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  • Five Strategies for Conducting Better Docket Research

    Docket Alarm gives attorneys the ability to take their docket research to the next level. With a suite of tools that streamlines your search process and maximizes your results, Docket Alarm makes legal research more accurate and relevant than ever before. Here are five ways attorneys can use Docket Alarm to conduct better docket research. 1.

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  • Infographic Shows PTAB's Effect on Hatch-Waxman Litigation

    Docket Alarm is excited to announce the release of a new report: “Big Pharma and the Legal Industry: Docket Alarm’s Guide to Orange Book Patent Analytics”. The report, presented in a visually engaging infographic, breaks down how the relatively new Patent Trial and Appeal Board is reshaping Hatch-Waxman litigation.

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  • Apple v. Samsung is SCOTUS's First Design Patent Case in 122 Years

    The Supreme Court announced Monday that it would agree to hear part of an appeal filed by Samsung seeking to overturn a $548 million damages award granted to Apple last year. Aside from finally closing the door on this five-year saga between Apple and Samsung, SCOTUS’s decision is newsworthy because it’s the first case before the Court involving design patents since 1894. See Dunlop v.

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  • RFC Express May be Gone, but Look to Docket Alarm for a Replacement

    RFC Express was, until recently, a well-known IP litigation alert provider that offered easy access to case alerts at a reasonable rate. Unfortunately, the service has appeared to have shuttered its doors. Many users stopped receiving case alerts without warning. Fortunately, former RFC Express users are not left without options. Docket Alarm can meet all of their research needs and much more.

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  • New Search Interface Brings Litigation Analytics to Your Fingertips

    Docket Alarm is excited to announce the release of its new search interface. By integrating useful tools like one-click analytics and automatic case citation directly into your list of search results, the new interface makes legal research easier than ever before. Streamlined and simplified, the new interface also provides attorneys with a more user-friendly experience a ...

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  • The Turning Tide Against Patent Owners

    So called "patent trolls" have been all over the news, and with good reason— these entities pose significant risks to the hi-tech industry. But a new tribunal has been shown to be effective at thwarting patent trolls and other overly aggressive patent owners. Patent trolls are companies that attempt to monetize patents through litigation, with no interest in commercializing a p ...

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  • Are You Following the FitBit v. Jawbone ITC Investigations?

    San Francisco-based activity tracker startup, Fitbit, Inc., filed a complaint on November 2 with the ITC, requesting an investigation in the importation and sale of activity tracking devices by AliphCom, more commonly known as Jawbone, and BodyMedia, Inc. Fitbit alleges these devices, which included Jawbone’s “UP” product line and the “UP” App, infringe on claims in three of its patents.

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  • Orange Book Litigators: Finally Research Tools Just for You

    Docket Alarm is pleased to announce the first legal research platform to provide Orange Book litigators a suite of tools for their practice. The features include the ability to track changes to the Orange Book and related litigation, search correspondence between drug companies and the FDA, and analytics on Orange Book cases in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

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  • How Do You Research PTAB Decisions?

    The Patent Trial and Appeal Board, or PTAB, has been steadily gaining momentum since its inception in September 2012. Recognizing the need for lawyers to navigate the ever-growing list of decisions, Docket Alarm has created the first and only dedicated PTAB legal research engineand analytics platform.

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  • The Difference Between a Good and Great Junior Attorney.

    Law is competitive, and it can be difficult for young attorneys to stand out at their firms. However, junior associates can give themselves an edge by taking an active interest in their practice and their firm’s business. Here are some specific ways junior attorneys can separate themselves from the pack.

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  • Pinterest Loses Major Battle Against "Pinning" on the Internet

    Yesterday, a federal court issued a major ruling against social media giant Pinterest in a trademark infringement lawsuit against much smaller startup Pintrips. Pinterest is America’s third largest social network behind Facebook and Twitter. The company is currently valued at $11 billion and has an estimated 80 million monthly users.

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  • What's Scaring Copyright Trolls: The Legal Tech Used to Manage the Onslaught

    What kind of company makes no creative works but earns millions of dollars a year suing random people on the internet in the name of copyright law? You guessed it, a copyright troll. Much like patent trolls, copyright trolls are entities that do not create or distribute creative content, yet acquire copyrights to creative works in order to file lawsuits against accused infringers.

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  • When the Government Shuts Down: Third Party Data Providers Step Up

    From August 29 to September 6, 2015, servers operated by the United States Copyright Office, were down. For more than eight days, hundreds of applicants had to jump through hoops to file a copyright. The Copyright Office’s electronic filing system, known as “eCO”, was taken offline “to accommodate a scheduled annual power outage to allow routine maintenance by the Archi ...

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  • Victory for SpaceX: PTAB Cancels Blue Origin Patent

    In a victory for aerospace company SpaceX, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) issued a decision on August 27th canceling 13 claims in a rocket sea-landing patent owned by competitor Blue Origin, a space venture backed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The patent at issue, U.S. Patent No. 8,678,321 B2 (the “’321 patent”), describes a method of vertically landing a rocket boos ...

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  • Automate Financial Due Diligence with Docket Alarm

    Commercial banks, investment banks, brokerages, and other financial institutions spend an inordinate amount of time on due diligence: researching a potential debtor’s financial history and quantifying the amount of risk of a particular investment or loan. Much of this diligence can be automated. There are hundreds of thousands of bankruptcies filed every year.

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  • War of the Fitness Trackers: Adidas v. Under Armour

    Back in February of 2014, German sportswear giant Adidas filed a patent infringement suit against competitor Under Armour, Inc. in United States District Court for the District of Delaware. Adidas accused Under Armour and its newly acquired fitness tracker subsidiary, MapMyFitness, Inc., of infringing ten of its patents.

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  • Advanced Search Tools to Find the Right Court Decision

    Terms and connectors searching allow users to string together multiple complex queries. Say you are searching for §112 issues in a patent case. You may search for “written description invalidity” to find relevant information. However, this search will return any result that uses those three words.

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