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  • Hiring The Right Law Firm Employees

    Many may think that hiring quality law firm employees during the holiday season is impossible. Job seekers often give up looking toward the end of the year, assuming that no new postings or quality positions will become available. I used to believe the same; but, now I am finding that since the end of the year is a time business owners reflect upon the year’s progresses and fai ...

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  • Speaking Opportunities for Lawyers in 2015

    Speaking is one of the best ways to build a lawyer’s reputation and connect with people who may need your help. Speaking consistently at least once per month increases your credibility and visibility in both your local community and your expanded professional community. However, as many business developmentally challenged lawyers already know, pitching yourself does not come na ...

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  • Using Holiday Downtime for Law Firm Marketing Reflection

    From the week of Thanksgiving through the end of the year, many lawyers begin thinking more about holidays and family time than work or litigation. The same holds true for potential clients. So – do we wait until mid-January to resume our business development? Or, do we take advantage of the holiday season downtime to evaluate, plan, and budget so that we can crush it in 2015? ...

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  • Checklist for Starting Your Own Law Firm

    Well, you’ve done it. You’ve left your law firm and decided to open your own firm. And that idea that sounded so tantalizing while still a fantasy in your mind is now much more stressful when facing the real life decision making process that is staring you in the face. Deciding to go solo doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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  • Lawyers Should Use LinkedIn: An Update

    Last August, I wrote “LinkedIn for Lawyers in 2013.” At that time, LinkedIn had more than 187 million members. Now, just one year later, LinkedIn has over 300 million members, 100 million of whom live in the United States. In 2013, my top five tips to lawyers for optimizing LinkedIn included: (1) Build out your LinkedIn profile, (2) Upload a professional picture, (3) Personali ...

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  • Digital Marketing: The Basics in 20 Minutes or Less

    I was honored to Co-Chair the Houston Trial Lawyers Association Law Practice Management CLE this year with my friend Marc Whitehead. We not only chaired the event, picked the topics, and lined up all of the speakers, we also spoke on a panel ourselves. Thank you to now Past President Peter Kelly for selecting us to execute this event, and for resurrecting it after a few years of its absence.

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  • Components of Law Firm Business Development Success: Clients

    Business development is all about making the connection between those who potentially or actually have a need and those who can service that need. In the legal world, our services are not only needed by potential clients, but also by other lawyers. It is essential to the growth and success of your law firm that the greater legal industry is aware of your firm, your practice are ...

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