• UCLA Law Review Vol. 61 Symposium: Vol. 61, Issue 6

    Volume 61, Issue 6 (July 2014) Articles Public Utility and the Low-Carbon Future William Boyd 1614 An Open Access Distribution Tariff: Removing Barriers to Innovation on the Smart Grid Joel B. Eisen 1712 Valuing National Security: Climate Change, the Military, and...

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  • Recent Articles of Note

    Now that I’ve finished drafting my latest paper, I’m going through the stack of articles that I’ve wanted to read for some time.  I want to make two summer reading suggestions. The first is Justin Driver’s article on “Supremacies and the Southern Manifesto.”  This is is the...

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  • Wooden Statutory Interpretation

    Critics of the D.C. Circuit’s panel decision in Halbig v. Burwell are condemning the decision for its wooden interpretation of the Affordable Care Act.  This got me to wondering how and when that phrase entered the lexicon. The first reference I can find in the United State...

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  • Ending Supreme Court Life Tenure

    There are many critics of the Constitution’s guarantee of life tenure for federal judges and especially for the Justices.  They point out that most nations with an independent judiciary give their judges long but defined terms.  So do most of our states.  The current system, ...

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  • Evolving Contract Schemas

    A Meeting of the Minds? With co-authors, I’ve been working on a series of experimental papers about contract law that appear to be converging on a theme: what individuals think “contract” means has purchase in the real-world, and that contractual schema is evolving. A s...

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  • FAN 24 (First Amendment News) — Stephen Barnett: The Little-Known Man Behind the Well-Known Words

    We live by falsehoods. They feed the myths of the great figures whose words are etched in our collective memory as if they were tablets from on High. We know those words; we are moved by those words; and those words define who we are or yearn to be. Words fitly selected and...

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  • The World Dan Markel Created

    There have been such moving tributes to Dan Markel posted online that I wondered what I could add that hasn’t already been said about him. I didn’t know Dan as closely as many others, but I was fortunate to get to know him back in 2005. He was, as so many have said, one with ...

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  • Absurd Statutes

    I have a question for folks who focus on statutory interpretation.  One of the canons for a court is that unambiguous text will not be applied if it would lead to an absurd result.  Are there any cases ...

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  • Dan Markel, My Friend

    Dan Markel had many friends.  You, the reader, know that if you have been surfing any of the law professor blogosphere, which is full of tributes, notes of gratitude and sadness, and a residue of shock and disbelief.  Indeed, Dan Markel knew more legal academics - by which I ...

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