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  • Looking at Advertising and Teen Use of E-Cigarettes

    I am not an expert on behavioral psychology or the topic of consumer behavior but I do know that kids want what they see advertised in papers, on television and on the internet. If those ads were not working then corporations would not be spending millions targeting children, or adults for that matter, with their products.

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  • NHTSA and FBI Offer Tips to Prevent Vehicle CyberHacking

    We already know the dangers of leaving a smartphone unattended, or using a computer connected to the internet without having a firewall or virus protection—now the FBI and NHTSA are telling us that our new, technology-savvy vehicles are just as vulnerable. The technology that allows us to use our devices via Bluetooth and access online help and the computer software that helps ...

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  • Takeaways from the DePuy Pinnacle Verdict in Texas

    By Greg Webb, March 22, 2016 Late last week, after a two-month trial, there was a verdict in the Texas-based lawsuit against DePuy, a division of Johnson & Johnson. The federal jury awarded, “$142 million in actual damages and $360 million in punitive damages to a group of five patients whose hips broke down and had to be surgically removed.

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  • FDA Creates Office of Dietary Supplement Programs…Finally

    By Greg Webb, January 14, 2016 The FDA recently announced the formation of the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP), moving the program from its former status as a division within the Office of Nutrition Labeling and Dietary Supplements. “Elevating the program’s position will raise the profile of dietary supplements within the agency, and will enhance the effectiveness ...

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  • The E-cigarette Movement – A Safe Alternative?

    By Greg Webb, Jan. 13, 2016 The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, was created in 2003 and has been manufactured in the US since 2007. The controversy over this new, ‘not really a cigarette’ product has never lessened. In fact it is intensifying as more evidence is revealed and the number of children and teens using the e-cigs increases.

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  • Drones Update: FAA Announces Mandatory Registration

    On December 14th, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that all operators of unmanned aircraft must register their drones, or UAS (unmanned aerial system), by February 10, 2016. The registration is required for aircraft weighing more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds. The FAA has set up a ‘user-friendly’ web-based registration system and as an incentive fr ...

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  • AMA Tackles Ads and Prices of Prescription Drugs

    By Greg Webb, 12-04-15 The American Medical Association, AMA, is calling for a ban on direct to consumer ads of prescription medications and medical devices. We all know the ads that pop up with increasing frequency, telling us which newest, best and most expensive drugs we need. The AMA and Democratic Presidential hopefuls are pushing for changes designed to bring down the so ...

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  • Forced Arbitration: Corporate Power Over the People

    It’s a retelling of the story of David and Goliath, this growing battle between corporations, the government and the people over this issue of arbitration and class action suits. I reported on one of the downsides of arbitration back in March; looking at how American soldiers are being denied their rights as a result of corporate banning of class action suits in favor of arbitration.

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  • Teens Being Lured with Tobacco Flavored Products

    Researchers at the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products looked at data on 13,651 US teens surveyed on their use of tobacco products. The results confirm concerns about the growing use of e-cigarettes among teens and the way in which manufacturers are targeting teen smokers. The report, published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association found, “Among a survey of ...

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  • Educate and Reduce Risk – A Common Sense Approach to Youth Football

    By Greg Webb, November 9, 2015 I’ve written a lot about head injuries and concussions in children or teens as they related to sports like football and soccer. It’s football season across the United States and our kids are out there playing in community leagues and school programs. This is the ideal time to talk about football and traumatic brain injury and concussions.

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  • Nissan Expands Safety Recall of Models with Fuel Leaks

    By Greg Webb, November 8, 2015 Nissan has issued a recall on 2013 to 2016 Altima models and some 2016 Maxima cars for possible fuel leaks. To date the company has received no reports of fuel leaks, fires or injuries connected to the defect. The first recall began in July of this year for about 5,500 2016 Maxima sedans after crash tests revealed possible fuel leaks.

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  • New Revelations from the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Web of Deceit

    After the EPA exposed Volkswagen for installing hidden software on its polluting diesel cars in order to sell them as “clean diesel,” Volkswagen is facing new findings from regulators. Up to 800,000 of its diesel vehicles are not just polluting with excessive nitrogen oxide, but with unsafe levels of carbon dioxide, too.

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  • Trinity Industries Continues to Maintain its ET-Plus Guardrails Are Safe

    Trinity Industries is one of the biggest manufacturers of guardrails in the U.S, with roughly 200,000 of the ET-Plus system on the nation’s roads. The Trinity ET-Plus is under scrutiny from the feds and the state of Virginia, where independent tests are being conducted. Thanks to a whistle-blower lawsuit it was revealed that Trinity changed the dimensions of its ET-Plus guardra ...

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  • Volkswagen Emissions Fraud Lawsuits

    MichieHamlett vehicle defect attorneys have filed cases in federal court involving Volkswagen cars with emission systems designed to defraud regulators. The news broke on Friday, Sept. 18, 2015, that German automaker Volkswagen has been programming more than 11 million vehicles worldwide, nearly 500,000 of those vehicles in the United States, to cheat on tests by emitting lo ...

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  • FDA Tackles Tobacco Giant RJ Reynolds

    A 2009 federal law gives the FDA authority to reject certain products if they pose greater public health risks than an existing comparable product. This law allows for an evaluation of a product when a manufacturer issues a ‘new and improved’ version or simply ‘revamps’ its product. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration used that power to call for the removal of four RJ Re ...

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