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  • Sleep Apnea is a Major Issue in the Trucking Industry

    Sleep apnea is a major issue in the trucking industry. In Georgia, in recent years numerous fatal accidents have been caused by drowsy truckers. In past years, little was known about sleep apnea and it was often undiagnosed. However, according to the American Association for Respiratory Care, this condition affects up to 18 million Americans.

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  • Conference Hears About the Four Es of Highway Safety

    Vision Zero is an initiative intended to make the roads and the cities of the United States safer. It emphasizes the four Es of highway safety. Recently, a three-day statewide gathering on transportation was held in Columbia in mid-Missouri. The second annual Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference offered 15 workshops for industry professionals and those seeking to im ...

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  • Georgia Deputy is Involved in DUI Crash in Dundee

    Police and highway patrol officers face dangers on a daily basis on the highways of Georgia. They investigated a possible DUI crash involving a deputy’s car in Dundee in September. The two-vehicle crash occurred on U.S. Highway 27 and Dundee Road in Dundee, reported Fox 13. The Fox report stated one of the automobiles was a marked patrol car from the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Who Can Sue Under Georgia’s Wrongful Death Statute?

    Some of the most difficult cases Georgia injury attorneys deal with are wrongful death cases. People who have lost a loved one want time to grieve rather than talking to a lawyer. However, death can be very costly. The parties who can sue are set out under Georgia’s wrongful death statute. Wrongful death is defined in Georgia as when a person causes the death of another throug ...

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  • Four Semis Are Involved in Fiery I-75 Truck Wreck

    When big rigs collide, the result can often be a fiery crash that leaves drivers dead and seriously injured. Tragically, this was the case in an I-75 truck wreck in Lowndes County in Georgia over the summer. A tractor-trailer driver who was injured in the wreck later succumbed to his injuries, reported Valdosta Today. On June 23, at around 6:29 p.m.

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  • 16 Atlanta Postal Workers Are Arrested for Alleged Drug Trafficking

    Drug trafficking is taken very seriously by the federal authorities. However, in a recent case in Georgia, it’s federal workers who are facing charges of accepting bribes to deliver packages of cocaine. In August, the U.S. Department of Justice reported 16 U.S. Metro Atlanta postal service workers were charged with allegedly accepting bribes to deliver large amounts of cocaine ...

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  • Five Wet Weather Driving Tips in Georgia

    The fall has brought a series of hurricanes to the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico and heavy downpours to Georgia. Extreme weather calls for extremely careful driving on the interstates and back roads of Georgia. It takes longer to stop and visibility is reduced when roads are slick. Some simple wet weather driving tips can help to protect you during downpours.

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