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  • Staying Safe on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

    St. Patrick’s Day is a lot of fun for the whole family, especially here in Chicago. There are parades, parties, and green decorations, foods, and drinks everywhere. Even the river goes green this Saturday at 9:30 in the morning! At the Staver Law Firm, we love St. Patty’s Day! Still, every big event comes with its risks, and we want you to have a chance to think through some s ...

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  • Proving Traumatic Brain Injury in Accidents

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 1.5 million people experience a traumatic brain injury every year. While some mild concussions have no lasting impact, most injuries of this sort have lasting effects that can range from headaches and dizziness to serious long-term disability. In fact, there are over 5.

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  • Technological Advances in Rear Backup Cameras

    While car accidents that happen while backing up may not be the most fatal, these car collisions are much more damaging than most people realize. When we think of accidents that occur when backing up, our first thought is of fender benders when parallel parking or scrapes and dents caused by stationary obstacles.

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  • Transportation Workers, Fatigue, and Car Accidents

    We trust our transportation workers to get us safely from place to place, whether we’re going on a short bus ride to work or on a transatlantic flight. Despite the great responsibility that bus and taxi drivers, pilots and train conductors have to keep us safe while doing their job, a 2012 study by the National Sleep Foundation reveals that about one fourth of these professiona ...

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  • Homeowners Associations & Premises Liability Concerns

    If you have private property, you probably know that you can be held liable for a person’s injuries from an accident caused by negligence. If you are a member of a homeowners association (HOA), however, this duty of care can be a bit murkier. While some HOAs are only responsible for maintaining common neighborhood facilities, many HOAs are responsible for taking care of certai ...

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  • Most Dangerous Chicago Intersections for Pedestrians

    Being a pedestrian in Chicago this time of year is bracing, but rewarding. After all, you get much-needed exercise, do your part for the environment, and avoid the heavy traffic congestion that tends to clog our streets in winter. Unfortunately, walking along our roadways can be one of the most dangerous things you do all day. Pedestrian accidents in Chicago are all too common.

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  • PTSD After Car Accidents

    Most of us have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the past, but many of us associate the term with veterans leaving war zones and victims of violent crimes. Research has revealed, though, that PTSD may affect more people than we think. In fact, around 9 percent of people in car accidents experience serious PTSD symptoms.

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  • Chicago Lakefront Path Accidents

    One of the best things about Chicago is the lakefront trail path. Few things beat heading out for a bike ride or stroll on a sunny afternoon. As the harsh winter continues to drag on, people all over Chicago go stir-crazy waiting for the first warm, sunny day to visit the lakefront path. Even in winter, however, the lakefront trail stays busy.

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  • Do Roundabouts Reduce Car Accidents?

    Here in the United States, roundabouts are still a somewhat rare phenomenon. While most intersections in Europe can be navigated by roundabouts, we still tend to favor four-way stops here. This may be changing soon, though. According to Federal Highway Administration, the government has made the construction of roundabouts a priority in the interest of intersection safety.

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  • Negligent Government Drivers

    Getting in a car accident can be a scary and overwhelming experience, especially if the negligence of the other driver is at fault. Thankfully, we can at least be compensated for our pain and suffering and damages undergone. In the case of government drivers, though, this can get a little more complicated.

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  • The 3 Deadliest Cars on the Market

    The number of fatal car crashes in the United States is dropping in part because cars are being made to better withstand crash impacts. However, some vehicles continue to have comparatively high rates of fatalities, according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. The Institute periodically publishes a list of the passenger vehicle makes and models with the most driver ...

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