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  • Most Dangerous Jobs in Illinois

    When you think of dangerous jobs, police officers and firefighters likely come to mind. While these occupations are some of the most dangerous jobs in Illinois, there are many other risky professions that are often overlooked. Read more about the industries that create the riskiest jobs in the state of Illinois below.

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  • Am I Liable for an Injured Trick or Treater?

    Soon, kids of various ages will be sporting costumes and knocking on your door, ready to shout “trick or treat!” For the many years that you have had trick or treaters, everything has gone smoothly. However, an injured trick or treater on your property is still a possibility and if this occurs, it is important to know what to do.

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  • Side and Rear Guards Could Prevent Underride Accidents

    Steel bars that hang from the backs of tractor trailers to prevent the front of a passenger vehicle from moving underneath them during an accident are known as underride guards. If tractor-trailers do not contain underride guards or they are defective, an underride accident may occur. An underride accident occurs when a passenger vehicle hits the rear or side of a tractor-trai ...

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  • Commercial Vehicle DOT Inspections

    In an effort to keep roads and highways as safe as possible, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all commercial motor vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds undergo a vehicle inspection on a yearly basis. The commercial DOT inspection will determine whether all of the parts and accessories on a commercial motor vehicle are working properly and will also evaluate the driver.

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  • Workers’ Compensation on Food Trucks

    One of the responsibilities food truck owners have is to provide workers’ compensation insurance. Employees working in food trucks are at a high risk for injury due to the nature of their job and the environment in which they work. They can potentially suffer burns and cuts, slips on a wet floor, or become involved in a vehicle accident while traveling in the truck.

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  • Haunted House Safety

    Now that it’s October, many people are getting into the Halloween spirit by costume shopping, decorating their homes, and visiting haunted houses. Although haunted houses are spooky and fun, they can also be dangerous when haunted house safety precautions are disregarded. If you’re planning on visiting haunted houses this month, be sure to follow Staver Law Group’s tips on haun ...

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  • Will a Jury Hear My Personal Injury Case?

    There are a number of different phases that comprise a personal injury claim. They can generally be divided into three major stages: pre-lawsuit, post-lawsuit, and the trial itself. Many personal injury cases are settled long before they reach trial. However, if you have a pending or current personal injury case, you and your attorney will need to decide whether it’s more advan ...

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  • Social Media Evidence in Workers’ Compensation Cases

    Although used by billions of people around the world, social media is a relatively recent development. Its consequences of how it affects the everyday lives of individuals are appearing in society on a continual basis. One example involves social media evidence in workers’ compensation cases. Such evidence is often easily attainable and has the potential to threaten your claim for compensation.

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  • Safety at the Chicago Marathon

    Whether you’re running or spectating, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon is an exciting event. The Chicago Marathon, held this year on October 8, is known for its flat and fast course that starts and finishes in Grant Park and will give runners the opportunity to run through 29 Chicago neighborhoods.

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  • Staying Safe While Walking to School

    Children who walk to school are susceptible to traffic injuries and fatalities since they are often distracted and unsure of how to avoid dangerous situations. In honor of National Walk to School Day, observed the first Wednesday of every October, Staver Law Group has compiled a list of tips to help keep your child safe while they are walking to school.

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  • What If I Fail a Drug Test After a Work-Related Accident?

    Employees in the state of Illinois who suffer an injury in a work-related accident may be required to take a drug test when determining eligibility for workers’ compensation. If drugs or alcohol are detected after the work accident, it may impact your eligibility for benefits. However, in this type of “failed drug test after work accident” scenario, you may still receive benefi ...

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  • Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy

    National Child Health Day is observed on the first Monday of every October. It was created by President Calvin Coolidge in 1928 to remind parents of how their children can remain healthy and reduce their risk of injuries and health problems. In honor of National Child Health Day, our attorneys at Staver Law Group have compiled this list of tips that will help keep your child healthy.

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  • 10 Campfire Safety Tips

    One of the most exciting activities in the fall is sitting around a campfire with family and friends. While toasting marshmallows over a fire and enjoying the great outdoors is wonderful, it can also be dangerous when certain safety precautions are disregarded. Staver Law Group put together this list of 10 campfire safety tips to reduce your risk of injury and minimize hazards during a campfire.

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  • Apple’s iOS 11 Update Makes Roads Safer

    Recent statistics show that nearly 3,500 people were killed by distracted drivers in one year alone. Cell phone usage has become the deadliest form of distracted driving in recent years. While many states have made texting while driving illegal, drivers continue to reach for their phones and divert their attention from the road.

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  • Can I File a Medical Malpractice Claim for MRSA?

    Hospitals are often full of germs and diseases. While they attempt to keep their surroundings clean and sanitized, hospitals can still spread disease and infection to patients. One particularly serious infection is MRSA. This disease is prevalent in many hospitals and nursing homes because it can be easily spread through contact with infected persons or wounds.

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