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  • Failure To Communicate No. 1 Cause Of USPTO Attorney Discipline

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, since it is the New Year I thought it would be helpful to remind you all, again, of what is in my opinion the First Commandment of Ethics: Thou Shalt Communicate With Thy Clients. Seriously. Clients do not like to be ignored by their attorneys. This means that when they call or write about the status of their matter, they expect a response—and fast.

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  • 2016 USPTO Disciplinary Decisions – The Year In Review

    To all of you who have been dying to know what happened in the world of ethics and discipline at the USPTO in the past year, I am pleased to say your wait is finally over. I have written, “2016 USPTO Disciplinary Decisions — The Year in Review.” Why was The 2016 Year in Review necessary? I for one have found it quite time-consuming to get a handle on ethics decisions published by the USPTO.

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  • Five Strikes And You’re Out At The USPTO

    The USPTO Director excluded a patent attorney on consent following a disciplinary investigation arising from numerous alleged violations of the USPTO’s ethics rules. See In the Matter of Edward Etkin, Proc. No. D2016-05 (USPTO Dir. Jan. 8, 2016). The OED conducted a disciplinary investigation into the conduct of patent attorney Edward Etkin of Brooklyn, New York. The OED found that Mr.

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  • Litigation Ethics: What To Do With “Hot” Documents

    Litigators spend much of discovery searching for “hot” documents. In this context, when we say “hot” we mean really awesome, or at least very good, documents. Some documents are smoking gun “hot.” They might be summary judgment “hot.” They could also be your-so-hot-I-cannot-wait-to-play-you-on-cross-examination “hot.

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  • Advanced Conflict Of Interest Waivers: Tricks Or Treats?

    Halloween is upon us. We put out the candy bowl and wait for the tiny ballerinas, ghosts, and football players to ring the doorbell and shout “trick or treat.” Despite the seemingly optional “or” language in the request, traditionally the kids will always get the treat. Law firms also prefer “treats” in the form of new business.

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  • Vote For IPethics & INsights

    Dear Readers, Two years ago, I started IPethics & INsights as a forum for discussing my passion and interest in ethical issues for the intellectual property practitioner. I am very pleased to announce that IPethics & INsights has been nominated for inclusion in The Expert Institute’s “Best Legal Blog” contest in the category of niche and specialty blogs.

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