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  • Why Cyclists Are Facing More Dooring Accidents

    If you are a cyclist in an urban area, you probably dread the sound of a car door opening. All too often drivers and passengers open their doors without looking if the coast is clear. Cyclists are the most common victims of dooring accidents. Dooring accidents are a very real issue for bicyclists. More dooring accidents are occurring, news reports suggest.

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  • Are You to Blame for a Rear-Ender Wreck?

    If you hit another vehicle from behind, there is a common perception an accident is your fault. However, this assumption cannot always be made if you are involved in a rear-ender wreck. The concept of negligence is more important in apportioning blame for car crashes in Georgia than the circumstances in some cases.

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  • The Dangers of Dump Trucks in Georgia

    Accidents involving dump trucks are often extremely serious. Although we don’t hear about as many wrecks involving dump trucks in Georgia as those involving tractor-trailers, these vehicles are extremely dangerous. Dump trucks are bulky and have many blind spots. Other motorists who are involved in accidents with these vehicles often suffer horrendous injuries or lose their lives.

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  • Volvo Develops Automated Trucks

    Automated vehicles are seen as the future of motoring. The technology raises the prospect of the number of car accidents being cut dramatically in the future. Some companies are even working on automated trucks. Recently, the publication Construction Equipment detailed how Volvo is developing automated trucks for off-road operations.

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  • Five Safety Tips at the School Bus Stop

    During the winter months, when mornings and nights are darker, students face additional risks at the school bus stop and getting to it. The number of students who use school buses is staggering. The National Safety Council states as many as 25 million students nationwide start and end their day with a trip on a school bus. School buses are designed for safety.

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  • Motorcycle Accidents Carry Higher Amputation Risk

    When you suffer a severe injury to a limb like an arm or a leg, you may face amputation. These kinds of accidents are incredibly difficult and debilitating. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer amputations in crashes. Amputations are serious and life-changing. There are far too many of these kinds of injuries in and around Atlanta.

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  • Atlanta Smart Corridor Project Aims to Improve Road Safety

    Cities like Atlanta developed fast in the 20th Century around the demands of the car. Their designers paid less attention to public transport, walkers and cyclists. This is changing thanks to projects like the Atlanta Smart Corridor Project that aims to make the city’s roads safer. The project noted ITSInternational, is a partnership between the Georgia Department of Transport ...

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  • What Are Your Miranda Rights During an Arrest?

    You may be aware of Miranda Rights from cop shows on the TV. Suspects in cases have a right to be warned by police that what they say can be used against them as evidence. However, few people are aware of the history of Miranda rights. The Miranda warning stems from a landmark case in 1966. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Miranda v.

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  • Sea Weed Could Help Heal Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Traumatic brain injuries are among the most serious potential consequences of a car, motorcycle or truck crash. While most fractures heal, brain injuries can be permanent and may impair the sufferer for life. Traumatic brain injuries, known as TBIs can cause irreversible damage in the long-term because the inflammation associated with the injury can prevent healthy brain tissu ...

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  • Pedestrian Was Hit and Killed Near I-285 in DeKalb County

    Pedestrian accidents are common in and around Atlanta. On fast-moving highways, walkers often take their lives in their hands. Recently, a pedestrian was hit and killed in the early hours of the morning in DeKalb County. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the fatal accident occurred on Bouldercrest Road south of I-285, in September.

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  • Can Felons Own Guns In Georgia?

    Georgia law prohibits convicted felons and mentally ill people from owning firearms. However, there are ways felons can own guns. The restrictions are set out under Georgia law. You may not own a gun if you are a convicted felon or are convicted of an offense arising out of possession, manufacture, or use of a controlled substance.

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  • Fatal School Bus Accidents in Georgia Are Rare

    School bus accidents are often in the news in Georgia and elsewhere. Fortunately, fatal school bus accidents in Georgia and the rest of the country are very rare. When children tragically lose their lives, the crashes make headlines. Two years ago, a school bus crash in Houston in Texas caused widespread horror when the bus careened off an elevated roadway and crashed to the ground below.

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