• Let the Games Begin! Lightsabers, 3D Printing, and Jedi Skills

    Toys are a big area for 3D printing, and now someone is printing prototype lightsabers from a fleeting image in a trailer for the new Star Wars movie. As Gerard and I argue in Patents, Meet Napster: 3D Printing and the Digitization of Things, “Advances in 3D printing technology are launching an Industrial Counter-Revolution, and the laws governing the way things are made will n ...

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  • UC Davis Law Review, Issue 48:1 (November 2014)

    Articles Rights Speech Timothy Zick Vertical Power Michael S. Green Immigration Law and the Myth of Comprehensive Registration Nancy Morawetz & Natasha Fernández-Silber Toward a New Equilibrium in Personal Jurisdiction Charles W. “Rocky” Rhodes & Cassandra Burke Robertson The (Un)Enf ...

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  • “We Hold These Truths”

    For those of you who love constitutional law like I do, here is a Christmas present. I’ve mentioned in some prior posts that Bill of Rights Day in December 1941 was celebrated with a radio drama narrated by Jimmy Stewart that included many Hollywood stars. At the end of that program, FDR gave an address to the nation that expressly contrasted the Bill of Rights with Nazi Germany.

    Gerard Magliocca/ Concurring Opinions- 1 readers -
  • Child Safety, Part II

    In my last post, I introduced a set of studies that suggest that parents and nonparents alike prefer to invest about twice as much in child safety as adult safety. For purposes of this post, I want to take that descriptive claim as true and ask: What justifies that differential treatment? One answer is simply that we should respect preferences (almost) regardless of their content.

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  • On Judicial Reputation: More Questions for Judge Posner

    Successful people often are insecure (though they may hide their insecurity behind a facade of bluster); it is what drives them to success. – Richard Posner (1994) We are experts in self-presentation, in acting a part to further our aims and interests. We have, all of us, a public relations strategy.

    Ronald K.L. Collins/ Concurring Opinions- 3 readers -
  • Worst Modern Court Opinion in Criminal Rape Case?

    For the coming semester, I have decided to try teaching without a casebook. Instead, I have been putting together materials with an emphasis on more recent cases embodying prominent issues in substantive criminal law. Regarding rape and sexual assault, in particular, I feel that the cases used in the major casebooks are too dated and less relevant to students today.

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  • Free Berkshire Book Trivia Quiz

    Expert on Berkshire Hathaway? Try this trivia quiz based on Berkshire Beyond Buffett: The Enduring Value of Values. Submit answers to lacunningham@law.gwu.edu. The first 10 people to get all 20 right by December 20 at 5 pm ET win a free signed copy of the book (free shipping within US). (Hint: all answers are easily found in that book!) 1.

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  • A further defense of human rights clinics

    (Marco Simons is Legal Director of EarthRights International. He is a graduate of Yale Law School, where he received the Robert L. Bernstein Fellowship in International Human Rights.) Last month, Chicago law professor Eric Posner launched an ill-conceived attack on law school human rights clinics; on my usual blog at EarthRights International (ERI), I wrote a response. (Prof.

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  • Child Safety, Part I

    Parents: Do you invest more in your child’s safety than your own? Less? Roughly the same amount? I’ve been pondering these questions lately. I have numerous friends who have purchased safer cars once they became parents, or suddenly took an interest in the finest of fine print on warning labels.

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  • Happy Bill of Rights Day!

    I cannot consider the Bill of Rights to be an outworn 18th Century “strait jacket” . . . Its provisions may be thought outdated abstractions by some. And it is true that they were designed to meet ancient evils. But they are the same kind of human evils that have emerged from century to century wherever excessive power is sought by the few at the expense of the many.

    Gerard Magliocca/ Concurring Opinions- 2 readers -
  • Prosecutors vs. Divorce Court Judges

    What do prosecutors and divorce court judges have in common? Although this sounds like the start to a lawyer joke, I think examining the two groups together can yield interesting insights. One commonality is their wide and essentially unreviewable discretion. Prosecutors can decline to charge altogether or can choose which charges to bring.

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