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  • Trucks Can Have Defective Brakes

    Trucks are the massive machines with which we share our roads, and as such, they pose a serious threat when it comes to traffic accidents. One of the most elemental safety factors of any vehicle is its braking system, and this is even truer of the commercial trucks that travel our national highways. In response to this critical safety issue, a recent safety event took a closer look.

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  • What are CMV Conspicuity Requirements?

    What are CMV conspicuity requirements, you ask. Let’s break that question down a little bit. A CMV is a commercial motor vehicle and conspicuity requirements refer to federal requirements that CMVs incorporate retroreflective treatments or reflex reflectors, such as reflective tape. That’s better.

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  • Are You Familiar with Your Vehicle’s Safety Features?

    You’ve purchased a new vehicle, but hey, you’ve been driving for a while now, there can’t be anything too new under the sun. Right? No, that’s probably wrong. Car companies are starting to equip their late-model vehicles with plenty of new-fangled safety features that can significantly increase your driving safety—especially if you know how to use them.

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  • The Dangers of a Head-on Crash in Philadelphia

    Head-on collisions can be devastating and have the potential to result in extremely serious and catastrophic injuries. In the Philadelphia area, no one understands this more than four nuns who were recently injured in a head-on car crash in Delaware County. The accident occurred on December 10. The nuns sustained serious injuries, including concussions and some broken bones.

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  • Were You Injured on a Holiday Road Trip?

    More drivers on the roads during Christmas and New Year’s means more motor vehicle accidents. When drivers operate their vehicles in a careless, reckless, or distracted manner – or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol – they jeopardize the safety of everyone else on the road at that time. Drunk driving during the holidays is especially dangerous.

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  • Why do Motorcyclists have a Higher Risk of Accident?

    Traditional drivers of motor vehicles are protected by two tons of steel, seat belts, airbags, and a motor vehicle tested and designed to absorb the force of an impact. It’s not difficult to understand, therefore, why a motorcyclist would be at a greater risk of injury after an accident when compared to the driver of a car.

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  • Traffic Accidents Can Cause Serious Burn Injuries

    Many people are burned by defective products or overly hot food or beverages, but traffic accidents also cause their fair share of burns. The effects of burns can be devastating, causing serious pain and injuries that require a long rehabilitation period. In particularly serious situations, burns can even lead to death.

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  • Defective Car Seats Can Cause Serious Injuries

    You buy a car seat so that your children will be safe. But sometimes a car seat is defective, and it fails to do the job you bought it for—during a traffic accident no less. When products like car seats don’t work the way you expected, then you’re probably frustrated and angry. Fortunately, you might be able to sue the manufacturer for the injuries your child has suffered.

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  • Can I Sue the Government When One of Its Vehicles Causes My Accident?

    Suing a driver for causing a traffic accident is usually straightforward in Pennsylvania. You find out where the defendant lives, file a complaint in court, and serve a summons and copy of the complaint on the other driver, usually at the driver’s home. But what happens if you’ve been injured by someone driving a government vehicle? With so many government vehicles on the roa ...

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  • Can I Get Compensation if I’m Partly to Blame for a Traffic Accident?

    The short answer to this question is “yes.” The longer and more accurate answer is “sometimes.” When it comes to receiving compensation for a traffic accident, everything will depend on the facts and circumstances of your case, which your personal injury lawyer can analyze for you. If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic accident, don’t put off calling a personal i ...

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  • Five Things You Didn’t Know About Motorcycle Accidents

    According to statistics published by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, about 858,000 licensed motorcyclists and 400,000 registered motorcycles call this state home. Given the large number of motorcyclists in Pennsylvania, both drivers and cyclists must work to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents, which can result in serious and permanent injuries or even death.

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  • Why Are Some Car Accident Cases Contested?

    Car accidents happen—in fact, quite often. Pennsylvania saw nearly 120,817 car accidents throughout the state in 2016. Car accident cases resolve without issue when one driver admits fault—but not so easily when the parties debate who caused a collision and who should bear liability. Why Is Determining Fault Important? Determining fault assigns liability to one or more dri ...

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  • Managing an Accident Involving Commercial Trucks

    Traffic accidents involving commercial trucks, including tractor-trailer rigs, cause thousands of injuries each year. If you were in a traffic accident in the Philadelphia area that involved a commercial truck, seek professional assistance to deal with the complicated liability issues that will arise. Protect your rights and explore your compensation options. The Levin Firm can help.

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  • Car Accidents are a Major Cause of Back Injuries

    Traffic accidents cause thousands of injuries each year and are the leading annual cause of spinal injuries. The possible need for long-term care, among other things, can complicate the determination of damages for injuries. Effectively dealing with spinal injury issues can require professional assistance.

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