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  • Mark Your Calendars Payday Lenders: New Rules Expected to Take Effect in 2019 (Maybe)

    Several weeks ago, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced new rules governing payday lenders set to go into effect in 2019—that is if Congress doesn’t have its say first. As an aside, my colleagues have previously written on the need for payday loan reform on the state level. A more recent piece speaks to why payday loan reform is good for Alabama, and a pie ...

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  • Congress Approves Tax Relief for Chapter 12 Family Farmers

    A piece of bipartisan legislation concerning Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code landed on the President’s desk for signature last week. The Family Farmer Bankruptcy Clarification Act of 2017 was sponsored by Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and was included as a part of the supplemental appropriations package that the Senate approved 82-7.

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  • Gulf War Veterans Face High Denial Rates by the VA

    Given the high denial rates by the VA for Gulf War veterans, here is an interesting article about veterans who are doing something about it and helping other veterans. This information is directly from the article in Stars and Stripes: “In 1994, Congress passed legislation allowing a “presumption” for Gulf War veterans with undiagnosed illnesses — meaning they don’t have to p ...

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  • Cost-Of-Living Adjustment Coming for Social Security Recipients

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced that it would be passing along a roughly two percent Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (COLA) to about 60 plus million Social Security recipients next year. While two percent may seem a bit modest, it is fortunately the largest such increase in benefits over the last five years.

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  • Criminal Convictions In Payday Lending Scheme

    A federal jury in Manhattan found Kansas City businessman Scott Tucker guilty on all counts in a racketeering case. Tucker owned a $2 billion payday-lending business, which prosecutors had argued was built on illegal partnerships and predatory loans. Guilty Verdict’s for Tucker and Muir According to an article on Bloomberg the jury also convicted Timothy Muir, a former lawyer for Mr.

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  • Fending Off Those Annoying Robo-Calls

    Like nearly everybody else, you’ve had a mobile phone for some time now and, for the most part, you love it. You can call, text, tweet, email and otherwise communicate with all the important people in your world. You can get a table at your favorite restaurant, book your next flight to paradise, watch a movie, listen to your favorite tunes, or navigate your way around an unfami ...

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  • Nigerian Scams Strike Again

    Over the years, I have talked with several people who were apparent victims of a criminal scheme to get money through deceptive means. I have heard stories of online romance that turned out to be completely false and a ploy to bilk a lonely person with access to money and/or assets. Some individuals cashed out all of their savings and/or retirement accounts and maxed out credit ...

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  • Bankruptcy “Reform” a Dozen Years Later

    Today marks the 12th anniversary of the implementation of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA). The BAPCPA, bought and paid for by the banks and credit card companies, represented the biggest overhaul of the bankruptcy system in our country in almost 30 years.

    Bradford Botes/ Bond and Botes- 17 readers -
  • The Secret That Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know!

    The secret that credit card companies don’t want you to know is that you don’t have to pay them in full! Oh really!? Have you heard this advertisement? I was driving to the office the other day and listening to the radio. For the umpteenth time, I heard this exact commercial. It says that there is a little known secret that the credit card companies don’t want you to know and i ...

    Amy Tanner/ Bond and Botes- 23 readers -
  • Beware of the Newest Ransomware Scam Containing Emblems of Both the FBI and IRS

    A new ransomware scam is surfacing in emails throughout the country containing emblems of both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to a recent article from AARP, the email claims that the FBI is requiring the recipient to complete a questionnaire and return it within 10 days.

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  • Heartbreak over the Loss of Tom Petty

    Like many of you, I was absolutely devastated to hear the news of Tom Petty’s passing this last week. For forty years Tom and the Heartbreakers have sung wise at just about every step and turn of my life. I’m sure a lot of folks feel this way. There are many reasons to respect Tom. The sheer longevity of keeping a band together forty years, his fierceness about good rock and ro ...

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  • Bankrupt Retailers

    Things are starting to look up for U.S. Retailers going through bankruptcy. Recently, more creditors are extending a helping hand and allowing a greater number of retailers to retain their stores and employees. Since 2014, many brick and mortar retail chains such as the Limited and Sports Authority have shut down their operations.

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  • Episode 23 – Next Lawyer Up with Ron Sykstus featuring Bill Baxley

    This episode of the Next Lawyer Up podcast features attorney Bill Baxley Everyone knows the tumultuous and troubled nature of Alabama’s civil rights struggles over the years. They were never more heated than in the 1960’s and 1970’s. With that backdrop, a young Alabama Attorney General decided to re-open the 16th Street Baptist church bombing in 1971and pursue the evil-doers.

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  • New Data Signals Uptick in Student Loan Delinquencies

    According to a recent article from Bloomberg, the U.S. Department of Education recently released data showing that the number of Americans at least 31 days late on their student loan payments increased slightly (18.8 percent from 18.6 percent) compared to last year. That uptick breaks 12 straight quarters of declines in the delinquency rate.

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