information about ...

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  • Looking for PG&E Whistleblowers – Napa Wildfires

    The Story Behind the 2017 Napa Wildfires – PG&E Whistleblowers Post I spent last weekend in Napa Valley. From Santa Rosa to Calistoga, the only talk is of the fires. Tourism will return, the wine still flows but for thousands of Californians, their lives were permanently altered by the fires. What can we learn from these deadly fires? How do we prevent them from happening ag ...

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