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    Los Angeles Doctor Sues Molina Healthcare Over Medi-Cal Reimbursements by Ana B. Ibarra | Link to original source (114K) Los Angeles-area doctor is seeking class-action status for a lawsuit against Molina Healthcare, saying the insurer owes him thousands of dollars for caring for Medi-Cal patients under the Affordable Care Act. The lawsuit was filed on Dec.

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  • FCPA Foreign Bribery Active Investigations – Last Call for Whistleblowers

    2016 was a banner year for the SEC and Department of Justice. The SEC paid out record whistleblower awards. The Department of Justice had its third best year under the False Claims Act. It paid over $500 million in whistleblower awards. Perhaps the biggest whistleblower news, however, was the record number of awards for information about bribery of foreign officials and accounting irregularities.

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  • First Loan Officers, Now PNC Asst. Managers Win FLSA Suit

    First Loan Officers, Now PNC Asst. Managers Win FLSA Suit January 12, 2017 by Brian Mahany Last week we wrote about a successful lawsuit brought by PNC Bank mortgage loan officers. This week it is the banks assistant managers who are cashing in. Both lawsuits were brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and involved unpaid overtime claims.

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  • When Whistleblowers Do Things “Their Way”

    Here is a case that would scare any would-be whistleblowers. A federal appeals court in Denver ordered a whistleblower to pay $15 million to the alleged wrongdoers. Previously the trial court had sanctioned the whistleblower $16,838,279.77. This isn’t money the whistleblower gets. Instead, the courts ordered the whistleblower to pay! Jack Grynberg is a serial whistleblower.

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  • Freedom Mortgage Found Guilty of Defrauding Homeowner

    It is no secret that our firm is investigating a claim that Freedom Mortgage defrauded military families and veterans. Although the Better Business Bureau gives the company an A- rating, the BBB stats tell a different story. Just 12% of the reviews are positive. 86% are negative. Go to or the CFPB website and the negative reviews will shock you.

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  • Jail for Fla. Lighting Contractor in Kickback Scheme

    There is something magical about southern Florida. Warm winters, lush vegetation, fancy cars, great fishing… and fraud. Lot’s of fraud. We took special interest in the news that a contractor doing work at the Miami International Airport wants to go to jail for a year. Who wants to spend a year in prison? Someone facing a decade in prison! What really interests us about this c ...

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  • PNC Pays Mortgage Loan Officers $16M – Overtime Lawsuit

    PNC Bank will pay its some of its mortgage loan officers $16 million to settle a lawsuit brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The mortgage brokers claimed they were denied overtime and proper commissions. The case was originally filed by 4 loan officers in August, 2015. PNC employs loan officers throughout the United States.

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  • Oil Royalty Payments Scam? – Could Be a Great Whistleblower Claim!

    Almost one decade ago, two auditors with the U.S. Mineral Management Service filed a qui tam complaint in Texas. The two federal workers claimed Shell was defrauding the government on oil royalty payments. Since the government is the country’s biggest landowner, oil and gas royalties are a big revenue source. For those trivia buffs, the government owns about 2.27 billion acres.

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  • Mortgage Underwriting Fraud in 2016 – Whistleblower Post

    The days of the billion dollar mortgage underwriting fraud may be over. That hasn’t stopped lenders from running afoul of the False Claims Act, however. 2016 was the third best year ever for the Justice Department in terms of whistleblower lawsuit recoveries. Much of that success comes from the mortgage industry. By the numbers, the government collected $4.7 billion in 2016.

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  • MahanyLaw Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Molina Healthcare

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hispanic Doctors, Law Firm Accuse Molina Healthcare Company of Stealing Pay from Physicians (Milwaukee) The fraud recovery lawyers at MahanyLaw filed a class action lawsuit on December 30th against Molina Healthcare of California. This is the second major class action case filed in 2016 by the firm.

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  • Disabled Man’s Mother, Sister Indicted for Medicaid Fraud

    Kimillia Carter, Sister of Local Celebrity Deonn Carter, Indicted for Medicaid Fraud (photo from Muscogee County Sheriff) Georgia has a very generous Medicaid program that allows eligible people with developmental disabilities to receive home care. Called the Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP), folks who are too ill to fully care for themselves can have a family m ...

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  • Reverse Mortgages – New Class Action Opportunity

    In December, 2016, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took direct aim at the issuers of reverse mortgages. The agency inked consent orders with three of the largest issuers of reverse mortgage products. All three were accused of deceptive advertising practices. The charges are important since many borrowers who sign up for these products are elderly homeowners.

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