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  • Social Media for Lawyers: How and When to Share on Facebook

    This post is the second in a series by Stacey Burke on how lawyers can use Facebook in their business development and online marketing efforts. Facebook Post Types A company can use a variety of Facebook post types to achieve interaction and to reach out to new followers. Some common post types to drum up engagement are conversation starters formed as questions or fill in the b ...

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  • Wikipedia for Lawyers and Law Firms

    Wikipedia was launched 12 years ago and has become the sixth most popular website in the world. This collaborative online encyclopedia can enhance your firm’s brand and online presence, but it’s not just about advertising or self-promotion. Perhaps you thought a Wikipedia page was only for the really famous folks like Kim Kardashian? Not so! These days, many law firms are staki ...

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  • Repurposing Digital Press Releases and Navigating Media Communications

    This post is the second of two posts about online press releases for lawyers. In my first post, I discussed how the interaction between online press releases and search engine optimization has changed, as well as how to write good press release copy. In this post, I will cover how to use your law firm press releases offline, and how to set up the appropriate internal protocol f ...

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  • November 2013: Law Firm Marketing and Technology Recap

    During the month of November, we had the opportunity to share several of our own blog posts on topics ranging from Google Analytics to law firm press releases. We not only monitor questions lawyers ask on social media, but we also track the most common questions we receive from law firms. We also watch and analyze our own website analytics to see which of our own posts perform ...

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  • Law Firm Charitable Involvement

    Helping others is an important part of every law firm’s mission. Being involved in your community is a way to further that mission. Whether your law firm donates to a health and human services group, organizes a bike drive, or volunteers at a local school, your law firm should participate in at least one charitable or community event each year.

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  • Business-to-Business Social Media Marketing

    I have been an active Twitter user since early 2009. I have watched various industries’ Twitter use evolve over the past five years, especially lawyers. While many lawyers and law firms still erroneously use Twitter solely as a means to auto-feed out their blog content for increased SEO, many are beginning to use social media more strategically.

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  • Going Viral: Our Five Most Socially Shared Posts of 2013

    Google Authorship for Lawyers Back in August, I wrote about a relatively new (then) digital marketing feature, Google Authorship. I surmised that this tool would prove most valuable for (1) spotting authors in search results by their photos showing up next to their posts, (2) showcasing an author’s connectedness in search results (number of circles), and (3) search engine optimization.

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  • Lessons Learned in 2013

    This year has been another year of incredible change for me, change that would trigger anxiety for almost anyone (control freak or not.) I changed jobs, changed office locations, changed homes, and learned a few lessons in the process that I felt were worth sharing in a rare, candid personal post to our blog’s followers. Your network is powerful and its power can change your life.

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  • Five Types of Posts for Your Law Firm Facebook Page

    Your Facebook business page is a true digital point of contact for your law firm. Not only is it an avenue for clients and referral sources to reach you, but it also facilitates easy engage with them and their networks. Posting on social channels consistently can get tedious, and you may fall into a rut, unable to come up with new content.

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  • Top Level Domains – TLD's and the Future of Legal Marketing

    As an experienced digital marketer, I am closely watching the development of new top-level domains. I was hesitant to write about top-level domains for this blog because I thought the content would either be too technical or not of interest to the majority of our readers. In reading a few back issues of the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News, I noticed they covered ...

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  • My Biggest Twitter Influencers

    Recently, Everspark Interactive featured me in a piece entitled “13 Attorneys Who Have Raised the Bar with Social Media.” I received a lot of positive feedback and a significant amount of website traffic from their article. In the spirit of paying it forward, I wanted to create a list of my biggest influencers on Twitter.

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  • Backlinks, Law Firm Websites, and Search Engine Optimization

    Recently, Google’s Matt Cutts published a new video for avid search engine fanatics, this time concerning backlinks and how their value may or may not have changed due to Google’s more recent algorithm updates. Cutts, Google’s head of webspam reaffirmed the importance of backlinks. According to Cutts, Google’s testing of its own search algorithm in a variation that excludes ba ...

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