• Can A Chapter 13 Help with My Student Loans?

      Many folks who come into our office are carrying mountains of long term student loan debt. The good news is a lot of people are in the new income based repayment plans that are being offered. I previously wrote about some of these plan here. There are also some circumstances where student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy, although the requirements to prove hardship are ve ...

      Amy Tanner/ Bond and Botes- 30 readers -
    • Episode 2: Next Lawyer Up with Ron Sykstus and Amy Tanner

      This episode of the Next Lawyer Up podcast features attorney Amy K. Tanner. Amy has been my law partner, friend and colleague since 1999. She is originally from Montgomery, Alabama where she was born and raised. Since the work of being a lawyer is a lot about the grind, meaning putting in a great deal of time and effort on every case for every client, maybe that is why I focu ...

      Ron Sykstus/ Bond and Botes- 31 readers -
    • What are the benefits and consequences of being an authorized user on a credit card?

      What is an authorized user? An authorized user is someone who has been “authorized” to use a credit card that is in someone else’s name. For example, parents will sometimes add their children as an authorized user to help build their child’s credit or use while they are away at college. Benefits: Establish or improve your credit score: For an authorized user without credit, ...

      Mary Pool/ Bond and Botes- 28 readers -
  • What are the Bankruptcy Exemptions in Alabama?

    A bankruptcy exemption is simply the value of certain property that state or federal law says, a creditor can NOT touch, no matter what. The two (2) types of Bankruptcy Exemptions are Real Property and Personal Property Exemptions. Each state enacts its own exemption laws or a state can decide to have the federal exemption laws apply within its borders.

    Grant Mcnutt/ Bond and Botes- 10 readers -
  • Bankruptcy: We Wrote the Book on It

    Have you been struggling with debt but are afraid to seek bankruptcy counsel? So many times people who are struggling financially only turn to Bankruptcy as a last resort, as should be the case. Folks who have never had a reason to learn about what bankruptcy really is and has to offer, don’t know the benefits and usually assume it is a bad thing.

    Amy Tanner/ Bond and Botes- 9 readers -
  • What Happens to Mortgage Debts After Bankruptcy?

    Many people worry about how filing a bankruptcy case will affect their home. As long as your case is carefully planned out ahead of time, you can typically file for bankruptcy relief without affecting your mortgage or your home. Mortgages Debts After Chapter 7 Depending on the type of bankruptcy case you file, you may either eliminate your mortgage debt or leave it untouched.

    Nick Gajewski/ Bond and Botes- 10 readers -
  • Episode 21 – Next Lawyer Up with Ron Sykstus featuring Tom Ryan

    This episode of the Next Lawyer Up podcast features attorney Tom Ryan If you believe that estate planning is a straight forward and simple area of the law, you’ll think differently after listening to L. Thomas “Tom” Ryan, Jr. Tom is a very well-known lawyer in North Alabama and his firm’s offices are in Huntsville, Mobile and Pensacola, Florida.

    Ron Sykstus/ Bond and Botes- 15 readers -
  • Security Clearance Issues, Problems, Denials and Revocations

    Security clearance issues are common place in the news these days. The news covers a lot of areas. Security Clearance Process in the News at the Highest Level Do you have to complete the SF 86 in its entirety to be given Security Clearance that allows access to classified material? Recently, the back log in the clearance process has gotten even more attention.

    Ron Sykstus/ Bond and Botes- 8 readers -
  • The Arbitration Rule: Balancing the Interests of Companies and Consumers

    Mandatory arbitration provisions are once again at the forefront of policy discourse on Capitol Hill as government agency heads and members of Congress grapple with how to best balance the interests of both companies and consumers. But there doesn’t seem to be much hope for one side of the debate, as Congress is set to overturn a rule issued by the Consumer Financial Protection ...

    Bond and Botes- 10 readers -
  • What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Student Loans?

    Americans are drowning in student loan debt. More than 3,000 people default on their federal student loans every day. It takes around 20 years for the average student loan borrower to pay off their loans. Today, there are over 44 million Americans with a total student loan debt of $1.4 trillion. But what happens if you can’t make the necessary payments? Missing a student loan ...

    Gail Donaldson/ Bond and Botes- 13 readers -
  • Who is Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

    In my blog today, I thought I would discuss generally who is eligible for Social Security retirement and work-related disability benefits. There are other forms of Social Security benefits available out there by way of the Social Security Act and its subsequent amendments, but I’ll focus on just these two types today, which are codified in 42 USC Ch.

    Bond and Botes- 10 readers -
  • How Does a Bankruptcy Affect a Lawsuit?

    Often, I consult with prospective and existing clients who are involved in a lawsuit. Normally, their first question is exactly how a bankruptcy case affects a lawsuit. The answer to that question depends on several factors. First, it must be determined if the debtor (the person filing for or contemplating filing for bankruptcy) is the plaintiff, i.e.

    Ed Woods/ Bond and Botes- 11 readers -
  • The Bankruptcy Process

    If you have more debt than you can juggle, it is always wise to seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy may not always be the best course of action, but if it is, here is an overview of the process. Bankruptcy Process Overview Review Your Options Meet with an attorney to discuss what your options may be, whether it is to file bankruptcy or not and if so whether a C ...

    Kathryn Davis/ Bond and Botes- 8 readers -
  • Senior Citizens Becoming Overwhelmed with Student Loan Debt

    Just when we think we can’t take any more bad news about student loans we are now finding out that senior citizens are becoming overwhelmed with student loan debt. Not their own student loan debt, necessarily, but rather student loans that they either borrowed themselves, such as a parent-plus loan, or may have cosigned with their children and even grandchildren.

    Bond and Botes- 16 readers -
  • Is Debt Settlement A Good Alternative To Bankruptcy?

    Many people that I have met with have asked me my opinion about debt settlement companies. The advice I offer is to be diligent and research all of the options advertised. Most importantly talk with an attorney who has experience and knowledge in handling debt issues. In my opinion, the best way to do this is in a face to face meeting.

    Robert Reese/ Bond and Botes- 11 readers -
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