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  • ATF Just Banned Ammunition – Well Not Really…

    The internet is a blaze with articles declaring that ATF just banned ammunition sales as a result of a June 2016 Explosives Newsletter; however, it isn’t exactly true (at least, not anymore). The ATF publishes newsletters which provide insight into complex subjects, shifting policies, and guidance on ATF’s plans to enforce regulations.

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  • Say What?!?! ATF Re-Opens Comment Period for ATF-4473

    In an extremely unusual turn of event, yesterday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) re-opened its comment period relative to its proposed changes to the ATF-4473 form, to provide an additional 30 days for comments. Our readers probably remember our April blog entitled ATF Soliciting Comments on Proposed Revisions to the Firearms Transaction Record ...

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  • PA Supreme Court Affirms that Castle Doctrine is an Inherent Right

    In a decision issued in Commonwealth v Childs on July 19, 2016 relating to the retroactive effect of Pennsylvania’s Stand Your Ground law (HB40 of 2011), the Pennsylvania Supreme Court acknowledged that the Castle Doctrine is an inherent right, dating back to biblical times, and that the Right existed in common law, long before being codified as part of our Stand Your Ground law in 2011.

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  • OSHA, at Your Door and in Your Wallet

    The time to prepare your business for an inspection by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is now. Every type of business shares in the need to deal with government regulations. Despite this, many businesses may be entirely unaware they could be subject to surprise inspections by OSHA or that such inspections could result in massive penalties.

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