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  • Just Cause: Consider the Context

    With contributions from Trevor Thomas, Lawyer. While the phrase “just cause” has become a part of the public lexicon (so much so that it has been used as the title of a popular action-adventure video game), the term actually has a specific legal meaning that few non-lawyers are fully familiar with.

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  • Trevor Thomas Presenting at Law Week 2015, April 13th

    People’s Law School – Law Week 2015 Employment Law Times and locations: April 13, 2015 at 12:00 pm People’s Law School 900 Howe Street, Vancouver and April 13, 2015 at 7:00 pm Richmond Public Library – Brighouse Branch Community Place, Second Floor, 7700 Minoru Gate #100 The People’s Law School presents Law Week 2015 April 13 to 17 at various locations thr ...

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  • Successful CRA Appeal

    We represented a small business in its appeal of a ruling by the Canada Revenue Agency that the business’ workers were properly classified as employees, as opposed to self-employed independent contractors. The effect of this initial ruling was that our client was ordered to make certain EI, CPP and ...

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  • Event: Lunch Seminar for Employers with Heather Hettiarachchi

    Lunch Seminar for Employers – Kent Employment Law How to End the Employment Relationship April 30, 2015 at 12:00 pm 1285 West Broadway, Vancouver Firing an employee is never easy. However, there are ways an employer can reduce the financial (and emotional) pain of termination. During this free lunch seminar, Kent Employment Law lawyer and human resources specialist Heather ...

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  • Federal Court of Appeal Success

    Our client, a maintenance engineer, was dismissed after 15 years on the job. We first represented him at a hearing under the Canada Labour Code, where we asked an Adjudicator to determine his severance entitlements on dismissal. Key to this determination was whether our client had been an employee or independent contractor.

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  • Manager or Employee – Why Does It Matter?

    With contributions by Trevor Thomas, Lawyer. You’ve just been offered a promotion to [Fill in the Blank] Manager – congratulations! If you’re lucky, your change in job title will bring with it increased compensation and authority. In British Columbia, there are also employment law implications to holding a management position.

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  • Roe v. BC Ferries: A trifling theft is still a theft

    By Andres Barker, Lawyer. In a judgment issued last week, the British Columbia Court of Appeal reversed a trial judge’s decision that a senior level employee was unjustly dismissed after giving away free food vouchers to his daughter’s sports teams. The plaintiff was the manager of the Duke Point ferry terminal for approximately 4.5 years.

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  • “I Quit”: When Does an Employee Have to Give Notice of Resignation?

    By Andres Barker, Lawyer. Many employees who leave a job voluntarily refer to handing in their “two weeks’ notice” that they are quitting. But is this practice actually required by law? It’s a question we often hear from resigning employees. Unlike the notice of termination requirements imposed on employers by employment standards legislation, there is no legislated requirem ...

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  • Employees, Social Media and Just Cause: Lessons for Employers

    It’s never wise to badmouth your boss. Doing so on social media can be downright dumb. But does it amount to just cause for dismissal? In some cases, absolutely. A number of labour decisions over the past several years have considered how an employee’s off-duty social media activity can damage an employer’s business or reputation and/or amount to insubordination.

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  • Event: Simon Kent Speaking at HRMA Conference + Tradeshow 2015

    HRMA Conference + Tradeshow 2015 – April 28-29, Vancouver, BC TRICKS OF THE TRADE: A Look at Employment Law from Employment Contracts to Terminations April 28, 2015 at 1:45 pm Vancouver Convention Centre The Human Resources Management Association presents its 2015 Conference and Tradeshow April 28-29 in Vancouver, BC at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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  • Fixed-Term Employment Contracts: What Are the Risks for Employers?

    With contributions by Erin Kizell, Lawyer. Some employment contracts specify an employment end date, and others don’t. Why should employers choose one or the other? At the end of the day, is there really any difference? Often, an employer and employee will enter into their new working relationship hopefully, with the expectation that theirs will be a long-term, mutually beneficial arrangement.

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