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  • How To Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy

    Anyone who has faced bankruptcy proceedings knows how frightening the experience can be. After it’s all over, you’ll need to rebuild your credit, but how can you do this, and where will you start? Studies by the Fair Isaac Corporation, better known as FICO, show that filing for bankruptcy can lower your credit score by as many as 240 points.

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  • Can I Be Discriminated Against for Filing Bankruptcy

    The decision to file for bankruptcy is a very personal and private decision. Many Georgians have wisely sought the advice of bankruptcy attorneys to help them make an informed decision on whether filing for bankruptcy is the best solution to their financial problems. Now, that being said, once a bankruptcy case is filed it is no longer personal nor private because bankruptcy ca ...

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  • How Bankruptcy Affects Your Credit Report

    Bankruptcy is the legal process that an individual or family may complete in order to have their qualifying debts discharged. When debts are discharged, the family no longer has to pay them and the bill collectors have to stop contacting them – which sounds like very good news to a lot of Georgians who are having trouble meeting their monthly bills.

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  • Help!  I  Cannot Pay My Credit Cards!

    If you are reading this post, it is likely that you are one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are struggling to pay their bills as the country continues to cope with the economic recession. Because the recession has resulted in many people losing their jobs (and the inability of many college graduates to secure their first job), a large number of Georgians have been ...

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  • Bankruptcy Mills and Why You Should Avoid Them

    If you or a loved one are considering filing for bankruptcy, you have likely spent a good deal of time Googling and otherwise searching the Internet for information on the bankruptcy process and for information on bankruptcy lawyers and law firms. It is very important to contact multiple bankruptcy firms in order to find an office that best fits your needs and that you feel com ...

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  • What are Unsecured and Secured Loans?

    Every week our office receives multiple phone calls from Georgian families and residents who have fallen on hard times due to the recent economic recession. For these people, sometimes filing for bankruptcy is the best option they have to get themselves above water. Bankruptcy allows families and individuals to wipe out much of their outstanding debt and move forward with a clean financial slate.

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  • What Are Pre-Petition and Post-Petition Debts?

    The recent economic recession has affected Americans all over the country, causing hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors to take on multiple jobs or take out loans in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, Georgia is no exception and many Georgian residents have found that they simply cannot meet their monthly debt obligations.

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  • Do I Still Need to Pay My Taxes if I File for Bankruptcy?

    No one looks forward to preparing and filing their taxes. Just like most Americans, many Georgian residents are very confused about what forms they need to fill out and how much money they need to send the government (if any) every tax season. Filing taxes can be even more stressful if the person has experienced a particular financial hardship during the year.

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  • What is a Cramdown in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

    Many Georgians have contacted our office to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy due to the economic struggles families across the country are experiencing on account of the recession. Depending on an individual’s or a household’s personal circumstances, filing bankruptcy may be the best way to alleviate heavy debt burdens and move forward in 2015 w ...

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