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  • Defensive Driving Can Save Your Life

    The road is full of reckless, unpredictable drivers. Fortunately, defensive driving can decrease your risk of getting into an accident with a reckless driver and potentially save your life. The tips listed below can help make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe while on the road. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of someone ...

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  • Workplace Safety Checklist

    One of the most effective ways to keep a workplace safe is to design a workplace safety checklist. Workplace safety checklists can be used on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so employers can identify hazards and ensure that those hazards do not cause accidents that lead to serious injuries. A workplace safety checklist can also be used to educate employees on how to minimize ...

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  • Workplace Health and Safety Codes in Illinois

    The Illinois Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is part of the Illinois Department of Labor and was designed to protect employees through the inspection, investigation, and evaluation of public facilities and working conditions. Illinois OSHA sets forth various workplace health and safety codes to ensure working conditions for employees in the state are safe.

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  • 10 Tips for Staying Safe This Fall

    Now that it’s fall, you are likely looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes, football games, Halloween, and colorful leaves. In order to reduce your risk of injuring yourself and ensure that you stay safe all season long, Staver Law Group has compiled this list of 10 tips for staying safe this fall.

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  • Driving Safety Courses in Illinois

    Drivers who are educated and defensive can help reduce the amount of accidents, injuries, and deaths that occur each year. Fortunately, Illinois offers driving safety courses to help drivers in the state enhance their driving skills and protect themselves as well as others on the road. If you’d like more information on Illinois driving safety courses and their benefits, keep reading.

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  • 7 Tips for Driving Safely in School Zones

    Now that the summer has come to an end and school is back in session, drivers should be careful when driving in school zones. By being mindful of school zones and practicing extra caution, you can reduce your risk of receiving an expensive ticket or causing a serious accident. In order to do your part in keeping yourself, children, and your community safe, Staver Law Group reco ...

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  • 7 Safety Tips for Fun Tailgating

    Now that the summer has come to an end and fall has made its debut, football season is in full swing. One of the most exciting parts of football season is tailgating before going into the stadium for a game. In order to keep yourself safe and free of injuries during this fun pre-game tradition, be sure to follow these 7 safety tips from Staver Law Group.

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  • How to Play It Safe During a Youth Football Game

    Football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. While it’s an exciting sport to watch, it can be dangerous to play because of its violent nature. If your child plays football, you should educate them on how to play it safe so that they can reduce their risk of injuries such as concussions, ankle sprains, shoulder injuries, and knee injuries.

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  • 10 Sun Safety Tips

    Even though the hot summer days are coming to an end and the cooler weather is fast approaching, you are still being exposed to the sun and should continue to practice sun safety. To reduce your risk of a sun-related injury during the end of the summer and beginning of fall, Staver Law Group has gathered this handy list of 10 sun safety tips.

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  • Staying Safe on Labor Day Weekend

    Everyone looks forward to Labor Day weekend so that they can enjoy an excursion at the lake, beach party, picnic in the park, backyard barbecue, or even a getaway. Although this long holiday weekend often leads to happy memories, it can be hazardous if certain safety precautions are disregarded. To help you and your family enjoy a safe, injury-free Labor Day weekend, Staver Law ...

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  • Keeping Your Child Safe as They Head Back to School

    Although you may be excited for your child to head back to school, you may also be worried about their safety. Fortunately, there are a variety of things you can do to keep your child safe as they head back to school. Below are several back to school safety tips that Staver Law Group recommends to parents who would like to ensure their child’s safety throughout the school year: ...

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  • New Safety Guidance For Fidget Spinners

    With the numerous accidents involving children playing with what has been described as the fad of the year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued new, updated safety tips for fidget spinners. These tips are meant to ensure fidget spinner consumer safety and prevent injury. If you or your child has fallen victim to a fidget spinner, contact the Chicago p ...

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  • How to File a Nursing Home Complaint?

    There are over 100,000 Illinois residents living in the state’s 1,200 or so long-term care facilities. And every year, the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) receives thousands of complaints from patients and their family members. Both the federal and Illinois governments regulate the operation of long-term care facilities such as nursing homes.

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  • Employee Spotlight – Brianna Cione

    Here at Staver Law Group, we have many team members that have committed themselves to helping others through their work; however, there is one person that goes above and beyond when it comes to helping those in need. One of our hard-working clerks, Brianna Cione, volunteers for several non-profit organizations such as Wake the Nation, where she does incredible work in support o ...

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