Bond and Botes - Posts from June 2017

  • What is the Real Cost of Student Loans?

    College tuition continues to increase every year! I cringe to think how much it will be when our youngest goes to college. The reality for most families includes getting student loans to finance college. The harsh reality of borrowing via student loans hits when the excitement of graduation comes to an end in four short years.

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  • Episode 15 – Next Lawyer Up with Ron Sykstus featuring Cary Flitter

    This episode of the Next Lawyer Up podcast features attorney Cary Flitter. When I first had the idea to do this podcast, I had in the back of my mind to do a segment with attorney Cary Flitter who practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and throughout the country with the law firm Flitter Milz. I first met Cary as a speaker at a consumer law conference several years ago.

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  • Takata Files for Bankruptcy Amid the Largest Recall in US History

    Takata, the Japanese auto maker who has been embroiled in a deadly airbag scandal, filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States on Sunday. Takata’s airbags are the subject of the largest recall in U.S. history. The airbags have been blamed for at least 16 deaths, and Takata has been hit by more than a billion dollars in penalties and costs.

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  • The Retail Industry’s Casualty Report: Gymboree Files for Bankruptcy

    According to a recent CNN Money report, another giant retailer is struggling to keep its head above water. Gymboree, a children’s clothing retailer, recently filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 to restructure and attempt to stay in business. While the retailer is not at death’s door quite yet, Moody’s, a credit rating firm, recently included Gymboree in a list of 19 retailers ...

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  • Three Lessons to Help Teach Toddlers About Money

    I have a three-year old toddler and it has been important for me and my husband to find ways to teach her about money and the value of $1. I firmly believe and have personally learned that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. In our household, the following rules work for our daughter but you may need to adapt these lessons to fit your child’s personality and interests.

    Mary Pool/ Bond and Botes- 14 readers -
  • A Record Number of Americans Owe for their Automobile

    How many people do you know who can pay cash for a new car? I bet the answer is not many! The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently released data showing that a record 107 million Americans owe on a car loan. As recently reported by CNN, that boils down to about 43% of the adult population. Just five years ago, in 2012, only 80 million Americans had auto loans.

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  • Your Rights and Protections After Bankruptcy

    At Bond & Botes we help people file for Bankruptcy relief, but it’s also important to us that our clients are protected after the case is finished. The whole point of going through a bankruptcy is to receive a “fresh start” for your financial situation. With that in mind, I wanted to use this blog post as an opportunity to discuss some important rights and protections that ...

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  • Mortgages and Older Americans

    A recent CNBC article says according to a 2013 survey of consumer finances by the Federal Reserve, approximately 42% of households with someone age 65 to 74 have a home secured by debt. This number has grown from only 18.5% in 1992 and 32% in 2004. It is expected that this figure will continue to rise because an estimated 10,000 people per day turn 65 as part of the baby boom population.

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  • You May Be Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness and Not Even Know It!

    Recently, CNBC posted an article about concerns that have been raised with Student Loan Servicers giving incorrect or not enough information on the various types of relief from student loan debt that is available. After complaints from many borrowers, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently released a report about these complaints focusing on one particular pro ...

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  • Retailers Facing Tough Times

    CNN Money recently reported on the continuing challenges facing retail stores. According to the article, more than 300 retailers have filed for bankruptcy this year. This represents a 31% increase over last year. And while many of these bankruptcy filings are small local retailers, there are some big names on the list.

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  • Bankruptcy Filings are on the Rise

    The total number of Bankruptcy filings in May of 2017 rose 5% over May of 2016. The actual number filed in 2017 was 69,668, up from 66,138 cases filed in May of last year according to the American Bankruptcy Institute & Epiq Systems. Commercial or Business Bankruptcy filings for the month of May also increased at a 5% clip to 3,572 up from 3,412 in May of 2016.

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  • Debt Collection by the Veterans Administration is a Nightmare for Our Vets

    We have just finished honoring our military servicemen and women on Memorial Day, the holiday where we pay homage to our veterans who have died serving this country. But in addition to such celebrations, we can do more by insisting that our veterans be treated fairly by the department in charge of their care. The scandal involving the hospitals and medical clinics operated by the U.S.

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  • Don’t Overlook These When Making a Budget

    Following a Budget is absolutely critical to keeping your finances in check. But, if you keep going over each month, you need to ask yourself why? Here are several places that people spend throughout the year, but often do not realize it until too late. Make sure these items are in your budget on a monthly basis so you are not caught overlooking them and allocating your money improperly.

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  • Episode 16 – Next Lawyer Up with Ron Sykstus featuring Jere Beasley

    This episode of the Next Lawyer Up podcast features attorney Jere Beasley. I can’t imagine a lawyer in the state of Alabama who doesn’t know the name of attorney Jere Beasley. In fact, it is probably the same way for at least 90% (if not all!) of the lawyers in the entire United States. Jere Beasley is that universally well-known and respected.

    Ron Sykstus/ Bond and Botes- 21 readers -
  • Security Clearances by the Numbers

    Security clearance issues, it seems, are in the news just about every day as of late. The news covers a lot of areas. Security Clearance Process in the News at the Highest Level Do you have to complete the SF 86 in its entirety to be given Security Clearance that allows access to classified material? Security Clearance Applications (SF 86) – Full and Complete Disclosure ...

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  • Student Loan Debt is Affecting Home Ownership

    I have long suspected that student loan debt would eventually affect the rate of homeownership in the US. It appears that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York agrees. According to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank, homeownership rates are far higher for those who graduated from college than those who never earned a degree.

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  • Credit Bureau Changes to Take Effect July 1st

    Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, the nation’s three largest credit reporting agencies, announced back in March of this year that beginning July 1 they will no longer include tax liens and civil judgments on credit reports. (USA Today Article) Typically, this information has appeared on credit reports under a separate section from those sections listing active debts.

    Nick Gajewski/ Bond and Botes- 66 readers -
  • Conn On the Run!

    In my last blog entry I discussed Kentucky Social Security Administration (SSA) disability attorney Eric Conn’s guilty plea and fine for a variety of misdeeds relating to his SSA disability practice. It was the latest of several, as I have covered a number of other aspects relating to the case in earlier blog entries (here and here).

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