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  • How to Avoid Traffic Accidents in The Philadelphia Area

    Traffic accidents cause thousands of injuries each year. The possible need for long-term care, among other things, can complicate the determination of damages for injuries. Effectively dealing with these issues can require professional assistance. Obviously, however, the best solution is to avoid traffic accidents in the first place. The Levin Firm has some advice to help you do that.

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  • What questions should you ask when hiring a lawyer?

    Traffic accidents cause thousands of injuries each year. The possible need for long-term care, among other things, can complicate the determination of damages for injuries. Effectively dealing with these issues can require professional assistance. Read on to learn how to choose the right attorney to assist you with any claims that might arise from a traffic accident, and wha ...

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  • Atlantic City Personal Injury Attorney

    If someone else’s negligence injured you in an accident, you no doubt want to put the whole thing far behind you. If it was a car accident, simply accepting the settlement the car insurance company offers may feel like the path of least resistance. Settling for an initial offer, however, rarely serves your best interests.

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  • Possible Auto Crash Outcomes

    Traffic accidents cause thousands of injuries each year. Complex issues involving traffic accidents can include questions of fault, damages, and compensation. Not all of the many possible outcomes for an injury claim arising from a traffic accident are favorable to you. The following will help you learn those possible outcomes and how they might affect your ability to recover compensation.

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  • Insurers Often Give Low-Ball Settlement Offers

    After a traffic accident, your first point of contact is frequently either your insurance company or, if the other driver is clearly at fault, the other driver’s insurance agency. Whether you simply claim damage to your vehicle or injuries as well as property damage, insurance companies frequently offer less in damage payments than seems fair.

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  • Drowsy Driving Is a Serious Problem

    Traffic accidents involving drowsy drivers cause thousands of injuries each year. As experienced personal injury attorneys, the lawyers of The Levin Firm know how you feel after such an incident. You want help, and you want your life to return to normal. If you were in a traffic accident in the Philadelphia area that involved a drowsy or fatigued driver, then protect your ...

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  • Road Rage, Traffic Violations, and Car Accidents

    Road rage and driver impatience can have deadly consequences on Philadelphia highways and roads. In short, when drivers fail to exercise proper care and safety on the roads and drive their vehicles in hurried ways, they are more likely to violate traffic laws, which in turn leads to serious car accidents.

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  • Car Accidents Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries

    The number of Philadelphia car accidents—as well as car accidents statewide—has been increasing. In fact, as recently as 2015, Philadelphia County reported the largest number of personal injury car crashes and the largest number of fatal car crashes. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT), which releases an annual statewide report about the number o ...

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  • The Unique Risks Associated with Semi-Truck Accidents

    When negligent truck drivers cause accidents on Pennsylvania roadways, these drivers and their employer trucking companies may be on the line for negligence—and for the injuries and damages sustained by innocent accident victims. Semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are unique in that they have the potential to cause serious jackknife accidents.

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  • Poor Road Conditions Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

    Accidents can oftentimes result in severe and catastrophic injuries to motorcycle operators and their passengers. Motorcycle accidents are typically caused by a motor vehicle driver’s negligence, defective or poor road conditions, and other hazards that routinely present themselves on Pennsylvania roadways, including potholes.

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  • Can Car Accidents Cause PTSD?

    You woke up last night again, sweating after re-living your traumatic car accident in your dreams. You felt the impact, heard the crushing metal, and startled awake from the fear. The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) reports that stressful reactions, such as nightmares or flashbacks, are normal after traumatic events—but if certain symptoms last l ...

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  • Are Car Accidents Civil or Criminal Matters?

    Before discussing whether car accidents are civil or criminal matters (or even both), it is important to understand a bit about the American legal system and the difference between types of litigation. Although judges hear both civil and criminal cases, unless the court is specialized, there are not different courthouses or judges for these matters.

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  • Common Injuries Involved in Car Accidents

    There’s no getting around it—car accidents are dangerous. Not all car accidents, however, are created equal. Some are more dangerous and more prone to cause serious injuries. When you get behind the wheel in Pennsylvania, remember to follow the safety rules of the road and to drive defensively. Even the safest driver, however, may be involved in a collision.

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  • Will the Larger iPhone X Increase Distracted Driving?

    These days, few events are more exciting than the unveiling of a brand new, beautiful Apple product—like the much-anticipated iPhone X. In anticipation of its release, many waited with bated breath. Along with this unveiling, however, comes a renewed interest in the role smartphones play in accidents caused by distracted driving, which is an inquiry that’s worth examining more closely.

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  • What Causes Truck Drivers to Lose Control and Crash?

    While semi-trucks are big, fast, and dangerous, we all have to share the road. Our economy and our ever-growing demand for consumer goods ensure that the number of big rigs on the road continues to rise. When you drive in Pennsylvania, you share the road with tractor-trailers. As such, it’s in your best interest to educate yourself about how to stay safe out there.

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