Welcome to LawBlogs


A little bit of history.

Almost 10 years ago, in September 2004 I launched a German website named JuraBlogs.com (it means LawBlogs). The site focused on showing blog posts of about 30 law-related blogs and was meant to be a promotional site for an online marketing company purely focused on clients related to the legal profession. I co-owned the company and blogs seemed to be the right way of exposing the work of our clients and bringing in new business. 

A quick idea at first.

It was a quick idea at first - build in little more than a weeks time. The idea was simple. Aggregating legal blog posts on a single website to offer a simple way of reading what was going on in lawyers offices and courts. The site grew and even after we had to shut down our agency I didn't want to stop adding features. While the community of participating blogs grew to today more than 770 blogs, I added features which were requested by many bloggers. A first (and very controversal) one...

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