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  • Brain Trauma Caused by a Car Accident

    As random as car accidents can be, so are the extent of the injuries that they inflict. While one driver is able to walk away with nothing more than a bruise, another driver could be left in a state where life support is needed to keep their body functioning. If your loved one is on life support because of injuries from a car accident, talk with a St.

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  • Car Accident Due to an Unsafe Lane Change

    The actions of negligent or aggressive drivers can result in severe car accidents with serious injuries to both drivers. An unsafe lane change endangers the safety of other drivers. It has been observed that the at-fault driver is either oblivious to the presence of other vehicles or is completely inconsiderate towards the safety of other motorists.

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  • Dangerous Driving Habits to Avoid

    These dangerous driving habits may result in a serious automobile accident. Making a left-hand turn requires skill and caution as you have to cross the lanes of traffic coming from the opposite direction. Drivers are required to wait for a green signal when traffic lights are available and in case of a marked crossing, wait, observe, and then make the turn.

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