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  • Corrupt Court Officials in New Orleans?

    We have posted many fraud stories about New Orleans. The “city that care forgot” might be better labeled the “city that forgot to care.” Corruption is rampant in the city. New Orleans Medicare fraud rates are some of the highest in the nation. Now it appears that even city officials are involved. Make that court officials.

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  • Whistleblower News Review

    Final: Judge Triples Damages against Allied Home Mortgage to $268M by ML McLaren, | Link to original source (148K) Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation has lost a decade-long battle in a verdict that tripled damages from $93 million to $268 million on September 14. United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Joon H.

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  • Whistleblower Retaliation in Numbers

    In 2009, the National Business Ethics Survey found that 15% of whistleblowers had experienced some form of retaliation, and 38% of them had either been demoted (18%) or experienced other forms of severe retaliation (20%), including termination. 4% of whistleblowers reported experiencing physical harm to their person or property.

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  • They Did WHAT? States Cave to Ocwen!

    In May, we were happy to write that 21 states took action against Ocwen. We hoped that action was the beginning of the end but we also warned that Ocwen seems to have more lives than a cat. Now it seems that Ocwen is back and at least 12 states haven’t even levied a fine. The states may have fallen for Ocwen’s nonsense but homeowners haven’t. Thankfully it will be a jury that has the final say.

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  • Compliance Officers, Lawyers and Accountants as Whistleblowers

    Fraud is everywhere. It’s in every industry, every state, and in every city. In some countries (and U.S. cities), fraud is simply a cost of doing business. The FBI says that up to ten cents of every U.S. healthcare dollar is lost to fraud. In some cities such as Miami or Detroit, that number may be twenty cents on the dollar.

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  • Is Your Louisiana Employer or Other Louisiana Company Defrauding the Government?

    Our Louisiana Whistleblower Lawyers Help You Report False Claims Act Violations and Securities Fraud and Maximize Your Cash Award Our leading Louisiana whistleblower attorneys with MahanyLaw help individuals earn cash whistleblower awards for reporting the fraud, waste or abuse of government funds. Prominent national whistleblower lawyer Brian Mahany has hundred million and eve ...

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  • ICBC Prosecution: Intersection of Customs Duty Evasion and Money Laundering

    Last year, Spanish authorities raided the Madrid offices of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Police say the bank was at the center of a European money laundering operation. ICBC is billed as the world’s largest bank with approximately $3.5 trillion in assets. That story is back in the news as new details are emerging that suggest that senior bank officials had knowl ...

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  • Sinovac Biotech Discloses Possible FCPA Violations

    Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech disclosed that it is investigating possible violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The disclosure is noteworthy because none of the possible violations are believed to have occurred in the United States nor is the company based here.

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  • Haitian Bribery Schemes & Whistleblower Awards

    Not too many years ago, Joseph Baptiste was a colonel in the United States Army. Today, he is facing years in prison after being charged with conspiracy to money launder and conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Prosecutors say he pilfered money from a charity designed to help impoverished Haitians. They say he tried to use the money to bribe a high level Haitian official.

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  • Law360

    4 Takeaways From Hunton & Williams’ $34M Stanford Deal by Andrew Strickler | Link to original source (107K) Hunton & Williams LLP has become the latest law firm to settle allegations that it aided Robert Allen Stanford’s $7 billion Ponzi scheme, inking a $34 million deal that would benefit some of Stanford’s thousands of victims.

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  • Uber, Public Corruption, Bribery… What Next? (Whistleblower Post)

    We are not big fans of Uber. We love the drivers, just not the leadership of the company. Even though Travis Kalanick recently resigned, problems at the ride share giant continue. The latest is a Justice Department investigation involving bribery of public officials! Last year we proudly filed several lawsuits on behalf of Uber drivers.

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  • Celebrity Fraud Schemes – Athletes and Celebrity Victims

    Celebrity Fraud Schemes – When Lawyers, Agents and Accountants Steal from Clients Today’s headline reads “Attorney Gets 18 Months for Defrauding NFL Players.” Previously, we have posted stories about Mike Tyson suing his investment adviser, Basketball great Tim Duncan losing $20 million to a different money adviser and a lawyer at a big named law firm assisting in a multimillion ...

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