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  • $76,000 Settlement After a Dog Bites a Neighbor

    When a pleasant visit between neighbors resulted in an unfortunate dog bite situation, the Chicago personal injury lawyers with Staver Law Group were there to help. After the incident, a friend immediately transported the victim to Swedish Covenant Hospital where the individual was treated for very serious lacerations and puncture wounds, resulting in severe blood loss.

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  • Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago for Runners

    Chicago has a large and avid running culture. Unfortunately, runners often have a difficult time safely navigating the congested sidewalks, paths, and roads. Heavy traffic and careless drivers can turn a healthy pastime into a nightmare in a split second. There are a number of intersections in Chicago that are considered extremely dangerous for runners and other pedestrians.

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  • What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

    Under Illinois’ workers’ compensation law, employers must pay for vocational rehabilitation when it is necessary. As an Illinois worker, you are entitled to rehabilitation services when you sustain an injury that causes lost earning capacity and when there is evidence that rehabilitation will increase your earning potential.

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  • Loss of Normal Life in Personal Injury Claims

    When you have suffered an injury that led you to file a personal injury claim, you and your attorney are faced with the challenge of calculating your financial losses and the monetary equivalents of your physical and mental suffering. Determining all of your damages and how much each of these elements are worth is crucial to seeking an appropriate sum from an insurer or at-fault party.

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  • Justice Department Releases Report on Chicago Police Brutality

    Police brutality has been a particular focus for the public, legislators, and human rights groups in recent years, and the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) repot on police violence in Chicago is not good news. After a 13-month-long investigation into the Chicago Police Department, the DOJ found a sustained pattern of abuse, a blatant disregard for civil rights, and unnecessary fatalities.

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  • Interstate Highway Accidents in Chicago

    Chicago is a precise, yet often confusing, network of interstates. From the Eisenhower Expressway on I-290 to the Stevenson and I-90, which goes by four different names depending on location, commuters learn a maze of 10 different interstates that take them from the city to the suburbs and vice versa.

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  • Do I Have to Carry Proof of Insurance in Illinois?

    In the state of Illinois, every driver must have car insurance to protect themselves in car accidents. The minimum coverage required in Illinois is $25,000 for the injury or death of one individual, $50,000 for the injury or death of more than one individual, and $20,000 for property damage. Although these are the minimum amounts ordered by Illinois law, it’s usually a smart d ...

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  • Risk of Secondary Crashes in Illinois

    Car accidents can be overwhelming, especially if they involve multiple cars. That’s why secondary crashes can be particularly scary. A secondary crash occurs when an initial accident causes another one. If you get into a secondary car accident and believe you deserve compensation for your injuries, you may be facing a complex claims process that involves multiple parties, insur ...

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  • 2016 Staver Law Group National Scholarship Award Winner

    The Staver Law Group PC is happy to announce Juliana Ruggieri on being selected as the 2016 Staver Law Group National Scholarship award recipient. Juliana currently works as an environmental health and safety specialist and is a member of the recently formed National Safety Council Women’s Caucus. She plans to further her career in safety management by earning a Master of Scien ...

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  • Winter Sports Accidents in Illinois

    People across the country enjoy the variety of winter sports available in the colder regions of the country, and Illinois is no different. It is unsurprising that are also large numbers of winter sports accidents that cause people injuries every year. The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that in 2014 alone, almost 59,000 people suffered injuries due to winter sport ...

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  • Illinois Ranked 11th Best State for Drivers

    Driving a vehicle is both costly and time-consuming. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), every year Americans spend 12 complete days or 17,600 minutes in their cars and an average of $8,558 on car ownership and operation. Spending so much time in a car greatly increases the chances of having a car accident in Chicago.

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  • What Is an Accident Reconstructionist?

    When you’ve been involved in a car accident and decide to file a claim for your injuries, you might have to prove how the accident took place and what ultimately caused it in court. If your claim goes to trial, you might need an expert to analyze the available evidence, which is when an accident reconstructionist may be useful.

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  • Use of Motorcycle Helmet Cameras During Accidents

    All too often, motorcyclists are held responsible for accidents when they were not the ones that caused them. A motorcycle helmet camera is a revolutionary piece of technology that can allow motorcycle riders to capture their rides and protect themselves in the event of an accident. The footage from motorcycle helmet cameras can serve as a useful piece of evidence by Chicago mo ...

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  • Common Slip and Fall Injuries

    A slip and fall injury can have a significant impact on your life. Slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere to anyone, and they can be very frightening because they are so unexpected. Slip and fall injuries can lead to a great deal of pain and life-altering consequences, such as high medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress.

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  • Winter Roads Can Be Dangerous in Illinois

    Winter is the most dangerous season for driving. The frigid temperatures often lead to snow, ice, freezing rain, and other factors that can prompt hazardous winter roads that lead to motor vehicle accidents. If you have been injured in a winter-related motor collision, you should consult experienced Chicago car accident lawyers at Staver Law Group immediately. Call us today at .

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