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  • Prescription Drugs – Everyday Routine or Russian Roulette?

    Tens of millions of Americans take prescription drugs everyday. Whether taking a blood pressure pill or getting an insulin injection, its just an everyday routine. But what if the pills or injectables are contaminated? Last December, federal agents arrested 14 executives and workers in a tainted drug case blamed for as many as 64 patient deaths.

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  • Belvedere Management Ponzi Scheme? The Plot Thickens

    London cops raiding a Belvedere Management related entity last month and arresting 13 employees… The government of Mauritius freezing two other Belvedere funds, Four Elements PCC and Lancelot Global… Brighton SPC fund reportedly suspending operations… A prominent industry publication labeling flagship fund, Kijani Commodity, a Ponzi scheme.

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  • The Rise of “Nonbanks” – Whistleblower Post

    We have not been kind to the “too big to fail” banks and large mortgage companies in this blog. Companies like Allied Home Mortgage, HSBC and Bank of America are frequent targets of our anger and frustration. Yet when one of our whistleblower clients helped tag Bank of America for $16.65 billion last year, the bank was able to write the check and repay taxpayers.

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  • More Storm Clouds in the Banking World

    Depending on which agency does the talking, banks are either in great shape or quite vulnerable. The financial services industry likes to parade the results of the Federal Reserve’s on-going stress tests. By that measure, America’s eight largest banks are truly “too big to fail.” Citigroup, for example, clocked in with an impressive 8.2% ratio.

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  • Pols Loot Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac – New Crash Looms

    The news from Wall Street has been positive for years… the stock market is at record highs, lower oil prices mean Americans have more spending money, the job market has slowly expanded (at least the politicians say so) and housing prices are up. With respect to the housing market, one would think America learned a lesson in recent years. We haven’t.

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  • LPL Financial Settles TIC Fraud Case

    To date we have represented over 100 TIC investors. All of them lost significant amounts of their savings in fraudulent TIC schemes. Stockbrokers sold most of these investments. Many of those bad brokers folded up their tents and simply closed their doors leaving investors with nothing. Thankfully, some investors do get lucky and get back some of their money.

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  • NJ Doc Pleads Guilty to Phantom Surgeries

    “A stitch in time may save nine” but a New Jersey pediatrician is facing a lengthy prison sentence after billing Medicare for thousands of stitches and other wound repairs never performed. While pediatricians often stitch up kids who get cut up and suffer minor scrapes, the feds say Dr. Badawy M. Badawy didn’t actually perform any of the surgeries or procedures.

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  • Filthy Pharma – Pyramid Laboratories

    Much of the FDA’s energies are currently focused on pharmaceutical manufacturing in China and India but that doesn’t mean that everything in the United States smells like roses. Earlier this year FDA inspectors cited Pyramid Laboratories with numerous cGMP violations. Short for “current Good Manufacturing Practices,” cGMP regulations are designed to insure that the drugs we p ...

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  • Stockbrokers’ Dirty Secret (Investment Fraud)

    Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, UBS and Others Guilty of Investment Fraud for Misrepresenting How They Treat Clients? The Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association – PIABA for short – claims that nine brokerage firms mislead investors by claiming or suggesting they have a fiduciary duty to their investors. They don’t.

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  • Missing Defense Supplies and Whistleblowers

    Whistleblowers Are The Front Lines Against Military Contract Fraud The United States spends about $650 billion on defense spending. That is almost a trillion dollars – $1,000,000,000,000.00! With a budget that size and much of the money being spent in war ravaged countries, our armed services are bound to lose things. A recent report from watchdog.

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  • Ellwood Jones Revisited

    We first wrote about stockbroker Ellwood Jones in March of 2013. Back then we were investigating Jones for selling a Ponzi scheme to customers. At the time, Jones already had two major blemishes on his record. Since that post things have gotten worse. Today he is out of the securities industry and his former employer is out almost $4 million.

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  • Call to Whistleblowers – Hep C Drugs Cost Taxpayers $4.7 Billion!

    New Hep C Treatments Threaten the Financial Stability of Medicare Hepatitis C drugs are threatening to bankrupt the federal Medicare program. Spending on these new drugs has increased more than 15 fold in just one year. Some prescriptions cost taxpayers $1000 per day! Drug companies are having a field day feeding at the pubic trough but taxpayers are paying the bill.

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  • Investigating Paul Jablon and Mark Sindrich -PIWM Fraud

    We are currently investigating whether two stockbrokers sold investments in a Ponzi scheme. Paul Jablon and Mark Sindrich both worked for NFP Financial at the time the investments were sold. (Sindrich is still employed by NFP.) The investments were in a product called PIWM or “Private International Wealth Management.

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  • Swiss Bank BSI Cooperates with IRS

    Banca della Svizzera Italiana – BSI for short – is one of the oldest banks in Switzerland. Founded in 1873, the bank has approximately $25.7 billion (USD) in assets and 2000 employees. Today, however, the bank’s balance sheet is a little short… about $211 million less. That’s because yesterday, BSI agreed to an amnesty deal with the U.S. Department of Justice.

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