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  • Staying Safe for the Fourth of July

    The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and Chicago families like to celebrate in style, whether they decide to have a barbecue, hang out at the pool, or light fireworks. No matter how you celebrate, make sure you do it safely. Don’t let injuries ruin your holiday. Read on for tips for staying safe for the Fourth of July.

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  • 10 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

    The weather is improving in Illinois, which means soon you and your kids will be headed to the pool. When the weather reaches into the 90s with 70 percent humidity, nothing provides relief quite like diving into a crisp, clean swimming pool. It is important to keep safety in mind while visiting the pool. By adhering to some rules, you can avoid serious injuries this summer.

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  • Water Park Accidents

    It’s summer time, and with the weather warming up, families are heading to the water to cool off. While some prefer lakes, rivers, and sandy beaches, others prefer the attractions found at water parks. Water parks tend to have activities for all ages, making them popular during the summer months. While they offer fun in the sun, they can also be dangerous, with more than 4,200 ...

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  • Graco Recalls 25,000 Car Seats

    Unfortunately, some products that are specifically designed for children are dangerous. The Graco car seat recall as well as the various other children’s product recalls prove this fact. If your child has been injured as a result of a defective product, consult the Chicago product liability lawyers at Staver Law Group at (312) 236-2900.

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  • Fidget Spinner Injuries

    If you have school-age children, you’ve likely heard of the latest toy craze: fidget spinners. These popular toys have been used for many years to help children with ADHD. Today, millions of children – with and without disabilities – use the toys, which has led to an increase in fidget spinner injuries.

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  • Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Tips

    A fun summer holiday that many Chicago families look forward to is Independence Day. The Fourth of July is known for barbecues, pool parties, and, of course, fireworks. While fireworks are colorful and fun to watch, they can be dangerous if not used with caution. That’s why it’s important to know fireworks safety tips.

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  • $48,585 Settlement in Forest Park Car Accident

    A male client was traveling in snowy conditions through the Forest Park section of Cook County when he was struck from behind by another car that failed to reduce their speed since it was following too closely. The victim sustained neck and back injuries, requiring medical attention at Loyola Hospital and significant follow-up treatments and three months of physical therapy.

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  • Common Jet Ski Injuries

    The weather is heating up, which means that lakes and rivers are seeing more jet skis. jet skis provide fun family entertainment, but they can also be dangerous. Before hitting the water, it’s important to be aware of common jet ski injuries so you can stay safe. Operator error is the main cause of jet ski injuries.

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  • Staying Safe at the Chicago Pride Parade

    Summer is an excellent time for outdoor events, and parades are no exception. Every year, Chicago hosts the Chicago Pride Parade. This event focuses on equality for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. This year, the parade is held on June 25. Before you go, make sure to brush up on parade safety tips.

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  • How to Stay Safe on Chicago’s Beaches

    Chicago residents often look forward to the summer months so that they can enjoy the 27 beautiful beaches that the city has to offer. Whether you spend your summer days soaking up the sun at North Avenue Beach, Leone Beach, or any other beach in the area, you should make every effort to practice Chicago beach safety because beach injuries do arise.

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  • How Does an Insurance Company Calculate a Settlement Offer?

    If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligent acts, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and collect a settlement from the liable party’s insurance company. The settlement is designed to pay for any damages that your injury has caused. These damages may include medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

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  • Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Illinois

    Illinois motorists experienced 3,408 motorcycle crashes in 2014 – the latest year with full data available through the Illinois Department of Transportation. Of these motorcycle accidents, 6,557 people were involved, 2,418 led to injuries and 116 were fatal. Ultimately, many of these accidents resulted in insurance claims, civil lawsuits, traffic violations, or criminal proceedings.

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  • Nursing Assistants Help Those Injured in Accidents

    Who do you see when you are injured? The most obvious answer may be the doctor, but the truth is that the ones who typically see you first and monitor your care and treatment are nurses and nursing assistants. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) play a huge role in your care following an accident. National Nursing Assistants’ Day is June 15, making this day the perfect opportun ...

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