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  • Many Older Americans Are Turning to Bankruptcy for Financial and Emotional Relief

    The golden years are turning out to be not very golden, unfortunately, for many Americans. This is something that I have noticed in my own law practice. Over the last several years, I have seen a trend in more older and retirement age folks having to seek bankruptcy assistance. Why Is This Happening? Medical Debt I think there are several reasons for this trend of older America ...

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  • The Truth About Credit Cards

    With the holiday shopping season upon us, I think we need to talk about credit cards and the evil that may lurk in the fine print. It is difficult to checkout at any store lately without the clerk trying to push me to open a credit card. I know their employer instructs them to make these offers and they most likely make a commission on how many accounts they open, but it has be ...

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  • The Secret That Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know!

    The secret that credit card companies don’t want you to know is that you don’t have to pay them in full! Oh really!? Have you heard this advertisement? I was driving to the office the other day and listening to the radio. For the umpteenth time, I heard this exact commercial. It says that there is a little known secret that the credit card companies don’t want you to know and i ...

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  • Bankruptcy: We Wrote the Book on It

    Have you been struggling with debt but are afraid to seek bankruptcy counsel? So many times people who are struggling financially only turn to Bankruptcy as a last resort, as should be the case. Folks who have never had a reason to learn about what bankruptcy really is and has to offer, don’t know the benefits and usually assume it is a bad thing.

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  • Lenders Suffer as Uber and Lyft Soar and Disrupt New York’s Taxi Industry

    I must admit that until recently I really didn’t know anything about taxi cab medallions. I was born in Alabama and grew up in Montgomery where on the rare occasion you might see a taxi coming or going from the airport….if you were on that side of town! Over the years, I’ve visited New York on occasion where taxi cabs are literally at your fingertips 24 hours a day but, until t ...

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  • You May Be Eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness and Not Even Know It!

    Recently, CNBC posted an article about concerns that have been raised with Student Loan Servicers giving incorrect or not enough information on the various types of relief from student loan debt that is available. After complaints from many borrowers, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently released a report about these complaints focusing on one particular pro ...

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  • A Record Number of Americans Owe for their Automobile

    How many people do you know who can pay cash for a new car? I bet the answer is not many! The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently released data showing that a record 107 million Americans owe on a car loan. As recently reported by CNN, that boils down to about 43% of the adult population. Just five years ago, in 2012, only 80 million Americans had auto loans.

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  • More Problems for Wells Fargo with Proper Credit Reporting

    It seems like Wells Fargo just can’t stay out of the news. A class action lawsuit was recently filed in the Eastern District of California, specifically Sacramento, California, alleging that Wells Fargo deliberately failed to update consumer credit reports following a Bankruptcy discharge. This, in essence, defeats the entire purpose of the fresh start of bankruptcy.

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  • Another Phone Scam – What Will People Think of Next!

    We all have gotten the calls…..your phone rings and normally you wouldn’t answer an unknown number. But this call caught you off guard or maybe it was a number very similar to one you are familiar with. You answer with “Hello” or some other greeting and then an automated voice identifies a business or agency.

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  • Are You Prepared for a “Rainy Day?”

    CNN Money recently reported that 6 out of 10 Americans don’t have $500 in savings, according to a new report from Bankrate. So what does one do if hit with an unexpected expense like a car repair, medical emergency or even the more costly car and home maintenance expenses? Well, 41% of adults reported having enough in their savings to pay for an expense of $500 or more.

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  • Throw Those Bags of Failure and Regret Overboard

    Okay. So here we are. Another new year and many of us hear all the noise in our minds about what it’s going to take to make this year the most successful year ever! BUT…….sometimes we can’t get past the louder noise in our minds…..all of the failures and regret from last year and years before. We all have a tendency to rehearse over and over again where we missed it or came up short.

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  • Macy’s, an American Icon, Announces Nationwide Closures and Cutbacks

    It is not going to be a very happy new year for many Macy’s employees as the iconic brand announced last week that it will be closing 68 stores and cutting 10,000 or more jobs. In a recent press release, Macy’s stated that the closure of the 68 stores, out of their total of 730 stores, would allow them to reorganize their field structure that supports the remaining stores, rein ...

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  • Can a Student Loan Lender Garnish Social Security Benefits?

    Social Security benefits are exempt from just about all creditor collection efforts but, unfortunately not the U.S. Department of Education. In fact, current law provides that student loan borrowers who are 50 years old or older and have defaulted on their student loan debt are required to repay the student loan debt with a portion of their social security benefits.

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  • Helpful Tips to Improve your Credit Score Prior to Seeking a Mortgage

    We are quickly approaching the beginning of a new year. Many people see the new year as a new beginning and a time to make a fresh start or seek some sort of improvement from the past year. Many folks may decide to consider looking for a home and taking out a mortgage in the coming year. Before seeking a mortgage loan, it is smart to review your credit history and make any impr ...

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  • Happy Veterans Day!

    The election is over! Whether or not your candidate prevailed, I think one thing most of us will agree on, no matter who currently fills our top position of power, is that America is a great country because we have our many freedoms! Our military has fought for those freedoms and today we Honor our Veterans! Who is a Veteran? Who exactly do we Honor today? All members of our military past, pres.

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  • College Students Use Student Loans to Supplement their Lifestyle

    A recent survey conducted by Student Loan Hero, as reported by CNBC, has found that many college students are using some of the student loan money to pay for expenses other than tuition and books. The survey conducted in September 2016 of over 1000 students, reports that 2 in 5 students who receive student loan funds use those funds to pay for things other than their education.

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  • Can A Chapter 13 Help with My Student Loans?

    Many folks who come into our office are carrying mountains of long term student loan debt. The good news is a lot of people are in the new income based repayment plans that are being offered. I previously wrote about some of these plan here. There are also some circumstances where student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy, although the requirements to prove hardship are ve ...

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  • Should You File Bankruptcy on Your Medical Debt?

    Should You File Bankruptcy on Your Medical Debt? Posted on Aug 19, 2016 By Amy Tanner August 19, 2016 by Amy Tanner For many Americans, the answer to this question should be yes! Medical debt is currently one of the leading reasons that people file for bankruptcy. I see that in my day to day practice and, if I am ever asked to pinpoint the main reason people file for bankru ...

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