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  • Should I Ask for a Criminal Record Check? 4 Tips for Employers

    With contributions by Andres Barker, Lawyer. In April 2014, the BC Information and Privacy Commissioner issued a report regarding the flawed process for conducting employment-related record checks in this province (see our previous blog post here). Effective January 2015, the Vancouver Police Department adopted a new Police Information Check (PIC) policy as a result of the rec ...

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  • Off-Duty Misconduct – What’s an Employer to Do?

    Lawyer Erin Kizell, Contributor. We thought we had missed our window to comment on the issue of employee off-duty misconduct, now that more than two months have passed since Hydro One employee Shawn Simoes was fired for his on-air harassment of a television news reporter. However, the topic is once again in the news after a Calgary taxi passenger was caught on video shouting ...

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  • Employers, it’s Time to Stress-Test your Employment Contracts

    Employment contracts are serious business. Have you stress-tested yours lately? In the case of Alsip v. Top Rollshutters Inc. dba Talius , the employer’s loosely drafted employment contract and failure to discuss key employment terms with a new employee before hiring resulted in a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, and a court order that the employer pay the fired employee $141,500. Alsip v.

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  • Hospital Appeal Board Success

    Our client, a medical professional, worked at a hospital where he was granted certain rights to practice, known as “privileges”. After a period of time, the hospital unilaterally changed those privileges without our client’s consent. Our client is challenging the hospital’s actions by having us file an appeal with the Hospital Appeal Board. Before considering ...

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  • Employee Childcare Obligations: A Matter of Human Rights

    Lawyer Richard Johnson, Contributor. With increasing public awareness and understanding of the concept of “human rights” over the past several decades, most Canadian employees now know that laws exist to protect them from harassment or discrimination in the workplace. For those employees who aren’t familiar with Canada’s human rights regime here’s a very brief overview: In ...

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  • What’s Fair? Severance and Probationary Employees

    With contributions from Richard Johnson, Lawyer. Consider this scenario: Your new employee isn’t working out quite the way you had hoped. You’ve made the tough decision that it’s better for everyone – you, him, the Company – if you end the employment relationship now. Since he’s only been with you for six weeks, you’re not sure…do you owe him any severance? How much? Well, ...

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  • Firing for Cause: Disciplinary Action and Timely Warnings

    By Heather Hettiarachchi, Lawyer. Employers know that firing or disciplining an employee for just cause is not easy, particularly where the alleged cause is poor performance. This is because the employer has to document the problem or problems, provide warnings and prove that the employee clearly understood that his/her job was on the line if he/she did not improve. Haddock v.

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  • Just Cause: Consider the Context

    With contributions from Trevor Thomas, Lawyer. While the phrase “just cause” has become a part of the public lexicon (so much so that it has been used as the title of a popular action-adventure video game), the term actually has a specific legal meaning that few non-lawyers are fully familiar with.

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