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  • Tech company Aims to Fight Distracted Driving Accidents

    A start-up company thinks it has a solution to one of the worst problems we face on the road today — accidents caused by distracted drivers. This brand new, five-person Chicago company, called TextNinja, has created an app that combines technology, psychology, and gaming rewards to stop people from texting while they drive.

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  • A Look at Louisville’s Latest (and Surprising) Traffic Crash Stats

    When it comes to auto accidents in Kentucky, good news rarely arrives without bad news tailing behind. Indeed, Louisville’s latest crash statistics are a mixed bag, with a few uplifting strides overshadowed by an overall increase in accidents and injuries. Car crashes remain a leading cause of serious injury and death in our state, so we see our fair share of heartbreaking headlines.

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  • Five Famous Medical Malpractice Cases

    While there are a lot of things individuals can do to take care of their own health, at one time or another most people find themselves in situations where they are relying on medical professionals to treat some sort of ailment. When a person is being treated, they are forced to relinquish control, and trust that the professionals are applying their knowledge and expertise in ...

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  • Understanding PIP Insurance in KY

    Kentucky motorist are required to maintain specific levels of automobile insurance. Many drivers are confused about the “no fault’ or PIP insurance policies followed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We will attempt to clear up some of the confusion. What is PIP? Personal injury protection or “no fault” insurance means if you are involved in an accident regardless of fault you ...

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  • Failure to Communicate Change in Condition

    One of the skills people most like to highlight in their resume is “good communication skills.” This is something that is almost always sought after because when a person truly has these skills it can make a big difference when it comes to the quality of work they will be able to do, their ability to limit and manage stressful situations, and even improve the dynamic of relationships.

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  • Herniated Discs – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

    People are born with 33 vertebrae, but by the time they reach adulthood, some of the ones in the lower back fuse together, leaving only 24. Between each disc there is a cushion reminiscent of a jelly doughnut with a hard outside and a soft, squishy jelly like material on the inside of the doughnut.

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  • Retinal Detachment Symptoms and Treatment

    Although many people express themselves by rolling their eyes, ultimately, eyes are supposed to stay properly attached and in place, but those who suffer from retinal detachment experience some trouble with this. The retina is an important layer of tissue that is on the back of the eye and is supplied with the oxygen it needs for proper function through the attached blood vessel.

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